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R.I.P. Kid Danger? 'Henry Danger' End Credits Hint About Series Finale

It's the final season of Henry Danger, and during the end credits of the last few episodes, the series has been teasing fans with hints at what's in store for Kid Danger and Captain Man in the final episodes - including the return of the dreaded Drex - and it doesn't look good for Kid Danger!

Leading up to the start of the final season of Henry Danger during the holidays, Nickelodeon aired teaser trailers, which hinted that the superhero duo were about to split up and each going their own way. This was accompanied by scenes of Swellview in destruction, with Henry Hart's Kid Danger mask floating to the ground, and Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) asking where Kid Danger (Jace Norman) was. These teasers were followed by images on and Nickelodeon's social media channels (above) featuring Captain Man and Kid Danger on a missile (or blimp - which could be a nod to the Kids' Choice Awards, when the finale is expected to premiere), about to confront Drex (Tommy Walker)!

Now, at the end of last few episodes of Henry Danger, there has been short 'comic book'-themed end credit scenes, each slowly revealing that Drex is back - and he has big plans!:

At the beginning of each scene, there's a comic book cover for a Henry Danger comic titled "The Fate Of Danger" (above), which is what the series finale of Henry Danger will be titled, which features Captain Man standing at what looks like Kid Danger's funeral! Ray is standing next to a wreath saying "In Loving [Memory?] Kid Danger"! In front of Captain Man can be seen Henry's parents, who are understandably distraught, along with some of the most dastardly villains the duo have fought over the years, including The Toddler (Ben Giroux)!

Another note to make from the Henry Danger comic cover is, does Henry's parents now know his big secret?!

On theory is that it's just the Kid Danger persona that dies, and not Henry himself.

Jace did say in an interview last year that he wanted to see someone die on the show.

Could this really be the end of Kid Danger? Could it just be a trick as part of a big plan? R.I.P Kid Danger? Find out in the final episodes of Henry Danger, starting with "The Beginning of the End" on Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT), only on Nickelodeon!

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Update (2/12) - Uh-oh, Rick Twitler (David Blue) and the Lawn Ranger (Jason Gibbs) are back!

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