Friday, January 11, 2013

Nickelodeon Land UK Helps Increase Visitor Numbers To Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

According to the following Nickelodeon UK News article from the Blackpool Gazette, despite the last two British summer holiday seasons being washout summers, Nickelodeon Land UK, Britain's only Nickelodeon Land, has helped to increase visitors to Pleasure Beach, Blackpool:
£500k losses for fun park

[Nickelodeon UK and Ireland presenter Anna Williamson and] David Hasselhoff launches Nickelodeon Land.

Washout summers have taken their toll on Blackpool Pleasure Beach after poor weather hit profits.

Bosses at the family-owned attraction say the past two wet summers and current gloomy economic climate have affected operating profit, which fell £400,000 on the previous year’s results.

Although they say sales increased by seven per cent to £31.6m, this was £2m less than budget.

Annual results for Blackpool Pleasure Beach Holdings, which includes the main theme park, hotel and the South Shore Mutual Insurance Company, show the group made a bottom-line loss of £524,000 in 2012 compared to a profit of £329,000 in 2011.

However, the Pleasure Beach has been heavily investing in new attractions such as the £9m Nickelodeon Land in 2011 and the Wallace and Gromit ride set to open this summer.

Managing director Amanda Thompson said: “The first year’s operation of Nickleodeon Land resulted in an increased volume of visitors and an enhancement to their visitor experience.

“The directors consider the extent to which the increase in visitor numbers and average spend per head was less than budget partially reflects the difficult economic climate.

“Since weather during the key 2011 season was materially worse than that of 2010, this is the main reason for the shortfall in sales compared to budget.

“Cost increases, which included expenditure to further improve the 
experience for our guests were in line with budget and, as a result operating profit was down by £400,000 on last year’s results.

“During 2012, when the weather has been on par with 2011, Nickelodeon Land, our six-acre themed amusement park, has been 
instrumental in an increase in guests which has generated additional turnover.

“This year we are confident the opening of a Wallace & Gromit-themed ride, an investment of £5.25m, will see a further increase of visitors.”
Also, from This Is Money:
Wallace & Gromit to help troubled Blackpool Pleasure Beach with new ride

Wallace & Gromit might make unlikely superheroes, but this spring the pair will ride to the rescue of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The worst summer weather in 100 years in 2012 meant that the 42-acre leisure park fell short of expected takings by about £1.6million.

The company recorded a loss for the year to April of £1.3million on turnover of £27million.

Say cheese: The four-minute Wallace & Gromit ride is set to open in Blackpool in April

Directors of the park, which was founded in 1896, said the poor weather was the main reason for the shortfall, though the number of visitors was actually up.

This was helped in part by the first full year of Nickelodeon Land, a six-acre site with 12 rides featuring Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer.

Now the park, which is run by Amanda Thompson, great-granddaughter of founder William Bean, is preparing for the launch of the Wallace & Gromit-themed Thrill-O-Matic ride.

This will take passengers through scenes in the life of the Oscar-winning Lancashire duo, where they will have A Grand Day Out, visit The Wrong Trousers, take A Close Shave and deal with A Matter of Loaf And Death.

The four-minute fully enclosed ride cost Blackpool Pleasure Beach £5.25million to build, helped by a £2million Government loan. It is scheduled to open in April.