Thursday, November 09, 2017

Spin Master Considering Making A 'PAW Patrol' Feature Film

Spin Master announced the PAWsome news during their 2017 Q3 Financial Results Conference Call that they are thinking about making a PAW Patrol theatrical movie!

During their Q3 2017 Conference Call, the leading global children's entertainment company revealed:

"We are currently considering whether to extend PAW Patrol franchise into feature films at some point in the next 12 to 24 months. We're in progress of developing a film script, and we expect to see further progress in 2018. This is an exciting development for entertainment franchise, and we will update you in the coming months as we progress on this initiative.


I caution by saying that getting movies made is a very difficult thing, and it's -- when you work in Hollywood, it's a bit of an art form. But that being said, we are very focused on working hard at getting a movie out, and we think that the PAW Patrol franchise, from a global perspective, deserves to have a movie because of its global appeal, and so we've started a process. We've engaged with the writer. I can't publicly announce who it is just yet, but we have a fantastic writer, who's working with our team here, and our brain trust that understands PAW Patrol. The writers' done an incredible category, and we're going to go down the road. And once we have the 120 pages written and a script that we think is fantastic and a look and feel, we started with some animation tests in terms of look and feel of the characters and how they would translate onto the big screen, we will move forward in actually trading the film. The most potent thing is that the integrity of the film matches with the integrity of the franchise, right? And I think it's not that difficult to write a film, but it's very difficult to write a film that teach integrity of the characters. And that's what we're doing, and I think there's interest from a studio perspective on actually wanting to put out the film."

Spin Master also revealed during their Q3 2017 Conference Call:

- According to NPD, at the end of Q3, PAW Patrol was the #1 property in the infant toddler preschool super category in the U.S. on a year-to-year basis;

- Nickelodeon USA will start to premiere PAW Patrol season five in early 2018;

- PAW Patrol season six is currently in development in preproduction;

- Rusty Rivets, which was launched in Nickelodeon North America last November, has been rating consistently in the #2 spot among boys 2 to 5. Nickelodeon is now planning to launch Season 1 shortly in France, Spain, and Ireland; and Season 2 is being delivered in North America later this month. After a very limited toy launch in North America in 2017, the toy lines will be launching broadly in North America during the year's third and fourth quarter.

- In the Pre-School and Girls segment, PAW Patrol and Rusty Rivets merchandise helped increase gross product sales by 19% to $260 million;

- PAW Patrol continues to show strong momentum, with year-over-year global growth. The PAW Patrol Sea Patroller and life-sized tower are both tracking very well and are among the top ranking selling toys in the industry. The Sea Patroller, which is on many retailers' top toy list, has been the #1 SKU in the entire pre-school segment in recent weeks and in the top 10 toys overall according to NPD. Spin Master will share more information about their upcoming 2018 line in the New York Toy Fair in February 2018;

- PAW Patrol is the #1 U.K. product property in the months of September and showed strong growth in those markets that have only recently began airing a television show, especially in Germany and China. The latest theme, Sea Patrol, is really resonating well with kids globally;

- PAW Patrol continues to engage fans through high impact experience, like the highly successful PAW Patrol tour, where thousands of consumers lined up for the chance to board the Paw Patroller, and interact with their favorite pups. That road tour hit many cities across North America and the U.K. through Q3 and into Q4. In addition, Nickelodeon continues its PAW Patrol live stage shows, which is building further consumer engagement;

- Rusty Rivets is reading very well on Nickelodeon. The number-one entertainment brand for kids is actively working with Spin Master's brand team venture. The second season of the show will be tightly integrated with the toy line, launching in 2018.

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