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Halloween Mega Challenge 🎃 Ft. Henry Danger, The Loud House & School of Rock | Nickelodeon

Test your Nickelodeon knowledge and try this Halloween Mega Challenge! With monster masks, spooky voices, and ghoul emojis, this challenge screams Halloween! Let us know in the comments which challenge was your favorite! Catch more of your favorite shows on Nickelodeon!

What are YOU dressing up as for Halloween this year?! 👻💀👽🔮🎃

Visit nick.com/halloween for more spooktacular fun!

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More Nickelodeon Highlights | Week 42

A selection of previously unreported programming highlights for Nickelodeon channels around the world!

Week 42: Monday 15th - Sunday 21st October 2018

-- Nickelodeon Iberia today (Monday 15th October 2018) started to premiere more brand-new episodes of Star Falls, beginning with episode 10, "The Red Carpet" ("La alfombra roja" Español) weekdays at 20:35 on Nickelodeon Portugal and at 21:35 on Nickelodeon España!

-- Nickelodeon Scandinavia today (Monday 15th October 2018) started to premiere I Am Frankie season two weekdays at 17:20 on Nickelodeon Norway (Norge); 18:40 on Nickelodeon Sweden (Sverige); and 19.00 on Nickelodeon Denmark (Danmark)! I Am Frankie is locally titled Jag Är Frankie in Sweden and Jeg Er Frankie in Denmark and Norway.

-- Nickelodeon Sonic India today (Monday 15th October 2018) started to premiere brand-new episodes of Gattu Battu weekdays at 3:30pm!

-- Nickelodeon Poland (Polska) is currently premiering brand-new episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants!:

Oct. 12 (16:45): Mustard O' Mine
Oct. 15 (16:45): Shopping List
Oct. 16 (16:45): Whale Watching
Oct. 17 (16:45): Krusty Kleaners
Oct. 18 (16:45): Patnocchio
Oct. 19(16:45): ChefBob

A bunch of these episodes already aired in Poland on it's sister network, Nicktoons. However, these are still "premieres" to the original Nickelodeon channel.

Originally published: Monday, October 15, 2018 at 10:59pm BST.

Additional sources: whatweekisit.com, Neeo, Movistar+, Anime Superhero Forum /@animegamer, Google Translate.
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'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' 1990 Movie Film Score Getting First Ever Release with Waxwork Records

COWABUNGA! Waxwork Records has announced its next release will be none other than the original score to 1990 live-action film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

As any child of the '90s will immediately recall, this marked the first motion picture adaptation of the crime-fighting, pizza-loving heroes in a half shell. And while the film was a huge hit, the complete score has actually never been released on any format (though a various artists soundtrack album featuring none other than MC Hammer did arrive alongside the film), and a complete presentation of DuPrez’ music has long been one of the most highly demanded pieces of TMNT ephemera.

This will now change thanks to Waxwork, which on Friday (October 19) will release the complete score to TMNT by John DuPrez.

The release comes as a collaboration with not only DuPrez, but also TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman and Nickelodeon. For the 2-LP release, the two slabs of vinyl will contain all of DuPrez's music made for the film, with the entire score being restored and remastered.

The album art, which you can see above, was created by Eastman. The vinyl itself will arrive as two 180-gram coloured LPs, with a total of eight — yes, eight — vinyl variants available (one each for Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Master Splinter and The Foot) pressed onto double vinyl with art designed by Turtles creator Kevin Eastman exclusively for this release. The packaging will feature old style tip-on gatefold jackets with satin coating and include a 1990 TMNT film poster postcard.

You can get an idea what to expect from the OST by streaming a sampler below the tracklist.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original 1990 Score:

John Du Prez, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Original Motion Picture Score (Waxwork Records, 2018 – original film released 1990)

LP 1

Side A

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Crime FIghters
Possess The Right Thinking
Subway Attack
Splinter’s Tale I

Side B

Hidden Treasures
Shredder’s Big Entrance
Raphael In Trouble
Huge Fight
Tatsu Attack
Their Greatest Fear

LP 2

Side C

Message From Splinter
Time To Go Back
Splinter’s Tale II
Battle With The Foot
Sewer Surfin’
Street Fight

