Thursday, August 08, 2013

Nickelodeon Australia And New Zealand To Start To Show Nick's Brand New Musical Comedy Series "How To Rock" From Tuesday 13th August 2013

Nickelodeon Australia has announced and revealed the exciting Nickelodeon news in a post on their official Facebook profile page,, that Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand will start to premiere and show Nickelodeon's brand new live-action comedy series "How to Rock" from Tuesday 13th August 2013 at 5.30pm!
How To Rock - Meet the Characters (7 photos)
The stage is set for our BRAND NEW show How to Rock! But, before the show begins, we wanted to introduce you to the characters.

Don't miss How to Rock - Tuesday 13th @ 5.30pm.
Nickelodeon's brand new live-action comedy show "How to Rock" follows Kacey Simon (Cymphonique Miller), a popular girl who was once mean, and whose status goes down after she must briefly wear braces and glasses. Ignored by her fellow mean girls, Kacey finds a new way to express herself through music by becoming the lead singer of the pop/hip-hop band Gravity 4 with Stevie Baskara (Lulu Antariksa), Zander Robbins (Max Schneider), Nelson Baxter (Noah Crawford), and Kevin Reed (Christopher O'Neal). The success of the band, now renamed Gravity 5, begins a rivalry with Kacey's former group The Perfs, a rival band featuring her former friends, and now archrivals Molly Garfunkel (Samantha Boscarino) and Grace King (Halston Sage).