Wednesday, February 12, 2020

'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Hypes Steelbook Release with Downloadable Valentine's Cards

A range of Avatar: The Last Airbender themed Valentine's cards have been released just in time for Valentine's Day. Available ahead of the show's SteelBook release on Blu-Ray, fans can now gift an Avatar related card to their Valentine alongside the pre-requisite chocolates and flowers!

Nickelodeon's selection (available to download as a pdf here) features fan-favorites Aang, Sokka, Prince Zuko and Toph. Each card is heavily themed for the occasion, with love hearts dotted around each one, including the inside where you can write a sweet note for your intended. They're also accompanied by messages that play off the character and their traits, with each one positioned in front of a location or symbol related to them.

The first card showcases Aang in mid-air, leg outstretched in a kick and hearts over his eyes, accompanied by the words "Because you've mastered all the elements of my heart." Sokka kneels in an intense crouch, his trusty boomerang in hand next to a sentiment reading, "For you can never be quenched, Valentine!" The Fire Nation's Prince Zuko stands proudly in front of a Fire Nation emblem, his card reading "Because you're the one I've been searching for." Finally, Toph's card showcases the Earth bender pushing forward mid-bend next to the words "I would move mountains for you, Valentine!" Each card can be folded over, allowing fans to print them off at home in preparation of Valentine's Day.

The SteelBook edition of the show, from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment is a limited edition purchase, with only 20,000 units intended for release. It will be priced at $97.99 and offer numerous bonus features. Avatar launched a franchise after becoming a hit, leading to a live-action film and a fan-favorite follow-up series Legend of Korra, which ran for four seasons. The stories of both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have continued on in graphic novel series.

It was recently announced that the show's original creators are returning for a live-action version of the beloved series for Netflix, which appears to be a retelling of the first show.

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