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Friday, July 21, 2017

SDCC 'Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie' Sneak Peek | The Legend of Arnold | Nickelodeon

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie showcased at San Diego Comic Con 2017!:

Update: Check out a longer clip from Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie!:

What we learnt during Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!: From Hillwood to the Jungle! SDCC 2017 panel:

- To get the movie made, Craig Bartlett went into Nickelodeon and said, "isn't it time we make the Jungle Movie?" And bam!

- When Mason Vale Cotton was approached to be the new Arnold, he didn't know much about the show, but did know how much it meant to fans.

- Lane Toran and Jamil Walker Smith's (OG Arnold and Gerald) characters in the movie are secret but we will meet them in the actual jungle....

- We'll find out Arnold's last name and what happened to his parents!

- Q: What's different about Helga in The Jungle Movie? Francesca Marie Smith: New Shoes.

- Stoop Kid and Pigeon Man return in The Jungle Movie! Craig loves Stoop Kid & Pigeon Man has been living in Paris.

- "Friendships get tested" in the movie.

- Craig says we'll finally find out about the Green eyed people from the journal!

- Did you know Game Shakers Benjamin Flores Jr is voicing Gerald in the new Hey Arnold! movie? He binge watched the show to prep for the role!

- Craig says he really dislikes the negative Conspiracy theories about Pigeon Mans death & Arnold's Parents.

- Craig says that there's a bald spot under Arnold's hat, so they make sure he never takes it off.

- The Jungle Movie will last let us know HOW ARNOLD FEELS ABOUT HELGA!!!

- Awwww, Benji (new Gerald) made sure that the friendship between him and Mason (new Arnold) was real irl!

- During the panel, Jim Lang, the composer of Hey Arnold!, performed the opening theme tune live, with the old and new casts and the audience singing along!

- Some backgrounds from The Jungle Movie were being shown! The Boarding house looks great at night.

Also, from

You didn’t just think Arnold would come back without bringing along some of his most beloved friends, did you?

The first footage from Nickelodeon’s upcoming TV movie, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, made its debut on Friday during a Comic-Con panel filled with fans who showed up to welcome the football-headed teen hero back into their lives (before he re-appears for millions more when the movie premieres on Nickelodeon this fall).

Series creator Craig Bartlett beamed as he introduced the footage from The Jungle Movie, which picks up not long after the events of the original 1996-2004 series. As you can tell from the first moments of this new clip, things are getting slightly meta, as it turns out Helga had been secretly filming Arnold throughout the entire course of the series. (Helga Pataki: From Nancy Spumoni snow boots to Parks and Rec voyeurism.)

Beyond getting fans back up to speed, the clip showed off some of the returning characters who will accompany Arnold in his TV return — namely, folks like Stoop Kid and Pigeon Man, who have become no less than Tumblr icons ever since the show went off the air.

The film finds Arnold and his friends winning a trip to the jungle, which Arnold hopes will bear answers about his long-missing parents. As such, Bartlett also showed off a glimpse at the jungle-ready outfits that Arnold, Gerald, Helga, and Phoebe will don during their excursion into the foliage.

Bartlett has co-written and executive produces the TV movie, which reunites cast members Francesca Marie Smith, Anndi McAfee, Lane Toran, Jamil Walker Smith, Dan Castellaneta, Tress MacNeille, Dan Butler, Jim Belushi, Maurice LaMarche, Kath Soucie, and more. Mason Vale Cotton and Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores, Jr. join the cast as Arnold and Gerald, respectively, as does Alfred Molina, who will play resident villain Lasombra.


Also, from Animation World Network:

Nickelodeon Gives SDCC 2017 Fans a First Look at ‘Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie’

Panel reunites original voice cast from the beloved animated series created by Craig Bartlett and introduces new voice talent.

Hey Arnold! fans got off their stoops for Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold!: From Hillwood to the Jungle! at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 on Friday, July 21. Marc Snetiker (Entertainment Weekly) moderated a panel of the series’ classic voice actors Lane Toran (Arnold), Jamil Walker Smith (Gerald), Francesca Marie Smith (Helga), and Anndi McAfee (Phoebe), and the new generation of talent featured in the upcoming TV movie—Mason Vale Cotton (Arnold) and Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores, Jr. (Gerald). Original series creator Craig Bartlett and composer Jim Lang were also featured on the one-of-a-kind panel, which treated fans to an exclusive first-look clip of the Hey Arnold! TV movie, brand-new character art and more.

