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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Nickelodeon Central And Eastern Europe To Premiere "Harvey Beaks" Series Finale On Thursday 28th September 2017

The Hungarian children's television news blog Gyerek-Világ is reporting the bittersweet news that Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will be premiering the series finale of Nickelodeon's popular original animated series Harvey Beaks, "The End and the Beginning", on Thursday 28th September 2017 at 18:35 CEST.

Not much is currently known about the final episode of Harvey Beaks, however, it is thought that in the episode, Fee and Foo will be reunited with their parents, and their lives and their friendship with Harvey changes forever. C.H. Greenblatt (Chowder), the creator of Harvey Beaks, has promised fans that the series finale of Harvey Beaks will be massive and epic.

The current official episode description for "The End and the Beginning" is: "A mild-mannered, young bird and its best friends, a pair of rambunctious siblings called Fee and Foo, seek adventure and mischief in the magical forest that they call home."

The news follows Nicktoons Africa hosting the world premiere of the final episode of Harvey Beaks in July 2017.

The production crew mixing of the final episode of Harvey Beaks in June 2017.

Leading up to the premiere of the last episode of Harvey Beaks, Nick CEE will continue to premiere more brand-new episodes of Harvey Beaks season two weekdays at 18:35 CEST:

2017-09-18 - 18:35 - 2x18 - Hug Life/On the Fence
2017-09-19 - 18:35 - 2x19 - Princess Wants a Mom/Rage Against The Michelle
2017-09-20 - 18:35 - 2x20 - Break The Lake/The Amazing Harvey
2017-09-21 - 18:35 - 2x21 - The Late Late Afternoon Show with Harvey Beaks/Grunicorn
2017-09-22 - 18:35 - 2x22 - Photo Finished/Squashbuckling
2017-09-25 - 18:35 - 2x23 - Leaf it to Kathy/A Child's Guide to Surviving in the Wild
2017-09-26 - 18:35 - 2x24 - Grand Hotel/Missing Harvey
2017-09-27 - 18:35 - 2x25 - Hair To Help/Later Dingus
2017-09-28 - 18:35 - 2x26 - The End and the Beginning

Harvey Beaks, locally titled Csőrös Harvey in Hungary and Harvey Cioculeţ in Romania, follows the life of a big-hearted and big-headed kid and his impetuous two best friends. Together with an odd assortment of townsfolk in their magical forest, the three friends go on all sorts of adventures, but no matter what kind of trouble they get into or how ridiculous things get, they always find a way to stay true to themselves.

Fans can find out more about Harvey Beaks, as well as watch exclusive videos and play fantastic games, on their local Nickelodeon website, including on and

Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe comprises Nickelodeon Malta, Nickelodeon Romania, Nickelodeon Hungary, Nickelodeon Czech Republic, Nickelodeon Croatia, Nickelodeon Ukraine, Nickelodeon Slovenia, Nickelodeon Serbia, and Nickelodeon Bulgaria.

Additional source: Google World Clock.
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