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Major Spoilers About The Finale Of "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" Released (Updated 9/30)

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale is not set to air in the United States until December 2017, but international websites have begun to leak some of the major developments which will take place in the season’s final episode.

Gulli, a French TV website, has posted detailed spoilers of the accounts which will take place in the show’s finale. And apparently, two new Power Rangers will debut – Dane (Mike Edward), the long lost father of Brody the Red Ranger (William Shewfelt), and Mick (Kelson Henderson), the team’s humble mentor.

Both Dane and Mick will become Red Rangers, bringing a total of three Red Rangers to the team, as seen in the screenshot below from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, the Japanese Sentai season fueling Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s English adaptation.

Fans can read a summary of Gulli’s account of what takes place in Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale below.

"In the finale, Galvanax will use a powerful magnet designed by Victor and Monty to steal the Ninja Power Stars and give him final control over the entire universe. But as Galvanax’s evil plan inches towards success, Brody opts to destroy his own Ninja Power Star rather than let it fall into the hands of evil.

In a strange twist of events that are likely to make more sense when the episode airs, the Ninja Nexus Prism arrives on the scene and three Red Rangers emerge from within – Brody, his father Dane, and his mentor Mick.

The three Red Rangers are able to defeat Galvanax, with a little help from Madame Odius who betrays her evil master, and the world is saved…for now."

Dane’s return will likely come as no surprise, as many fans have long suspected Brody’s missing father would eventually return. The true surprise is likely Mick becoming a Red Ranger, as longtime Power Rangers actor Kelson Henderson now joins the elite ranks of those to become numerous Power Rangers (Kelson Henderson also portrayed Boom, the Orange Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.D.).

Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale, which as of this writing still has no title, will adapt source footage from the finale of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. This could mean that Dane and Mick will only become one-time Red Rangers, and won’t morph again after this episode. It could also indicate that Galvanax (Richard Simpson) will be killed off for good as the show transitions to Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in 2018.

Should that happen, who will take over the role of the show’s primary villain in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel? While Madame Odius (Jacque Drew) is guaranteed to stick around, fans can click here to recap an earlier hint which may have been dropped.

Spain is expected to air Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale as soon as September 17, 2017, at which point all of the finale’s secrets will leak online, including clips and photos.

UPDATE: Below is what fans can expect in the epic finale of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, "Galvanax Attacks", set to premiere on Nick USA in December 2017! Spoilers from Power Rangers NOW, via, via The Christian Post:

The Power Rangers stand outside of the school to fight Galvanax, but the villain uses a custom magnet to steal the Ninja Power Stars away from the Rangers, all except for Brody. While he manages to destroy the device, Galvanax and the Kudabots take off with the other 5 Rangers. Brody retreats alongside Mick.

Cosmo Royale holds the kidnapped Rangers while Madame Odius reveals the device Victor and Monty created for her, a giant ship sized version of the magnet Galvanax used against the Rangers.

Brody and Mick meet Galvanax once again at the quarry, where the villain has brought the other Rangers as bargaining chips for Brody's Ninja Power Star. Brody recalls a previous time when his father destroyed his Ninja Power Star to keep it out of Galvanax's hands, and Brody follows suit. He slashes and destroys the Red Ninja Power Star, but with an unexpected result.

The Ninja Power Star's destruction causes the Ninja Nexus Prism to show up, and it contains the three pieces of Brody's Red Ninja Power Star. Suddenly those fragments shoot out and knock down Kudabots left and right, freeing the other Rangers. Those fragments then become three different Red Rangers, revealing themselves to be Brody, Mick, and Dane underneath.

The Rangers unite to take on Galvanax, but the fight takes a turn when Galvanax turns his Zord Power Stars into liquid form and drinks it, becoming even more powerful. Meanwhile, Madame Odius activates her supersized magnet to bring the Ninja Steel Rangers to the ship, but because of the Zord Power Star liquid he drank, Galvanax is sucked up as well.

It's revealed that the traitor was really Odius, not Ripcon, but Galvanax doesn't have much time to deal with the new revelation as the giant Ninja Steel asteroid rams into the ship's side, destroying it and breaking the magnet's hold. It is assumed that Cosmo Royale and Madame Odius were killed in the explosion, but Galvanax is still very much alive.

The Rangers then turn their attention to Galvanax and finally succeed in bringing him down. The only problem is that the Ninja Nexus Prism was destroyed, and Mick informs the other Rangers that without a Prism, the Ninja Power Stars can't exist. As the Ninja Power Stars dissolve in front of them, Mick assures the team all will be okay, as the Rangers succeeded in their ultimate mission.

Mick departs to see his parents again, while the other Rangers sit around a campfire, singing the Romero family song. Things don't end there though, as a cutaway to space reveals that Madame Odius survived the spaceship explosion, and seems to be returning for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

No airdate for the finale (stateside) has been revealed, but you can find screenshots from the episode on Power Rangers NOW!


For now, fans can also watch Power Rangers Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon USA.

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Post originally published: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Original source: Power Rangers NOW; H/T: Christian News on Christian Today; Additional source: RangerWiki.
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