Thursday, July 12, 2018

NickTube: Planet Nickelodeon Video Round-Up | Thursday 12th July 2018

Check out a selection of video clips featuring your favourite Nickelodeon shows and stars from Nickelodeon channels around the world!

Please note that some videos may be subject to geographical restrictions.

Remember When | The Daydream | Big Time Rush

Remember when Logan had this epic daydream?

Remember When | Unfriendly Ghost | SpongeBob SquarePants

Remember when Squidward was an unfriendly ghost?

Remember When | Ice Cream | Hey Arnold!

Remember when Arnold started the ice cream protest?

On This Day | Turtles Forever | TMNT

On this day 9 YEARS AGO, Turtles Forever premiered🐢

All this #summer heat's got us feeling like 4 today 😎 @theloudhousecartoon

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School of Rock | Rummage Sale | Nickelodeon UK

Summer attempts to give away her possessions at a rummage sale, but when she's not selling anything, Tomika steps in.

I NEED YOUR HELP..... | Its JoJo Siwa

What should I do when I hit 7M subscribers? I wanna make it EPIC AND HUGE!!!

игантский робо-кролик | Гуппи и пузырики | Nick Jr. Россия

Get Blake | Guarde o dia | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Nickelodeon Slime Fest 2018 Italia: mitico!!!! | Angelo Cattivelli

Presentazione dello Slime Fest 2018.
C'ero anche io e ho fatto due chiacchiere con alcuni dei protagonisti.
Curiosi di sapere quale squadra tifa Shade?

What Was Percy's Lucky Charm? | The Earl's Quiz | Thomas & Friends | Kids Cartoons

There are many wonderful things to see on the Island of Sodor! But, how closely are you paying attention?

RPM Power Rangers Race! | Power Rangers

The RPM Rangers have a race on the beach to find out who is fastest – but will they get to the finish line?

Миссия "Блэйк" | Лутшие напарники | Nickelodeon Россия

Леонард и Блэйк теперь партнёры, как так получилось?

Bob l'éponge | Substance visqueuse à la plage | Nickelodeon France

Bob l'éponge et Patrick ont trouvé une sorte de matière visqueuse flottante et maintenant ils vont rebondir dessus.

Game Shakers | Nuovo membro nella squadra | Nickelodeon Italia

Double G presenta Jimbo: l'ultimo membro della squadra dei Game Shakers! Si inserirà bene?

SpongeBob Schwammkopf | Banküberfall | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Um Mr. Krabs zu retten, versuchen Spongebob und Patrick in die Bank einzubrechen.

Huize Herrie | Ga weg, lawaai | Nickelodeon Nederlands

Lincoln heeft genoeg van het lawaai dat zijn zussen maken, dus hij verzint een oplossing.

Thomas' Colourful Engine Friends | Thomas & Friends | Kids Cartoons

The Fat Controller faces a series of unlucky accidents, which are causing terrible troubles to his trousers.

Bob Esponja | Chumbo no Exame de Condução | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Após despistar um barco de exame contra a casa de alguém, o SpongeBob ouve um ralhete da Sra. Puff.

1, 2, 3… Coloriage ! | Paw Patrol : la Pat'Patrouille | A la mer | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE

Retrouvez l'épisode « Paw Patrol : la Pat'Patrouille | A la mer » de 1, 2, 3... Coloriage ! en entier.

Horrid Henry - Food Thief | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Full Episodes | HFFE

Don't forget to subscribe for more horridness!

'Apprentie Maman | La nouvelle voiture | Nickelodeon Teen France

Stéphanie et Charlie cherchent une nouvelle voiture pour Gabby.

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