Saturday, December 01, 2018

Short Film 'Ian' Plays Across Children’s Networks in Latin America and Brazil in Unprecedented Joint Effort

A small film with a big message, Ian will screen across all major children’s networks in Latin America as well as YouTube worldwide to help young people understand disability and promote inclusion.

Screening across all major children’s networks in Latin American, including Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, YouTube Kids, Boomerang, Disney and Pakapaka – animated short film titled Ian: A Moving Story hopes to focus children’s attention on the meaning of disability in order to help tackle stereotypes, bullying and isolation.

Created by Emmy nominee Gastón Gorali, produced by Oscar winner and two-time Emmy winner Juan José Campanella and directed by Abel Goldfarb, Ian, which will also be available on YouTube to worldwide audiences, tells the emotional true story of its title character who suffers from cerebral palsy. He is struggling to make friends as discrimination and bullying keep him away from his beloved playground.

In an unprecedented move, all the major children’s networks in Latin America (as well as Nickelodeon in Brazil) will screen the film on November 30 with worldwide audiences having the opportunity to experience its universal message via YouTube.

Its theme of inclusivity is underlined by the film’s lack of dialogue, using images to express its story and convey emotion, therefore appealing to all regardless of age, race, or language spoken.

Originally conceived by The Ian Foundation’s founder, Ian’s mother Sheila Graschinsky, who approached MundoLoco CGI with the idea of using film as a teaching tool, it is hoped Ian will help fight a lack of information that often leads to people with disabilities being bullied and feeling isolated.

You can watch the film in the video players below:

Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica)

Ian Cortometraje | Fundación IAN | Latinoamérica | Nickelodeon en Español

Mira el estreno mundial de IAN, de la Fundación IAN (

Este cortometraje dirigido por Juan José Campanella, te movilizará en favor de la inclusión, el amor y la igualdad.

Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil)

IAN | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Ian nasceu com paralisia cerebral. Como todo mundo, ele quer ter amigos. Como ninguém, ele deve se esforçar para alcançar seu objetivo. Discriminação, intimidação e indiferença o levam para longe de seu amado playground todos os dias. Mas Ian não vai desistir facilmente de conseguir algo incrível. Ian não está sozinho. Na Argentina existem cinco milhões de pessoas com deficiência. No mundo, mais de um bilhão. A inclusão é vital para a nossa sociedade, nos torna mais ricos, mais diversos e mais justos.

Fundação IAN:

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