Monday, May 18, 2020

Will Dil Pickles Feature in Nickelodeon's 'Rugrats' Revival?

Ever since Nickelodeon announced that they were reviving their beloved '90s series Rugrats for a new series, fans have been wondering if Dil Pickles would be featured in the revival series, and we may now have the an answer.

Dylan Prescott "Dil" Pickles is the younger brother of Tommy Pickles, younger son of Stu and Didi, and younger cousin of Angelica Pickles. He's the youngest member of the Rugrats gang, and because he is just a infant, his big brother Tommy feels that it's his "sponsability" to teach him about things work in the world. Dil has a personalitly of a typical 3-month-old: all id. He wants everything NOW and will do whatever he can to get it. And once he does get it, he won't let go without a fight. Dil will wail inconsolably when frustrated, but he'll immediately stop crying when something else attracts his attention. While his tantrums are often annoying, he has the saving grace of all babies: he's irresistably cute. He's named Didi's cousin.

Dil was introduced in The Rugrats Movie in 1998, and appeared in post-movie episodes of Rugrats as well as spin-off All Grown Up! and the Rugrats movies Rugrats In Paris and Rugrats Go Wild.

So, will we be seeing Dil in the new Rugrats reboot? We may - but not straightaway!

When Anime Superhero Forum member @CartoonAddict95 asked voice actor Tara Strong (Fairly OddParents) on Instagram Live whether she would be reprising the role of Dil, Strong revealed that the producers have informed her that Dil won't be making an appearance in the first season. But she hopes that he'll be introduced in the second season.

The news comes as Nancy Cartwright (The Simpsons) is reportedly reprising her role of Chuckie Finster in Nickelodeon's Rugrats revival.

Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures announced in July 2018 that they were relaunching Nickelodeon's beloved '90s animated series Rugrats with a 26-episode new season from Nickelodeon and a live-action film featuring CGI characters from Paramount Players. However, although the TV series is still planned, the new Rugrats movie has reportedly been shelved for the time being.

The new Rugrats series is expected to premiere during 2021 on Nickelodeon.

Rugrats focuses on a group of toddlers, Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, twins Phil and Lil DeVille, and Angelica Pickles, and their day-to-day lives that became adventures in their imaginations. The original Rugrats Nicktoon series launched in August of 1991 and instantly became a groundbreaking phenomenon, spawning consumer products, three hit theatrical releases, various video games and cementing its place in pop culture history through its iconic characters, storytelling and unique visual style. Rugrats was in production for nine seasons over the course of 13 years, and also spawned three spin-off series, All Grown Up!, Angelica and Susie's School Daze and Rugrats: Tales from the Crib. The series earned four Daytime Emmy Awards, six Kids' Choice Awards and its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Originally published: Monday, May 18, 2020.

Additional sources: Google, Movieclips, pbiasizzo.

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