Friday, October 06, 2017

Episode 44: Valerie Walsh Valdes | Nickelodeon Animation Podcast

¡Hola amigos! Dora The Explorer co-creator Valerie Walsh Valdes helped bring to life the world’s most popular Latina explorer. As one of the longest running series ever on Nickelodeon, Dora wowed kids and parents in homes and toy aisles across the globe, while always empowering audiences to come along on her adventures. From Dora The Explorer to Go Diego Go! to Dora and Friends, Valerie is one of the few creators who knows what it’s like to see a creative vision explode into a worldwide phenomena.

Make sure to keep up with the Nick Animation Podcast's intrepid host Hector on his own Twitter and Instagram pages. And stay tooned for Nickelodeon Animation's next podcast episode with Mitch Schauer, the creator of Nickelodeon’s favorite semi-aquatic rodents, the Angry Beavers!

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