Side D

Shredder’s Last Stand
The Fall Of Shredder
TMNT (Alt Mix)
Splinter’s Tale I (Alt Mix)
Splinter’s Tale II (Alt Mix)

Portions previously released as suites on SBK Records CDP 91056, 1990

Nickelodeon Benelux to Premiere 'De Viral Fabriek' Season 2 on Sunday 7th October 2018 [Updated With PR]

Nickelodeon Benelux has once again teamed up with popular YouTube stars for a second season of the networks hit weekly competition series De Viral Fabriek (The Viral Factory), set to premiere at 6:00pm uur on Sunday 7th October 2018 on Nickelodeon Netherlands (Nederland) and Belgium (België; Flanders)! The second season will be presented by Nienke van Dijk and Jasper Publie.

Who doesn't dream of becoming the next big YouTuber, coached along the way by some of today's most popular YouTubers? In Nickelodeon's De Viral Fabriek, eight new teams of young YouTubers will compete with some of the biggest Dutch and Belgian YouTubers!

Following the broadcast of each weeks episode, the battle will continue online, when the contestants place their vlogs on Nickelodeon Nederland's official YouTube channel. Each weeks winner will be determined by the number of likes viewers give each video. The winning kids will then go on to compete against each other in the big live final on Sunday 2nd December 2018, where one lucky winner will win the grand prize: A professional camera package and training from a YouTube professional on how they can build their own successful YouTube channel!

One of the eight teams competing on De Viral Fabriek season two is comprised of Ambachtse Aniek and Ju-lieke, who were selected to compete on the show out from lots of contestant applications.

For the last two weeks, the two young girls from Drechtsteden, in the company of a well-known YouTuber and a Nickelodeon camera crew, we spotted in Drechtsteden. Aniek Groenewout and Ju-lieke Snijders are two enthusiastic vloggers. They continuously film and vlog, but there is still little home-made content produced by them on the internet. Editing the raw film material is something that the girls still find difficult. When Nickelodeon was looking for new contestants for the The Viral Factory season two, the decision to sign up was quickly made. Because how can you learn how to YouTube better than from real YouTubers? The ladies recorded a movie and sent it in. After an selection period, the pair were eventually chosen as one of the 8 participating teams.

De Viral Fabriek has been nominated for a Gouden Stuiver award, the audience prize for the best youth programme. De Viral Fabriek season one was presented by

The Viral Factory is nominated for a Gouden Stuiver for the best youth program.

More information about De Viral Fabriek can be found at http://www.nickelodeon.nl/shows/3723 and http://www.nickelodeon.be/shows/3723.

Update (6/10) - Below is Nickelodeon Benelux's official press release announcing the exciting news, via TVvisie!:

'Dora The Explorer Live! Search For The City Of Lost Toys' to Explore Malaysia from November 2018

Since 2010, Life Like Touring’s hit production of Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer LIVE! Search for the City of Lost Toys, has been entertaining children all over the world.

Having discovered many exotic and exciting new places through the clever solving of riddles, Nickelodeon's beloved heroine Dora the Explorer will now take her adventures to the stage of Resorts World Genting in Malaysia in this captivating production this November!

Debuting Saturday 24th November 2018, the elaborate stage show will run for over 44 shows at the Genting International Showroom until Tuesday 1st January 2019. The touring production arrives at the Genting International Showroom to focus a very vexing problem:

Dora has lost her teddy bear Osito and she needs help to find him!

Sweeping through elaborate sets and rousing musical numbers, Dora must venture through a jungle of obstacles with nothing more than a map, Boots, Backpack, Diego and her other courageous friends to retrieve Osito.

It will not be easy, however, as the sneaky fox Swiper plans to foil her quest at all turns. Engaging the audience through song, dance and problem solving, there is no doubt that Dora will eventually succeed, so she can sing out her catchphrase at the end – We Did It!

Syahrizan Mansor, Vice President (VP) of Nickelodeon Brand Asia proudly shared on Dora as a character to look up to saying,

"At Nickelodeon, we put kids first in everything we do. We’re proud to say that Dora the Explorer LIVE! Search for the City of Lost Toys has already been seen by 2 million fans globally.

"Kids stand to learn a lot from Dora who is an inspiring character: she celebrates girl power, she’s bilingual and she instils important values on being a leader."

