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Nick Jr. Too UK & Ireland To Premiere 'Kiva Can Do!' On Monday 8th January 2018

Nick Jr. UK & Ireland will start to premiere and show Kiva Can Do!, a brand-new preschool series featuring a colourful, multi-textured animation style, everyday at 7:30am and 7:45am from Monday 8th January 2018 on Nick Jr. Too!

Kiva Can Do! follows the adventures of Kiva Kain, a five-year-old girl who knows how to make her own fun and whose imagination knows no bounds! Kiva is the world’s greatest kid-inventor, and with her mechanically-minded best friend Saul Dunne, intrepid cardboard puppy Angus, and the encouragement of loving grandmother Nanni Praveena, Kiva sets out to assail the slopes of the highest mountains, dive to the bottom of the sea, and explore the furthest reaches of space in a quest for creative fun, adventures and friendship.

Each day after school, grandmother Nanni brings Kiva to her home where Kiva, Saul and Angus have the run of the living room - the special place where every awesome adventure begins! Nanni’s home is an incubator for ideas and dreams that are filled with promise and excitement. Using whatever odds and ends are found around Nanni’s home, Kiva and Saul quickly transform these items into fantastic props for their adventures – submarines, rocket ships, robot suits, igloos, pirate ships, scuba gear, fire engines, satellites and much more.

Featuring a colorful and multi-textured animation production design combined with magical storytelling, the Kiva series is sure to be a firm favourite with fans. The kid identifiable characters living in their own worlds gently remind and encourage young viewers that like Kiva – anything you can dream, you can do.

Online at, parents and children can find out more about Kiva Can Do!, as well watch exclusive clips from the show, including the shows theme song!

Kiva Can Do! (52 x 11 min) is produced by Kavaleer Productions in Ireland, and is created by Kavaleer’s CEO Andrew Kavanagh and executive produced by its Managing Director (MD), Gary Timpson. The series is funded in part by the Irish Film Board, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the Section 481 tax credit, and Ireland's national broadcaster RTE. The show was developed with the assistance of Creative Europe.

Nickelodeon International acquired the worldwide broadcast rights to Kiva Can Do! from the shows distributor, Lacey Entertainment, in September 2017. The deal covers pay- and free-TV in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, and pay-TV in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, South Korea and the Arabic-speaking MENA region.

Below is a list of the currently announced Kiva Can Do! episodes that Nick Jr. Too will be premiering:

Monday 8th January 2018

7:30am - Jurassic Lark: Nanni is making Pakora but is having trouble peeling the fiddly boiled eggs. Kiva and Saul want to find one giant egg to make it easier for her. A dinosaur egg would be big enough but where would they find one of those? In a Jurassic world of course! They construct a time-machine to take them back through time. Along the way ‘Angusaurus’ is mistaken for a baby dinosaur by a friendly Mummysaur, and Kiva and Saul learn a great way to peel an egg by watching a baby dinosaur hatch.

7:45am - Calamity Kiva: Nanni and Kiva are busy in the garden collecting leaves, when Cowboy Saul rides in on his trusty steed – a broomstick! He regales them about the work of cowboys in rounding up critters. Calamity Kiva decides they can improve upon a broomstick as they set about building the Giddyup 3000 quadbike. It’s off to the Wild West to round-up some rogue sheep before a twister hits!

Tuesday 9th January 2018

7:30am - Onto the Rainbow: As the rain pours down, Nanni’s umbrella gets turned inside out by a gust of wind just as they reach her front door. Kiva and Saul build Nanni a replacement, unbreakable umbrella, but it will have to be tested before they give it to her. And where better to test it than on a rainbow! They float up to the clouds but soon the weather changes Kiva and Saul must propel themselves off the rainbow before it disappears!

7:45am - Water we Waiting For?: Nanni is looking after her neighbour’s fish Neptune, but he is nowhere to be seen in his fish bowl. Using their box of tricks, Kiva and Saul design and build dive suits which they don and head into the deep sea of the imaginary fish bowl in search of Neptune. With Angus to help they locate Neptune and discover he is the King of the Fishes!

Wednesday 10th January 2018

7:30am - Abracadangus: Nanni's vacuum cleaner is broken so she needs her trusty old carpet-beater, but it's nowhere to be found. Kiva and Saul go in search of if on a magic carpet.

