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May 2019 on Nick Jr. Africa: Abby Hatcher | Nella | Shimmer and Shine | Rusty Rivets | Butterbean’s Café + More

Below is a round-up of Nick Jr. Africa's programming highlights for May 2019!

More Highlights:

April 2019 on: Nickelodeon | Nicktoons | Nick Jr.

May 2019 on: Nickelodeon | Nicktoons

May 2019 on Nick Jr. Africa:

Premieres: From Monday 13 May at 07:15 CAT

The Painting Gem; Longest Day Ever: When Zeta gets ahold of a magical painting gem, she creates lots of troublesome art that the girls must get under control; When Leah accidentally wishes for the day to last forever, the kids must find a way to make the moon come up to end the day.

The girls partake in a Zahracorn Race. Zeta and Nazboo enter with a tiny, speedy Zahracorn named Tickles. / The girls take Adara's Zahracorn to the salon, but must track her down when she gets spooked by all the salon magic.

Airs: Weekdays at 08:45 CAT ending Friday 3rd May

Rusty's Runaway Sub; Rusty's Bubble Trouble: Liam and Emily accidentally set the Rivet Sub on a course out to sea with the two kids inside; Rusty and Ruby must a find a way to pop the mega bubbles that have scooped up Bytes and Mrs. Rivets before they float up into space!

- Rusty and the Temple of Boom: When Liam gets trapped inside an ancient elephant temple, Rusty and Ruby enlist the bots to breach the temple and find him. Ultimately, they undertake the recue with a new creature, Elephantbot.

Premieres: Weekdays at 07:40 CAT ending Thursday 9 May

Long before she was Nella the Princess Knight, Nella of Castlehaven was a young princess dreaming of adventure. But when she meets a lost unicorn, Nella finds the courage to make her dreams come true by becoming a Princess Knight. New episodes include:

- A Dragon Ate My Homework!; Awesome Blossom When Munchie the dragon is hungry for knowledge she eats Garrett's homework. Nella and friends must get it back before school; Nella and her grandparents work together when she accidently plants a Dandydragon; a flower that acts like a dragon!

Airs: From Monday 6 May at 10:25 CAT

Nick Jr. is serving up brand-new episodes of Butterbean’s Café this May! New episodes include:

Spring Has Sprung!; Dazzle Loves to Sing!: Butterbean makes a cake to look just like spring flowers. But will it be ruined by spring showers?; Dazzle is a great singer, but her constant singing gets distracting. Can Butterbean tell her without hurting her feelings?

Switchin' in the Kitchen!; The Breadstick Bicycle!: Dazzle and Poppy each think that the other's job is easier, so they switch jobs to see!; Cricket is learning how to ride a bike. When the Sweet Ride can't make a delivery, can Cricket ride her bike to save the day?

Premieres: From Monday 20 May at 08:25 CAT

Get ruff-ruff ready for brand-new PAWsome adventures with the PAW Patrol crew this May on Nick Jr.!

Pups Save a Cuckoo Clock; Pups Save Ms. Marjorie's House: Jake's family cuckoo clock and is sliding down the mountainside with Chickaletta stuck inside! Ryder calls on Everest to help the pups to save the day!; Mysterious holes are appearing all over Ms. Marjorie's yard.

Pups Save Thanksgiving; Pups Save a Windy Bay: The bouncy turkey from the Thanksgiving feast at City Hall has flown away with Humdinger and his kittens! / A super-strong wind has suddenly swept up all the surfers in the Adventure Bay Windsurfing Race.

PREMIERES: Monday 27 May at 07:50 CAT

Abby Hatcher is an animated preschool series that follows Abby and her friends the Fuzzlies, amazing and quirky creatures that live in her family's hotel! New episodes include:

When Abby Met Bozzly; Hair Flair Everywhere: Abby meets the best friend of her dreams, a fuzzly named Bozzly; Mrs. Melvin closes the salon for the day, and Harriet must figure out what to do with herself, when all she really wants is to style.

Mo and Bo in the Snow; Otis Out of Order: Mo and Bo are mistaken for a snow monster. After taking a tumble, Otis suffers a fear of heights and becomes scared to use his elevator.

Airs: Sundays at 07:05 CAT

Sundays are fun days on Nick Jr. with some of the kiddies favourite friends playing for 45 minutes of great content.

5 May - Bubble Guppies
12 May - Dora And Friends
19 May - Team Umizoomi
26 May - Dora The Explorer

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