“This is a great show that provides learning and entertainment in a fun way through crowd engagement that will see the kids interacting with the characters. Continuing our fine tradition of providing the greatest entertainment for the whole family, Dora the Explorer arrives for the first time in Malaysia to transport audiences into one of the intrepid adventurer’s thrilling adventures, brought to life through the magic of song and dance,” Kevin Tann, Vice President of Promotions & Entertainment at Resorts World Genting added.

Arriving in Malaysia for the very first time at Resorts World Genting, the 14-strong cast and crew will act, sing and dance through 18 songs over the 90-minute production (with a 15-minute intermission). Familiar songs from Nickelodeon's hit preschool television series will be intermingled with original songs written specifically for the live stage show.

Tickets for Dora the Explorer LIVE! Search for the City of Lost Toys are now on sale at rwgenting.com.

Showtimes are 7.30pm Monday to Friday, 4pm and 7.30pm on Saturdays and 4pm on Sundays. There will be no shows on 26 November, 3 December, 17 December and 24 December.

Tickets are priced at RM186 (VIP), RM143 (PS1) and RM101 (PS2). An additional processing fee of RM4.00 applies. GRC (Genting Rewards Card) members enjoy a standard 10% discount via cash, credit card or Genting Points redemption.

Resorts World Genting is also offering special Dora the Explorer room packages, including tickets to the show!

For First World Hotel, the package for a Standard Room is priced at RM330 per room on weekdays and RM359 on weekends, including 2xPS1 tickets for the show.

For Theme Park hotel, the package is priced at RM529 for a King room (including 2xPS1 tickets), RM847 for a Quad room (including 4xPS1 tickets) and RM1,105 for a Sixers room (including 6xPS1 tickets).

For more information, visit www.rwgenting.com or call +603 2718 1118.

Check out photos from Nickelodeon Asia and Resorts World Genting announcing the exciting news below!:

Cathedral City Revamps Kids Range with Nickelodeon Licensing Deal [Updated]

The Dairy Crest brand will showcase Paw Parol, SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Cathedral City has revamped its kids range with a new licensing deal with Nickelodeon, with the range now containing a 30% less fat ‘Mild Lighter’ cheddar!

From today (10 October), the Dairy Crest brand began rolling out its updated kids’ snacking portfolio, with each SKU featuring Nickelodeon TV characters from programmes targeting the product’s target age group.

Cathedral City’s Nibbles targeting three to four-year-olds now feature PAW Patrol characters; Towers for five to seven-year-olds showcase SpongeBob SquarePants, and Cheese & Toasties aim for the eight to 11-year-old market with new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles imagery.

The relaunch will also see on-pack messaging highlighting the snacks’ source of calcium, high protein and calorie-controlled credentials in response to research conducted by the brand, which found mums wanted to feel confident about making good choices for their families.

“Our research showed parents harbour a sense of guilt for not always having enough time to offer the best snacks to their kids and feel that brands that traditionally communicate to kids tend to push unhealthy options, making them ‘the baddie’ for saying ‘no’,” Anca Lazar, Cathedral City snacking senior brand manager, told The Grocer.

“Our range renovation seeks to address this, with a fun and appealing pack design to engage the end consumer (the child), combined with a great tasting, natural product and an improved nutritional profile, communicated transparently on pack,” she added.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Nickelodeon as we embark on this journey and are confident the new packs will resonate with families, helping capture some of the spend that is currently going into traditional ‘less healthy’ snack categories and recruit the next generation of cheese consumers.”

Also, from Talking Retail:

Dairy Crest partners with Nickelodeon on Cathedral City children’s snacking range

Dairy Crest has launched a two-year partnered with Nickelodeon to release a new pack design across the company’s children’s snacking range, as well as changing the recipe.

The entire range is now made of 30% less fat “mild lighter” cheese, in response to the PHE Change4Life 100 calorie snacks campaign launched in January this year.

The new packaging will feature characters from some of Nickelodeon’s TV programmes; each product in the range will feature a different character depending on the recommended age for consumption: Nibbles (5x16g, £1.75) will feature Paw Patrol characters for 3-4 year olds, Towers (8x12g, £1.75) will feature Sponge Bob Square Pants characters for 5-7 year olds, and Cheese and Toasties (3x29g, £2) will feature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters for 8-11 year olds.