The panel’s sneak peeks included: a never-before-seen clip, revealing several beloved characters featured throughout the series who emerge in Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie and a first look at Arnold, Gerald, Helga and Phoebe’s jungle outfits.

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie is an action-packed TV movie that takes kids on the field trip of a lifetime, following Arnold and his friends on a quest to achieve his ultimate dream of finding his missing parents. The two-hour TV movie features a storyline that picks up from where the original series ended in 2004 and resolves unanswered questions and plotlines-including Arnold finally getting answers about the whereabouts of his missing parents. The movie is co-written and executive produced by the series’ original creator Craig Bartlett and produced by Nickelodeon in Burbank, CA.

As previously announced, additional voice actors reprising their famed roles include: Justin Shenkarow (Recess) as Harold; Olivia Hack (Family Guy) as Rhonda; Nika Futterman (The Boxtrolls) as Olga; Dan Butler (Frasier) as Mr. Simmons; Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons) as Grandpa; Tress MacNeille (The Simpsons) as Grandma; Antoinette Stella (Melrose Place, writer) as Stella; Carlos Alazraqui (Happy Feet) as Eduardo; Dom Irrera (Back at the Barnyard) as Ernie; Maurice LaMarche (Futurama) as Bob Pataki; Kath Soucie (Rugrats) as Miriam; Danielle Judovits (Toy Story) as Big Patty; Danny Cooksey (The Lorax) as Stoop Kid; Jim Belushi (According to Jim) as Coach Wittenberg; and Craig Bartlett as Miles.

Toran and Smith will supplement the returning cast by lending their voices to roles and Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2) voices resident villain, Lasombra.

Additional new voices in the Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie include: Gavin Lewis (Real Boy) as Eugene; Jet Jurgensmeyer (Bubble Guppies) as Stinky; Aiden Lewandowski (Comedy Bang! Bang!) as Sid; Laya Hayes (Santa Hunters) as Nadine; Nicolas Cantu (The Impossible Joy) as Curly; Wally Wingert (Sonic Boom) as Oskar; and Stephen Stanton (Star Wars Rebels) as Pigeon Man.


Also, from E! News:

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie Sneak Peek Revealed at Comic-Con: The Legend of the Football Head Continues

Move it, Football Head!

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is officially on its way and to mark the return of the beloved cartoon character, Nickelodeon made a splash at San Diego Comic-Con with a panel and a debut of the movie's first trailer. In the video below, get reacquainted with the kids of Hey Arnold and learn "The Legend of Arnold." And yes, that's Stoop Kid! He left his stoop to sit on the biggest stoop in the city. Let the nostalgia waves wash over you.

Spoiler alert: Pigeon Man is also back!

At the panel, Nickelodeon revealed Lane Toran and Jamil Walker Smith, the voices behind Arnold and Gerald in the original series that ran from 1994-2004, will return for the movie in new roles. Viewers will meet their characters in the jungle when Arnold and his classmates head there on a field trip. Creator Craig Bartlett also teased "friendships get tested" in the new movie.

Bartlett, who created the original show, returned for the TV movie. Along with him, Nickelodeon revealed the movie production crew is half Hey Arnold veterans and half super fans of the series.
The action picks up roughly a year or two after the events of the Hey Arnold series finale.

Nickelodeon is also bringing back Invader Zim and Rocko's Modern Life with new movies. And there could be more.

At the 2017 ATX TV Festival, Chis Viscardi, the co-creator of The Adventures of Pete and Pete who is currently the senior vice president of production and development, and animation at Nickelodeon Group, said there are more revivals in the works. "We feel it's really important to honor who made the show and who started the show, so we've had that opportunity," he said. "And a few others I can't talk about now," he said. "It's been a great process to work with them."

Also, from Polygon:

Hey Arnold! movie clip brings back the cartoon’s cast

Everybody loves Arnold

Nickelodeon brought new footage of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie to San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s reminding us all that Arnold, age 9, is everyone’s best friend.

The three-minute clip, which you can watch above, consists of Arnold’s family and friends, plus numerous residents of Hillwood, surprising him on a rooftop with a clip of their own. It’s a video filled with testimonials to how kind-hearted, generous and helpful Arnold is.

