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‘Move It, Football Head!’: Secrets From the Creator of ‘Hey Arnold!’

If the phrase “football head” brings a nostalgic smile to your face, you’re probably a child of the ‘90s who loves Hey Arnold! as much as NickALive! does. Great Big Story were lucky enough to sit down with the show's creator, Craig Bartlett, to talk all things Arnold ahead of our favorite cartoon 4th grader’s return to TV in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie (spoiler: Arnold’s no longer in 4th grade now). Find out what inspired Arnold’s iconic football head, the real story behind “Pigeon Man,” and who influenced the look of TV’s coolest cartoon bedroom!:

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'Hey Arnold!' Was Actually Inspired By The Work Of Gabriel García Márquez

As you all already know, Nickelodeon will soon be releasing the long-awaited Hey Arnold! movie. This highly-anticipated project will bring back a beloved 90's animated series that marked a whole generation.

News surrounding our beloved 'Football Head' has gotten so much attention as of lately, that after all these years, we've learned some new details about its creation.

Craig Bartlett, the series creator, revealed that he took his inspiration from One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera, both written by celebrated Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez.

This is what Bartlett shared with Great Big Story:

“We were reading these works by Gabriel García Márquez. Those were big influences on us, because magic realism is the term coined about García Márquez’s writing.

I wanted there to be a magical realism to Arnold’s house and his neighborhood.”

This reference came up as Bartlett was discussing how he got the inspiration to create Arnold's incredible room in the attic and the rest of his surrounding city.

So in reality, it looks like we should thank García Márquez and magical realism for the existence of Pigeon Man, Stoop Kid and the other endlessly memorable characters birthed from Hey Arnold!'s world.


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