Monday, June 04, 2018

Poland Bans 'The Loud House' Episodes Featuring Harold And Howard McBride

Following the homosexuality-in-children controversy in Africa over the last couple of years, which resulted in the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) "banning" several children's television shows, including Nickelodeon's The Loud House, The Legend of Korra and Hey Arnold! as they ridiculously ruled that the shows 'promoted homosexuality' last year, and Nickelodeon Africa being forced to censor The Loud House episode “Overnight Success”, in which Lincoln's best friend Clyde is dropped off for a sleepover by his two dads, Harold and Howard McBride, a year earlier, another country has decided to follow suit - Poland.

When the Polish conservative group Ordo Iuris - which is sort of a Polish equivalent of One Million Moms - found out that The Loud House (locally titled Harmidom) was portraying a family with two dads in a positive light, they applied to the Krajowej Rady Radiofonii i Telewizji, Poland's National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) for a response, claiming that the series was corrupting family values. Ordo Iuris argued that portraying homosexuality in a positive light went against Article 18 of the Konstytucji RP, the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, which states that a "marriage, being a union of a man and a woman, as well as the family, motherhood and parenthood, shall be placed under the protection and care of the Republic of Poland". Ordo Iuris also argued that The Loud House contravened article 18 of Poland's radio and television broadcasting act, which states that "programmes or other broadcasts shall respect the religious beliefs of viewers/listeners, particularly the Christian system of values".

Unfortunately, Ordo Iuris' arguments against The Loud House were successful, resulting in the Krajowej Rady Radiofonii i Telewizji asking Nickelodeon Polska to 'avoid the broadcast of materials presenting a family model contrary to the model that is protected in Poland', barring Nickelodeon Polska from airing any episodes of The Loud House featuring Harold and Howard McBride.

H/T: ToonZone Forums /@RandomMe; Additional source: Google Translate.
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