7:45am - Party Island: Saul accidentally lets his new balloon float up to the top of Nanni's landing and can't reach it. Kiva designs a hot-air-balloon so they can float to the rescue!

Thursday 11th January 2018

7:30am - Oh My Stars: Saul's come for a sleepover and brings his new telescope to stargaze with Kiva, but it's not working properly and Nanni can't fix it as she's lost her glasses.

7:45am - Flower Power: Saul's accidentally broken Nanni's flower pot. Kiva suggests they go to Lotus Mountain to find another. Using jetpacks, they reach the summit and find the perfect replacement.

Friday 12th January 2018

7:30am - Ice Breakers: It's a hot summer's day and Nanni decides to make some refreshing slushy falooda for Kiva and Saul to drink. But Nanni's freezer has broken - and no ice means no falooda!

7:45am - Mouse in the House: Who has been nibbling on Kiva's cookie? Could there be a mouse in the house? Kiva and Saul construct the Tabby Tron, a robotic cat that will help them find the mouse.

Saturday 13th January 2018

7:30am - Journey to the Centre of the Sofa: Nanni's lost a tiny screw from her glasses down the side of the couch, so Kiva and Saul must come up with an ingenious way of getting it back.

7:45am - The Abominable Pipe Thingy: Nanni's heating is kaput, and the pipes are making some very peculiar noises. Kiva and Saul decide to investigate on a special tracking-boat.

Sunday 14th January 2018

7:30am - Talkie Tent: It's movie night, but Nannie's home movie projector is having problems. Kiva, Saul and Angus set off by rickshaw for India to find the perfect setting for the big show.

7:45am - Coconut Island: Nanni is going to bake some yummy coconut cake, but she has forgotten to buy the most important ingredient - the coconut! Kiva, Saul and Angus set sail for Coconut Island!

Monday 15th January 2018

7:30am - Sun Seekers: Nanni is fixing solar panels to her house but there isn't enough sunshine to power them. It may be night time here but it's daytime on the other side of the world!

7:45am - Scaredy Cat: Nanni's neighbour phones to say her cat has become stuck up their tree. Sounds like a job for intrepid firefighters Kiva and Saul! But firehouse dog Angus isn't helping.

Tuesday 16th January 2018

7:30am - Cricket Crack-Up: Kiva and her Dad are trying to show Saul how to play cricket, but her Dad's broken arm is hampering his efforts. Kiva designs an automatic bowling machine to help.

7:45am - I Spy Butterfly: Nanni is showing Kiva and Saul her well-thumbed butterfly book when she spots her favourite page - with a drawing of the Mexican Swallowtail - is missing.

Wednesday 17th January 2018

7:30am - Going Underground: While helping to tidy up Nanni's cluttered living room, Kiva and Saul unearth an old photograph of youthful Nanni and Jitesh holding a time capsule.

7:45am - Root of the Problem: As Nanni bemoans her chances of winning a giant vegetable growing contest after uprooting tiny carrots from her veggie patch, Kiva and Saul search for a giant carrot!

Thursday 18th January 2018

7:30am - Diagnosis Naughty: It seems poor Angus has hurt his paw. Lucky Dr Kiva and Dr Saul are on hand to help. An xray of their patient reveals nothing so it's time for the special doggie-scan!

7:45am - Special Delivery: Nanni has made a wedding present for her cousin Devika but she has left it too late to post it! The beautiful headdress gift will never it all the way to India in time!

Friday 19th January 2018

7:30am - Kiva Can Boo: It's Halloween but Nanni has no costume! Kiva and Saul search for the perfect outfit as the ghost train chugs through creepy tunnels toward a ghostly castle and gets derailed.

7:45am - Paneer Mountaineers: Nanni is waiting for a delivery of goat's milk to make her legendary paneery cheese. Kiva and Saul decide to make some for her by building their own milking machine.

Saturday 20th January 2018

7:30am - Kiva's Cure: Nanni has a cold. A hot lemon drink will surely help, but she hasn't got any lemons. Kiva, Saul and sniffer-dog Angus to head to the lemon groves of India in search of a cure.

7:45am - Space Fetch: Nanni's TV has lost reception - just as her favourite movie is about to start. It must be the satellite causing the problem. Kiva, Saul and Angus go into space to fix it.

Sunday 21st January 2018

7:30am - Atlantis Ahoy: Oh dear, Nanni's house has sprung a leak - reminding her of the Lost City of Atlantis. To help stop the leak, our explorers will need to find out what happened to Atlantis.

