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Nickelodeon International Acquires Rights To "Kiva Can Do!" For Nick Jr. Worldwide

Nickelodeon International and Lacey Entertainment have signed an agreement that sees the new animated show Kiva Can Do! airing on Nick Jr. in a number of territories worldwide.

Formatted as 52 x 11 min. or 26 x 22 min., Kiva Can Do! features a colourful, multi-textured animation style, produced by Kavaleer Productions in Ireland.

The deal covers Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines for both pay- and free-TV. Nick Jr. has also licensed the series for pay-TV in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, South Korea and the Arabic-speaking MENA region.

Created by Kavaleer’s CEO Andrew Kavanagh and executive produced by its Managing Director (MD), Gary Timpson, Kiva Can Do! follows seven-year-old Kiva Kain, the world’s greatest kid-inventor. With her mechanically-minded best friend Saul Dunne, intrepid cardboard puppy Angus, and the encouragement of loving grandmother Nanni Praveena, Kiva sets out to assail the slopes of the highest mountains, dive to the bottom of the sea, and explore the furthest reaches of space in a quest for fun and friendship.

Each day after school, grandmother Nanni brings Kiva to her home where Kiva, Saul and Angus have the run of the living room and this special place is where every awesome adventure begins. Nanni’s home is an incubator for ideas and dreams that are filled with promise and excitement. Using whatever odds and ends are found around Nanni’s home, Kiva and Saul quickly transform these items into fantastic props for their adventures – submarines, rocket ships, robot suits, igloos, pirate ships, scuba gear, fire engines, satellites and much more.

Featuring a colorful and multi-textured animation production design combined with magical storytelling, the Kiva series is sure to be a firm favourite with fans. The kid identifiable characters living in their own worlds gently remind and encourage young viewers that like Kiva – anything you can dream, you can do.

Kiva Can Do! is a charming series with positive pro-social stories that are characterized by warmth and cheerful fun that reflects the highly imaginative play patterns of children around the world,” said Brian Lacey, President, Lacey Ent. “Kiva is an especially aspirational character helping to encourage constructive personal development. In addition, the very affectionate relationship with grandmother Nanni helps to infuse an important and genuinely authentic trans-generational appeal to the series.”

The series was previously picked up by Lagardere TV for French-speaking EMEA TV (packaged through London’s Happy Audience). Kiva Can Do! Is funded in part by the Irish Film Board, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the Section 481 tax credit, and Ireland's national broadcaster RTE. The show was developed with the assistance of Creative Europe.

Kiva Can Do! Teaser from Kavaleer on Vimeo.

Kiva Can Do! episode guide:

1. Antarctic
2. Abracandangus
3. Onto the Rainbow
4. Up, Up and Away
5. Jurassic Lark
6. Things that Go Bump in the Pipes
7. Fishy Friends
8. Flower Power
9. Journey to the Centre of the Sofa
10. Black Hole
16. Root of the Problem
17. Space Fetch
18. Going Underground
19. Sun Seekers
20. Kiva Can Boo
21. Diagnosis Naughty
22. Special Delivery
23. Cricket Crack Up
24. Scaredy Cat
25. I Spy Butterfly
26. Atlantis Ahoy
27. Yoohoo Cuckoo
28. Kiva’s Cure
29. Kiva vs Chompatron
30. A Pig Surprise
31. Stormy Night
32. Bumpy Bike
33. Digi Kiva
34. Water Park
35. Car Wash
36. Bucket Lift
37. A Dig Out for Nanni
38. A Bridge Too Far
39. Raiders of the Lost Bark
40. Insider Job
41. Pisa Cake
42. Laser Quest
43. Angus the Red-Nosed Reindeer
44. Riddle of the Sands
45. The Third Angus
46. Web of Fear
47. Mine Crufts
48. Code Breakers

Also, from The Irish Film & Television Network:

Nickelodeon take rights to Kiva Can Do

The deal was facilitated by distributor, Lacey Entertainment.

Kavaleer Productions ‘Kiva Can Do’ has been sold to Nickelodeon International

Following its nomination at the Cartoon Forum Tribute Awards, Kavaleer Productions has sold ‘Kiva Can Do’ to Nickelodeon International . The deal was facilitated by distributor, Lacey Entertainment.

The series, comprised of 52 x 11 min episodes, explores the world of titular character, Kiva. Kiva is a five-year-old girl who uses her imagination to create extraordinary adventures, accompanied by Saul Dunne and her dog Angus (whom Kiva built out of shoeboxes and paper towel rolls).

Kavaleer Production received production funding from the Irish Film Board, the BAI, RTÉ, Section 481 tax credit. It was developed with the assistance of Creative Europe.

The show will air on Nick Jr in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux, Greece, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Nickelodeon also acquired the pay TV rights for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Africa, Latin America, South-east Asia, India, South Korea, Israel and the Arabic-speaking MENA region. French-speaking EMEA rights were previously acquired by multinational media conglomerate Lagardère’s TV division.


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