Anca Lazar, senior brand manager at Cathedral City Snacking, said: “Snacking is generally considered a minefield for parents with a vast array of choice across multiple categories.

“Our research showed that parents harbour a sense of guilt for not always having enough time to offer the best snacks to their kids and feel that brands that traditionally communicate to kids tend to push unhealthy options, making them ‘the baddie’ for saying ‘no’.

“Our range renovation seeks to address this, with a fun and appealing pack design to engage the end consumer (the child), combined with a great tasting, natural product and an improved nutritional profile, communicated transparently on pack, so that parents can feel confident that their product choice is both nutritious and one their children will enjoy.

“Our aim is to support parents and help them move children away from less nutritious snacks such as crisps and sweet treats.”


Fans can watch SpongeBob SquarePants and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles everyday on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons and PAW Patrol everyday on Nick Jr.!

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Originally published: Wednesday, October 10, 2018.
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Nickelodeon, BBC, Cartoon Network Gaze Into the Future of TV at MipJunior 2018 [Updated] | MIPCOM

A power panel at MipJunior 2018 on Saturday afternoon saw executives peering into TV’s future and talking about multiple changes in the recent past

Production of Club 57 kicks off in Italy. Photo credit: Juan Botero

CANNES — “Never predict, especially about the future,” the saying goes. Three of MipJunior 2018’s key speakers and kids industry players – from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and the BBC – took that to heart on Cannes’ Saturday afternoon when addressing the panel subject, “View from the Top: Gazing into the Future of Kids Media.” Rather than addressing where the business is headed – if they knew, they’d have ankled their jobs – Nickelodeon’s Jules Borkent, the BBC’s Jackie Edwards and Adina Pitt at Cartoon Network drilled down on the major changes and challenges affecting where the kids media business is today. Here are five insights:


What has changed in the last couple of years? asked Borkent, Nickelodeon Senior Vice President (SVP), Global Acquisitions and International Programming. “For us, it’s about figuring out [how to meet] the desire for more and more content than we’re currently producing.” Nickelodeon’s solution: Partnerships, whether on wholly-owned or shared content or acquisitions. These have become “far more forefront on how we deliver content,” he commented. One case to point: Nickelodeon Latin America’s has just gone into production on fantasy fiction musical Club 57, its first co-production with Iginio Straffi’s Rainbow Group in Italy. “We’re working with partners that five years ago we wouldn’t necessarily have,” Borkent said.


“We’re focused on building brands and franchises,” said Pitt, Vice President (VP), Content Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Cartoon Network & Boomerang US. “That’s not just about looking for new franchises and experimenting, but also staying true to brands,” and re-tooling them, she suggested, instancing Total DramaRama. Created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch for Fresh TV and distributed by Cake Ent., the Canadian animated action comedy series, which bowed on Cartoon Network on Sept. 1, places the characters of Total Drama in an alternate universe ageing them down from teens to toddlers. “It’s an important lesson: Sometimes go back, retool or reimagine the IP you have,” Pitt argued. Nickelodeon has also just done this with the network's recently launched Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a brand-new 2D animated series which premiered Sept. 17 that reimagines the iconic characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a fresh new way.


Considering China – “a great opportunity for new collaborations,” said Edwards, head of the BBC children’s acquisitions & independent animation – discussion turned to the ever more global industry. “It is a global industry and I think in the future that will be everybody’s challenge,” said Edwards. She went on: “When everything is everywhere and there is so much content, so many platforms, how are you to stand out? Sometimes localization gives you distinctiveness. As a public service broadcaster, I think that’s going to save us.”


For many years, the multi-camera preserve of Nickelodeon and Disney, live action is one program option with ever more opportunity, as recent successes, such as Federation Kids & Family’s Find Me in Paris, which airs on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland illustrates. “We’re testing the waters with telenovelas,” said Borkent. “Live action is opening up more, as viewers are opening up to other cultures.”


According to Nickelodeon research, 65% of kids still regard a TV set as the “easiest model” to access content, Borkent said. “Most children are watching content on TV. They love character and story. Television is a showcase for the very best of it,” said Edwards. She added: “What will happen in the future is that channels will still endure for pre-school, while older kids will search for the same content on VOD platforms and YouTube.” That of course is already a growing reality. A Eurodata TV analysis – referred to during its MipJunior overview on Saturday of new trends in kids entertainment – suggests that daily TV viewing by younger and older children in both the U.S. and U.K. has fallen by pretty much one hour in both countries over 2012-17, from over 2 hours 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes for 4-6 year-old kids in the U.K.. The future is now.

