Monday, March 09, 2020

Mapping Planet Nickelodeon (Side Project)

Welcome to Mapping Planet Nickelodeon (working title), a little side project I've been wanting to start for a little while.

Nickelodeon has channels in nearly every country around the globe. Many of these channels are owned and operated separately, depending on viewers tastes in each country. Some of these channels are from a main pan-regional feed, which broadcasts the same schedule in lots of different countries, with localised dubs. And to make things even more complicated, some of these pan-regional feeds have sub-feeds, and even these can have sub-feeds of their own.

The main purpose of Mapping Planet Nickelodeon is to try and identify which channel uses which feed. At the moment, I'm posting the same news for each channel on the feed. It would help immensely if this project could identify all the channels that each use the feed, so I can condense the news into single posts.

If you have any information to contribute to the project, please feel free to let me know, either via the comments or via social media (using the links in the sidebar). Any information will be gratefully received!

Nick Jr. Global

-- New Zealand
-- Germany
-- Central and Eastern Europe
-- Spain
-- Africa
-- Asia

Nick Jr. COMM

-- Netherlands
-- Poland

Nickelodeon Global

-- Bulgaria
-- Croatia
-- Czech Republic
-- Hungary
-- Estonia
-- Latvia
-- Lithuania
-- Malta
-- Moldova
-- Montenegro
-- Romania
-- Serbia
-- Slovenia
-- Ukraine

Nickelodeon COMM

NickToons Global

Nickelodeon Commercial Light

-- Spain
-- Portugal

NickToons COMM

Nicktoons MENA

Channel Names:

Nickelodeon Italy
Nickelodeon Iberia ES
Nickelodeon Russia
Nickelodeon Asia SG
Nickelodeon South East Asia
Nickelodeon Philippines
Nickelodeon4Teen FR
Nickelodeon Poland
Nickelodeon South Africa / Turkey
Nickelodeon Wallonia
Nickelodeon International HD
Nickelodeon France
Nickelodeon Austria
Nickelodeon Denmark
Nickelodeon Sweden
Nickelodeon Norway
Nickelodeon Netherlands
Nickelodeon Flanders
Nickelodeon Global
Nickelodeon Switzerland
Nickelodeon Germany
Nick Jr. Nordics SE
Nick Jr. Italy
Teen Nick South IT
Nick Jr. Comm Poland
Nick Jr. France
Nick Jr Comm Flanders
Nick Hits NL
Nick Jr. International
Nick Jr Comm Netherlands
Nick Jr. Comm Poland


Compiled with help from @RandomMe, Moleoman,, satCentrum, Коди Фен Форум, I.E.P.

Project commenced: Tuesday, March 03, 2020.

Additional sources: Google Translate.
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