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Nickelodeon India's Sonic To Premiere 'Ejen Ali' On Monday 16th July 2018

Nickelodeon Sonic, India's first channel for the action-loving generation, will start to premiere the popular Malaysian animated series Ejen Ali, which follows a boy who is undergoing training to become an agent after utilizing a device prototype created by a secret organization, on Monday 16th July 2018 at 2:30pm!

Ejen Ali (Agent Ali) tells the story about a young schoolboy from Cyberaya named Ali, who is terrible in studies, a victim of bullying, and has a lack of parental love in his life (he doesn't have a mother and his father is too busy to spend time with him). All this changes, however, when Ali stumbles upon the Infinity Retinal Intelligent System (I.R.I.S), a prototype spy tech gadget controlled by neuro-signals that enables the wearer to perform actions programmed by the computer, which was created by Meta Advance Tactical Agency (M.A.T.A; an institute for secret agents) but then stolen by two evil spies. Since then, Ali has unwillingly been recruited as a secret agent in M.A.T.A., where he and his uncle, Bakar cooperate in M.A.T.A missions, whilst Ali slowly discovers his own true potential!

Currently in its second season, Ejen Ali (26x21') is created by Usamah Zaid Yasin, produced in Malaysia by WAU Animation and is distributed by Primeworks Studios (Media Prima). The HD CG-animated series made its world premiere on Malaysian television channel TV3 on Friday 8th April 2016. A feature film, Ejen Ali: The Movie, is currently in production.

Leading up to the debut of Ejen Ali, WAU Animation, in collaboration with Media Prima Digital released a mobile game inspired by the property, Ejen Ali: MATA Training Academy for Android and iOS devices on Friday 4th March 2016. The game has since been downloaded over 260,000 times. A second game, Ejen Ali: Emergency was released for iOS and Android devices in September 2016. Both games have succeeded to win medals in the Mob-Ex Awards 2017. Ejen Ali: MATA Training Academy won three gold awards - for Best App - Creativity, Best App - Media Owner and Best App - Tablets - and one bronze award for Best App - Games & Entertainment, while Ejen Ali: Emergency won one gold award in the Best App - Games and Entertainment category and one bronze award in the Best App - Tablets category.

A bit more about Ejen Ali, via The Daily Seni:

"Ejen Ali took the local animation scene by storm, surprising viewers of all ages with its stylish use of design; set in the futuristic and fictional city of Cyberaya. The main characters consist of Ali bin Ghazali and his partner, Alicia Kheng, who have a dynamic relationship between their shared traits of arrogance and recklessness in trying to outdo each other in terms of skill as secret spies.

In the normal world, the two of them are students of Sekolah Rendah Teknologi Cyberaya 1, where a fellow teacher known as Cikgu Karya is a member of the M.A.T.A helps to keep their secret identities out of the public knowledge. The school’s stray cat known as Comot, also assists Ali on his missions from time to time. However, prior to Ali’s enrollment into M.A.T.A, he was under the guidance of Uncle Bakar, who helps him and Alicia keep the city safe.

Not only are the visuals top-notch, but the writing is also a strong point about the series. Ejen Ali uses subtle humour in the way the characters and minor roles communicate and express themselves through body language; such as Cikgu Karya’s wayward demeanour and Puan Munah’s reaction to a public announcement about using the rotan during classes. The show is also relatable and up-to-date, by using urban slang such as ‘roger’ and the recognition of e-sports as a productive activity in the school’s curriculum.

Small-time criminals are portrayed as social groups that affiliate themselves with road racing, such as ‘Mat Rempits’ that do the superman on the highway during the wee hours of the night. Ejen Ali has an old school charm that gives its characters room for development, and for the show’s universe to expand and progress; making the show notably a unique cartoon that’s enjoyable for its viewers."

In additional news, Cosmos-Maya, the production company behind Nickelodeon India's hit animated comedy series Motu Patlu, has announced that it has recently signed a a historic a five-year production contract with Viacom18 and Nickelodeon for Motu Patlu and Shiva, and that they have already finished 20 per cent of its delivery! Additionally, Cosmos-Maya has also revealed that Inspector Chingum, the first spin-off series of Motu Patlu that recently launched on Amazon Prime Video, will be available on Pay TV come Diwali!

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