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Welcome to the Wayne | Original Shorts: Chapters 1-6 | Nickelodeon Animated Shorts

Welcome to the Wayne returns with brand-new episodes, premiering weekdays at 7:00pm (ET/PT) starting Monday, October 15, 2018! To celebrate, go right back to the beginning with the original Welcome to the Wayne shorts that started it all! For more wassome full episodes, visit and the Nick App!

Welcome to the Wayne 🏢 | Original Shorts: Chapter 1 | Nickelodeon Animated Shorts

Chapter 1: Just one week after moving to New York City, 10 year old Ansi is making his way home from school to his new apartment in the Wayne when he runs into Olly Timbers, a red-haired dynamo who drags Ansi on an adventure that involves spies, laser blasters, and, worst of all, physical contact.

Welcome to the Wayne 🏢 | Original Shorts: Chapter 2 | Nick Animated Shorts

Chapter 2: Ansi is introduced to Olly’s younger sister Saraline (the more sophisticated Timbers) just before dodging Flowershirt, Masterson and the Spy in order to get up to his apartment and see the M.O.N.S.T.E.R. under his bed.

Welcome to the Wayne 🏢 | Original Shorts: Chapter 3 | Nickelodeon Animated Shorts

Chapter 3: After just nearly escaping Masterson (by jumping out of a hallway window) the boys find themselves scaling the outside of the Wayne, dodging a mechanical pigeon, and slowly but surely getting the suitcase up to Jonah Bishop’s apartment.

Welcome to the Wayne 🏢 | Original Shorts: Chapter 4 | Nick Animated Shorts

Chapter 4: Just after landing safely inside the halls of the Wayne, the boys are cornered by Flowershirt, forcing Olly to call Saraline for backup. Enter Leif Bornewell III, on a scooter built for three.

Welcome to the Wayne 🏢 | Original Shorts: Chapter 5 | Nickelodeon Animated Shorts

Chapter 5: After a small falling-out over the briefcase, Ansi goes home to find Olly built him a Gleeco paradise, which he explores until Saraline’s voice comes over Olly’s Beamstar (Ansi still has it!) warning him that the Spy is waiting for him on the roof!

Welcome to the Wayne 🏢 | Original Shorts: Chapter 6 | Nick Animated Shorts

Chapter 6: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN- Olly, Ansi, Saraline and Leif take on the Spy from 8-I, Flowershirt, and Masterson, while a tied-up Jonah Bishop…wait, why didn’t anyone untie him?

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