7:45am - Kiva v Chompatron: It's monster truck time but Nanni's car won't start - how will they get to the show in time? In Kiva and Saul's custom-built Nanni-mobile of course!

Monday 22nd January 2018

7:30am - Yoohoo Cuckoo: Nanni's old cuckoo clock is in need of a little oil to get it working, but as for Yoohoo the cuckoo, he hasn't popped out since she was a girl.

7:45am - A Pig Surprise: Jitesh has built Nanni a raised garden bed and it's going to need a lot of soil to fill it. Kiva and Saul are on hand to fetch some from the farm in their pickup truck.

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

7:30am - Once Upon a Stormy Night:: Once upon a stormy laundry day Nanni's house suffers a power cut. How will she dry her washing without electricity for her tumble-dryer?

7:45am - Bumpy Biking: Kiva and Nanni are enjoying a cycle, but Nanni's old boneshaker is struggling on the bumpy path. Kiva, Saul and Angus fashion a road roller that could flatten the Himalayas!

Wednesday 24th January 2018

7:30am - Water Park: Nanni is taking Kiva, Saul and Sean to the playground - but it's closed due to flooding! Chief-Engineer-Kiva and Surveyor-Saul to climb aboard their Mega-Crane and build a dam.

7:45am - Symphony for Nanni: Nanni is playing her favourite old record but the gramophone needle snaps and now she can't recall the melody. Kiva, Saul and Angus set off to find the right sounds!

Thursday 25th January 2018

7:30am - Kiva's Car Wash: It's Holi and not even Nanni's car can escape from the traditional colourful powder-throwing! It's a good thing Kiva's car wash is open for business!

7:45am - Into the Deep: It's time for a fun family outing to the beach, but Kiva's Mum has lost her wedding ring in the sand! Or was it stolen by scurvy pirates?

Friday 26th January 2018

7:30am - Digi Kiva: Jitesh spots his favourite video game, Bounce Quest, amongst Nanni's yard sale items. As he plays one last game, he spots a glitch - they can't sell this!

7:45am - High Rise and Shine: Nanni's windows are dirty, and Dad's fear of heights means it's going to take a long time to get them clean. Kiva and Saul design a window washer to get the job done.

Saturday 27th January 2018

7:30am - Sea of Tranquility: Nanni is looking for a quiet spot to practice some yoga, but the road workers outside have other ideas! Saul suggests she'd have to go to the moon to escape the noise.

7:45am - Pyramid Treasure: The family are playing Saul's favourite board game when Sheila gets called away. It seems there's been a mix up with a very important diamond delivery!

Sunday 28th January 2018

7:30am - Paddle Power: It's Sheila's birthday and what better way to celebrate than with her favourite treat - beignets! But oh no, how will Nanni bake them with a broken oven?

7:45am - Kiva's Quiz Show: Nanni, Kiva and Saul have arrived home too late for Nanni's favourite TV show. So Quizmaster Kiva creates their very own quiz show - but Angus runs off with the microphone!

Monday 29th January 2018

7:30am - Spring Fever: Oh dear. Nanni discovers a broken spring on Kiva's sleepover bed. If only there was a way to go inside the mattress to fix it! Kiva, Saul and Angus roll into Mattress World!

7:45am - Recycle Road: After a stormy night, Nanni's recycling bin has overturned and the garden is a mess. Sounds like a job for Kiva's Picker-Upper-Truck!

Tuesday 30th January 2018

7:30am - Adding Angus: Nanni has lost her keys and she'll need to get copies made - again. Kiva and Saul build a Crazy Copier Machine, but instead of copying keys, Angus accidentally gets duplicated!

7:45am - Pyramid Treasure: The family are playing Saul's favourite board game when Sheila gets called away. It seems there's been a mix up with a very important diamond delivery!

Wednesday 31st January 2018

7:30am - Insider Job: Nanni is showing Kiva and Saul her prized coin collection, but is dismayed that her favourite coin is missing. Could it have become lost inside Angus?!

7:45am - Paddle Power: It's Sheila's birthday and what better way to celebrate than with her favourite treat - beignets! But oh no, how will Nanni bake them with a broken oven?

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Original source: Radio Times TV listings Guide; Additional source: Sky EPG; RTÉ Presspack, Digiguide.
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