Sunday, February 09, 2020

'Henry Danger' Could Be Getting a Spin-Off

Could Henry Danger be getting a spin-off?

As we know, Nickelodeon's hit superhero-themed live-action comedy series is about to finish, however, it looks like the world of Henry Danger may be continuing in the form of a spin-off!

Last July, a casting call was posted looking for actors for a new half-hour episodic series being executive produced by Chris Nowak, the executive producer and showrunner of Henry Danger, which had the working title of The Untitled Chris Nowak Series.

The premise of the series is: Four kids with newly acquired superpowers work to convince a superhero that they are ready to join him in the fight against evil.

For the casting call, Uptown Productions, the production company that co-produces Henry Danger, was looking for four series regulars to play the characters Mika, Miles, Chapa and Bose, with the roles of Mika and Miles going to Dana Heath and Terrence Little Gardenhigh, respectively.

It's true that The Untitled Chris Nowak Series may have nothing to do with Henry Danger, however, the Henry Danger Wiki team have spotted that the brand new Henry Danger episode "Escape Room", premiering Saturday, February 8, 2020, features two characters named "Mika" and "Miles", two new kids "who are oddly good at solving the puzzles".

Ben Giroux, the actor who plays the Toddler on Henry Danger, also recently posted a photo of studio 11 at the Burbank Studios on his official Instagram January 27. Studio 11 is the same studio that Henry Danger was recorded at.

It may all be one big coincidence, or maybe the series didn't get picked up from pilot and Nowak still included them on Henry Danger. However, Henry Danger is Nickelodeon’s longest-running live-action sitcom, and one of the network's highest rated series, so it wouldn't be surprising if the network tries to continue the success of Henry Danger with a spin-off. If the new series is a spin-off from Henry Danger, it would mark the show's second spin-off, following the animated The Adventures of Kid Danger in 2018.

The Untitled Chris Nowak Series was set to go into production in January 2020.

Below are the character sheets for Mika, Miles, Chapa and Bose:

[ MIKA ]

Can play 12 year old, Female, Any Ethnicity. Mika is fun, optimistic, charismatic and upbeat. She thinks out loud and is relentless with her honesty. She's the team captain, the project manager, and the most likely to succeed. Sister of Miles, she loves her brother, but thinks he is an insecure phony. Must have good comedic timing. SERIES REGULAR


Can play 12 year old, Male, Any Ethnicity. Miles is a cool, calm, and supremely confident individualist. He has a deep soul and believes he is destined for greatness. He is the calm in the storm. He sees the events in his life as steps along his destined path. Nothing surprises him, he never panics. Brother of Mika, he thinks she tries too hard and needs to let the path guide her. Must have good comedic timing. SERIES REGULAR


Can play 12 year old, Female, Any Ethnicity. Chapa is a force to be reckoned with. She is strong, confident and feels justified in her sometimes irrational behavior. She can behave at times like a mama bear defending her cub from the dark forces of the world. Must have good comedic timing. SERIES REGULAR

[ BOSE ]

Can play 12 year old, Male, Any Ethnicity. Bose is handsome, confident, happy, and dim witted. He is fully aware that he is not the smartest one in the group and he is totally fine with it. He believes everything and everyone is GREAT. He is like a happy puppy in a 12 year old's body. Bose just wants to have a good time, and luckily he thinks almost anything is fun. Must have good comedic timing. SERIES REGULAR

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