Additionally, Viacom's research unit says globally, teens now access content on 13 devices but TV sets remain the preferred screen. Over half say they prefer to watch content on a TV set.

‘Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Co-Producer on What Makes New Series Unexpected Yet Familiar

The Ninja Turtles are back in a brand-new animated iteration. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles explores the mystical side of the iconic brothers in green, as they journey deep below the sewers and discover a magical new realm.

Producer Ant Ward (who also worked on the previous series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) was tasked with creating this new Turtles universe (or sewer system, if you will). He wanted Rise to stand on its own two feet, not simply revisit familiar territory in a way that would be a “disservice” to the fans and creators of the original. “We thought, ‘what are we going to do that reinvents the wheel?’” Ward explained to Newsweek. “So almost every decision we made was with that in mind. We want it to be fun, unexpected and familiar.”

Ant Ward helps take the Ninja Turtles in a new direction; Photo: Nickelodeon

This time around, the brothers have a different motivation to bring them above the streets. “They've definitely adopted the weapons and took up the mantle of being ninjas almost out of boredom, than heroism,” said Ward. The turtles are also more clearly teens this time around.

“They’re kids. They haven’t gotten that sense of responsibility,” Ward explained. “They kind of are hinting at it,” as they learn how their best strengths can actually make a difference for the world.

'Rise of the TMNT' brothers unite - The TMNT ready for battle; Credit: Nickelodeon

Rise of the TMNT makes a huge format change as well, dropping down to 11 minutes per episode from the traditional 22. Individually, the episodes work as standalones, with a classic “Monster of the Week” flavor. But as the full season unfolds, fans can expect to see the characters grow and change in ways that depart significantly from the original series. “You’re going to walk away and you’re going to realize that these are not the same brothers,” says Ward. “It’s really exciting to tell this story.”

A new show and new heroes require some new enemies. Say farewell to Shredder, as Rise of the TMNT introduces a new baddie named Baron Draxum (voiced by John Cena). He’s here to protect all the mutants, but what does that mean for humankind and the Turtles?

The Turtles will have their hands full with Baron and a variety of other mutants, including one known as Meat Sweats. (You read that right, he’s a celebrity chef voiced by John Rotten Lydon who transformed into a pig after a run-in with some Ooze.) “Meat Sweats is awesome because he has the ability to absorb other mutants’ powers,” Ward explained.

Nickelodeon International Acquires 'Kid-E-Cats' Season Two | MIPCOM

French sales house APC Kids, the children’s entertainment distribution company of boutique co-producer and distributor About Premium Content (APC), has sold the second season of Kid-E-Cats to Nickelodeon International!

The new 52 x 5’ animated episodes will be shown on Nick Jr.’s international channels that reach more than 170 countries including UK, India, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The series is based on an original Russian series produced by CTC Media and Studio Metrafilms and is the second-best performing pre-school series in Russia. The third season is currently in production following a commission from CTC last year, which launched its first children’s channel, CTC Kids, earlier this year.

The show tells the story of three kittens: Cookie, Pudding and their kid sister Candy who are forever ready to jump into action with endless enthusiasm and energy. Their imagination also knows no bounds, and these kitties are capable of the most absurdly funny problem-solving suggestions. Through life’s little lessons, they learn to look before they leap – well, sometimes!

APC Kids Managing Director (MD) Lionel Marty said, “We are thrilled that Viacom International has committed to the second season of Kid-E-Cats. The series resonates with kids globally and it’s exciting that all over the world children will be able to enjoy the further adventures of Cookie, Pudding and Candy!”

More Nickelodeon at MIPCOM 2018: 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Heads to China, the Middle East and Albania!

Sources: TelevisionPost, C21 Media.
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Nickelodeon USA to Premiere New Preschool Series 'Butterbean's Café' on Monday 12th November 2018 [Updated]

Get ready to be whisked away with Butterbean’s Café, Nickelodeon's brand-new animated preschool series about a fairy named Butterbean and her adventures running a neighborhood café and magical bakery, premiering Monday 12th November 2018, only on Nick Jr. on Nickelodeon USA!

