Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sideways Protest + 'Best Of..' | Wayside | FULL EPISODE | KEEP IT WEIRD

Sideways Protest | Wayside | FULL EPISODE | KEEP IT WEIRD

When Kidswatter threatens to move the school, the students attempt to protest by disrupting class/cafeteria/hallways, etc, but only end up making it all better…. that is until a mysterious “new kid” attempts to undermine their efforts.

Best of Jenny | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

Wayside's coolest biker chick who has a soft spot for Todd! Then again, who doesn't?! Enjoy our favorite Jenny moments!

Best of Joe | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

Joe is definitely the most awkward... and stinkiest kid at Wayside! Here's our favorite Joe moments!

Best of John | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

John, the upside-down kid doesn't get enough love and screen time! Here's our favorite John moments.

Best of Mrs. Jewls | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

The bestest and most weirdest teacher has had so many hilarious moments in Wayside! Here's tour favorite Mrs. Jewls moments!

Best of Miss Mush | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

Whether it's sock soup or underwear roast, Miss Mush always means well and is a vital part of Wayside School. Here's our favorite Miss Mush moments!

Best of Wayside Cows | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD


Best of Mr.Kidswater | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

Mr. Kidswater is by far the weirdest character in all of Wayside... Well, one of the weirdest characters and we love him! Enjoy this final best moments compilation video of our favorite principal!

Best of Stephen | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

Stephen is like that weird friend we don't want but the friend we all need. To him, Halloween should be celebrated everyday and us Weirdos are totally okay with that! Enjoy our favorite Stephen moments!

Best of Sharie | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

The student we all strive to be! Here's Shari's sleepiest moments!

Best of Eric, Eric & Eric | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

Who's your favorite, Eric, Eric or Eric? Ours is Eric! Here's Eric, Eric and Eric's best moments in Wayside!

Best of Louis | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

Louis, the coolest and most radical guy at Wayside! The dude that loves everyone and everyone loves him! Here's our favorite Louis moments in all of Wayside!

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Originally published: Sunday, July 28, 2019.
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