Monday, August 13, 2018

Remember When | 11 Pounds of Watermelon | Figure It Out

Remember when this epic kid ate 11 pounds of watermelon in a minute on Figure it Out? Nickellennium Farms remembers!

Featuring: Marc Weiner, Amanda Bynes, Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg.

Update (8/13) - via

Familiar face wins Watermelon eating contest at Courtesy Dodge Sunday in Breaux Bridge

At Courtesy Dodge in Breaux Bridge Sunday, there was a watermelon eating contest with a twist.

The winner was only identified as "pops", but people didn't realize they were competing against a former champion.

See that red haired guy on your screen? That's Chris Meyer.

Meyer won a watermelon eating contest many moons ago as a kid.

This is the only video we were able to find of Meyer in a watermelon eating contest on the nickelodeon show figure it out.


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Originally published: Friday, August 03, 2018.

Additional source: Figure It Out Wiki.
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