Butterbean’s Café is an animated preschool series about a fairy named Butterbean who runs a neighborhood café and magical bakery. She and her fairy friends serve up the healthiest snacks and sweetest treats in Puddlebrook – a small town of fairies and anthropomorphized animals called Brookies. Butterbean’s special bean magic, the fairies’ magic kitchen tools, and the team’s can-do spirit all combine to make their café the most awesome eatery in town, one that’s always much busier than greedy and competitive Ms. Marmalady’s across the brook. That’s because Butterbean has a sure-fire recipe for success – a spoonful of leadership, a dash of entrepreneurial spirit and just a sprinkle of fairy magic!

Butterbean’s Cafe features creative cooking, and a social-emotional curriculum that highlights entrepreneurial and leadership skills. The currently confirmed characters in the show are: Butterbean, Keesha, Cricket, Jasper, Ms. Marmalady, Poppy, Miss Honeybook and Reuben. Created by Jonny Belt and Robert Scull, the creators of Bubble Guppies, the series is produced by Brown Bag Films (Peter Rabbit) in Ireland, and is slated to launch on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. channels around the world soon.

Update (10/15): To celebrate the upcoming launch of Butterbean’s Café, Nick Jr. has digitally premiered a full episode from Nickelodeon's brand-new animated preschool series, which you can watch here on NickJr.com's all-new Butterbean’s Café show page! Titled "Fluttercakes!"/"The Perfect Picnic!" (#103), Ms. Marmalady won't let the garbage man empty Butterbean's dumpster unless she beats her in a pancake-making contest! On NickJr.com's new Butterbean’s Café show page, you can also find out more about the show and watch the show's official theme song!

Check out a super-sneak peek of Nick's tasty new show in the magical video below!:

Butterbean’s Café 🍰 New Cooking Show Coming to Nick! | From Creators of Bubble Guppies

Get ready to be whisked away by Butterbean’s Café, a brand-new Nickelodeon series coming soon! 🍳 Catch a sneak peek of this tasty new show featuring a friendly fairy named Butterbean, her spunky little sister, Cricket, and the rest of the Bean Team; Dazzle, Poppy, and Jasper. Kids are invited into Butterbean’s Café, a very special place where magic is always on the menu—along with the healthiest snacks and the sweetest treats. Butterbean’s recipe for success combines a spoonful of leadership, a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, a heaping helping of teamwork, and a sprinkle of fairy magic. From the creators of the hit preschool show ‘Bubble Guppies,’ comes this magical new animated TV series that is sure to excite and delight both girls and boys alike. Butterbean’s Café follows a social-emotional curriculum, modeling the importance of friendship, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Let’s get cooking with Butterbean’s Café, coming this November, to Nickelodeon!

Watch the Butterbean’s Cafe theme tune in English here and German here, plus watch a sneak-peek of Butterbean’s Café here!

Butterbean's Cafe credits:

Director: Jean Herlihy
Producer: Mark Salisbury, Michael Kaufman, Lorraine Morgan, Gillian Higgins, Rini Soemarwoto
Executive Producer: Allie Strawbridge
Writer: Jonny Belt, Robert Scull, Caitlin Hodson, Laura Kleinbaum, Lucas Mills
Cast: Kirrilee Berger, Margaret Ying Drake, Kora Gursoy, Olivia Manning, Chris Phillips, Gabriella Pizzolo, Alysia Reiner, Kari Wahlgren
Genres: Animation, Children’s
Demographics: Preschool
People: Allie Strawbridge, Alysia Reiner, Caitlin Hodson, Chris Phillips, Gabriella Pizzolo, Gillian Higgins, Jean Herlihy, Jonny Belt, Kari Wahlgren, Kirrilee Berger, Kora Gursoy, Laura Kleinbaum, Lorraine Morgan, Lucas Mills, Margaret Ying Drake, Mark Salisbury, Michael Kaufman, Olivia Manning, Rini Soemarwoto, Robert Scull.

More Nick: Nickelodeon Unveils First-Look At 'Butterbean's Cafe' At Licensing Expo 2018!

Originally published: Friday, October 12, 2018.
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