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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nick Jr. Central And Eastern Europe To Premiere 'Kiva Can Do!' On Monday 12th March 2018

Nick Jr. Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will start to premiere and show Kiva Can Do!, a brand-new preschool series featuring a colourful, multi-textured animation style, weekdays at 16:45 CET from Monday 12th March 2018! Kiva is a five-year-old girl who uses her imagination to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. She even made her dog, Angus, out of shoeboxes and paper towel rolls! Together with her best friend, Saul Dunne, and under the guidance of her innovative Nanni Praveena, Kiva needs only a cardboard box, some bits and bobs, and a whole lot of imagination to create absolutely anything and go absolutely anywhere.

Kiva Can Do!, locally titled Kiva kifundálja! in Hungary, follows the adventures of Kiva Kain, a five-year-old girl who knows how to make her own fun and whose imagination knows no bounds! Kiva is the world’s greatest kid-inventor, and with her mechanically-minded best friend Saul Dunne, intrepid cardboard puppy Angus, and the encouragement of loving grandmother Nanni Praveena, Kiva sets out to assail the slopes of the highest mountains, dive to the bottom of the sea, and explore the furthest reaches of space in a quest for creative fun, adventures and friendship.

Each day after school, grandmother Nanni brings Kiva to her home where Kiva, Saul and Angus have the run of the living room - the special place where every awesome adventure begins! Nanni’s home is an incubator for ideas and dreams that are filled with promise and excitement. Using whatever odds and ends are found around Nanni’s home, Kiva and Saul quickly transform these items into fantastic props for their adventures – submarines, rocket ships, robot suits, igloos, pirate ships, scuba gear, fire engines, satellites and much more.

Featuring a colorful and multi-textured animation production design combined with magical storytelling, the Kiva series is sure to be a firm favourite with fans. The kid identifiable characters living in their own worlds gently remind and encourage young viewers that like Kiva – anything you can dream, you can do.

Kiva Can Do! (52 x 11 min) is produced by Kavaleer Productions in Ireland, and is created by Kavaleer’s CEO Andrew Kavanagh and executive produced by its Managing Director (MD), Gary Timpson. The series is funded in part by the Irish Film Board, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the Section 481 tax credit, and Ireland's national broadcaster RTE. The show was developed with the assistance of Creative Europe.

Below is a list of the brand-new Kiva Can Do! episodes that Nick Jr. CEE will premiere in March 2018:

2018-03-12 - 16:45 - 1x01 - Jurassic Lark - series premiere
2108-03-13 - 16:45 - 1x02 - Calamity Kiva
2018-03-14 - 16:45 - 1x03 - Onto the Rainbow
2018-03-15 - 16:45 - 1x04 - Water We Waiting For?
2018-03-16 - 16:45 - 1x05 - Abracadangus
2018-03-19 - 16:45 - 1x06 - Party Island
2018-03-20 - 16:45 - 1x07 - Oh My Stars
2018-03-21 - 16:45 - 1x08 - Flower Power
2018-03-22 - 16:45 - 1x09 - Ice Breakers
2018-03-23 - 16:45 - 1x10 - Mouse in the House
2018-03-26 - 16:45 - 1x11 - Journey to the Center of the Sofa
2018-03-27 - 16:45 - 1x12 - The Abominable Pipe Thingy
2018-03-28 - 16:45 - 1x13 - Talkie Tent
2018-03-29 - 16:45 - 1x14 - Coconut Island
2018-03-30 - 16:45 - 1x15 - Sun Seekers

Nickelodeon International acquired the worldwide broadcast rights to Kiva Can Do! from the shows distributor, Lacey Entertainment, in September 2017. The deal covers pay- and free-TV in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, and pay-TV in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, South Korea and the Arabic-speaking MENA region.

Nick Jr. Central and Eastern Europe comprises Nick Jr. Malta, Nick Jr. Romania, Nick Jr. Hungary, Nick Jr. Czech Republic, Nick Jr. Croatia, Nick Jr. Ukraine, Nick Jr. Slovenia, Nick Jr. Serbia, and Nick Jr. Bulgaria.

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Original source: Gyerek-Világ.
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