Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nickelodeon & "Victorious" Star Ariana Grande Unveils New Video Of Jai Brooks Trying To Do Her Make-Up

From the Daily Mail:
'Blush is just for cheeks, right?' Teen star Ariana Grande posts video of boyfriend attempting to do her make-up... and the disastrous results

For many men, the contents of a woman's make-up bag are something of a mystery. And the boyfriend of Ariana Grande is no different.

In an adorable video posted on YouTube, the actress and singer, 19 exposes Jai Brooks' disastrous attempt at doing her make-up for the first time.

Clearly baffled by the choice of products on her dressing table, Jai, a member of the Australian group The Janoskians, applies lipgloss to his girlfriend's eyes, and brown eyeshadow to her cheeks.

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Clueless: Singer Ariana Grande lets boyfriend Jai Brooks apply her make-up - with disastrous results

What have I let myself in for? Ariana looks at the camera on her dressing table with dread

The running commentary is just as amusing. Instructed by Ariana to tell viewers what he is doing, he describes each product as it appears to him.

'I have no idea what this is... Eyebrows?' he says, picking up a mascara.

'If you think that's what that's for, this is going to be really interesting,' she replies.

Unfamiliar with the concept of foundation, Jai picks up her DiorSkin and begins with what he thinks is 'fake tanner'.

He seems to struggle to decipher from the packaging what each product is, muttering: 'These don't even say what they do.'

Step-by-step: Jai is not entirely misguided when he begins with foundation - only he thinks he is using fake tan (left). It all begins to go wrong when he puts mascara on Ariana's eyebrows though (right)

Is this blush? Jai applies brown eyeshadow to his girlfriend's cheeks and forehead (left). The makeover is completed when he lines her lips with eyeliner (right)

Next up, Jai continues, is 'this nice pink thing... that goes on your eyelids.'

Impressed with his efforts, he adds: 'Actually it looks alright.'

Unfortunately, Jai's mistake is revealed only when Ariana turns to the camera and says: 'So far, he's put Lancome lipgloss all over my eyelids.'

Things only get worse though. Picking up a mascara, he proceeds to comb her brows with it. His explanation? The brush 'reminds [him] of eyebrows.'

Ariana's expression as she peers in the mirror speaks volumes, though, prompting an apology of: 'I'm sorry! It seemed right at the time!'

This nice pink thing... What Jai thinks is eye product actually turns out to be Lancome lipgloss

Wait - where are you going with that? Jai brandishes a mascara wand, aiming at Ariana's eyebrows

Undeterred, Jai rubs a large brush into a concealer compact, which he believes is 'blush', and proceeds to circle it on his girlfriend's cheeks.

'This one's gotta be right,' he says, adding: 'Is blush just for cheeks?'

He then proceeds to do the same with some eyeshadow though - this time taking it up to her forehead, telling viewers: 'This is brown, this is the outer layer of the face.'

His makeover is completed by lining Ariana's lips with what can only be eyeliner.

Does this hurt? Jai circles Ariana's eyes with black kohl

You did a great job: Ariana's expression fails to mirror her words as she inspects her new look

Almost speechless at the results, she says: 'Please look at what you did to me.'

His response? 'You look hot.'

Ariana Grande is most famous for playing Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon's Victorious. Her debut album, Daydreamin' is due for release early this year.

The pair have apparently been a couple since the summer, however the pair did not actually meet in person until last month, when Jai flew to New York to spend New Year with Ariana.

Video: My boyfriend does my make-up

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