“We call him Arnold: friend to all, force for decency, doer of good,” begins Arnold’s best friend, Gerald. “He’s the most dependable, trusty, true-blue friend I can imagine.”

Whether by encouraging Stoop Kid to come out of his shell (and off his own stoop), convincing big-band singer Dino Spumoni that he wasn’t washed up, or showing the hermit known as Pigeon Man that human company has its merits, Arnold has demonstrated to the world that he’s always willing to help someone in need and put their welfare above his own. (And their appearances in the clip tell us that much of the original cartoon’s cast will return for The Jungle Movie.)

The video appears to be a contest entry, with Gerald saying at the end, “Pure of heart: That’s Arnold, and that’s why he deserves to win the trip to San Lorenzo.” We know that The Jungle Movie — the second film spinoff of Hey Arnold!, following 2002’s Hey Arnold!: The Movie — will be set a year or two after the TV show’s final episode, and will take place largely in the fictional South American country of San Lorenzo.

“The biggest question the movie will answer is who Arnold’s parents are and what happened to them,” series creator Craig Bartlett said during a Comic-Con 2016 panel.

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie will premiere Nov. 23 on Nickelodeon. For more, read our interview with Bartlett from this year’s Comic-Con, in which he explains why it took so long for this second movie to happen and debunks all of the fan theories.


Also, from The A.V. Club:

Arnold gets his own urban legend in the first footage from the Hey Arnold! movie

Nickelodeon’s hard at work fueling the fires of nostalgia at Comic-Con this week: Hot on the heels of new footage for the Rocko’s Modern Life movie, Static Cling, yesterday, the kids’ channel has debuted a new teaser for the long-anticipated Hey Arnold! follow-up, The Jungle Movie.

As with so many episodes of the Nicktoon classic, the promo centers on one of Gerald’s urban legends. But rather than focusing on giant fish, stoop kids, or pigeon men, the subject is old Football Head himself, with all the show’s characters coming together to pay tribute to their pure-hearted hero. The resulting video—which also gives fans a chance to get used to the show’s new voice cast, including Mason Vale Cotton as Arnold, and Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores, Jr. as Gerald—is a sweet little love letter to Arnold, the people around him, and the world they all inhabit, just in time to build up enthusiasm for The Jungle Movie’s November 2017 release.

Also, via Monkeys Fighting Robots:

First Footage From ‘Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie’ Serves As A Refresher Of The Original Series

“Hey Arnold! You’re a bold kid, and a true hero.”

Fans who attended Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold! panel at San Diego Comic Con today received a special treat when the network unveiled the first footage from the show’s highly anticipated revival: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie.

The upcoming two-hour film, which will be split into two parts and serve as the definitive series finale to the beloved show, is projected to premiere on Nickelodeon in November 2017. Per Entertainment Weekly, the movie “picks up not long after the events of the original 1996-2004 series[…]The film finds Arnold and his friends winning a trip to the jungle, which Arnold hopes will bear answers about his long-missing parents.”

The footage that series creator Craig Bartlett proudly debuted mainly serves as a recap of sorts to the original series, as Arnold’s friends surprise him with a video they put together showcasing what a great and caring kid he is and how he’s helped them all over the years. “He’s pure of heart,” his best friend Gerald narrates. “Which is why he deserves to win the trip to San Lorenzo. Because he’s done so much for others. He’s a humanitarian, just like his parents and the Helpers for Humanity.” The premise of a video contest being the reason Arnold and his classmates get to go to the jungle is a clever one, and it’s a safe bet to predict that when Nickelodeon eventually releases another trailer, it will be more plot heavy by focusing on the jungle side of things.

The clip also serves to reacquaint audiences not just with Arnold, but all of his friends and family too, including: Sid, Gerald, Stoop Kid, Rhonda, Dino Spumoni, Pigeon Man, Big Patty, Coach Wittenberg, Harold, Curly, and Eugene amongst others. (Pretty much all of the characters were present in the new footage, but only the ones just named had speaking parts.)


In addition to Hey Arnold! footage, fans of Nickelodeon cartoons from the nineties were gifted with a glimpse of the Rocko’s Modern Life revival, Static Cling, yesterday and will be excited to know that an Invader Zim movie is on its way as well.


Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie is set to debut on Nickelodeon in November 2017.


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