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Sunday, July 23, 2017

See Update! - Rumor: Nickelodeon May Be Planning On Making A New "Invader ZIM" TV Series | SDCC

IMPORTANT: Please note that this news is currently unconfirmed:

UPDATE: Oni Press has confirmed to NickALive! that there are no current plans to revive Invader ZIM as a television series:

FELLOW PUNY HUMANS! Soon we will all know the taste of DOOM. AGAIN!

Although not confirmed, reports coming out from the "Invader ZIM: It's a Comic?! (Yes! Yes it Is!)" panel today at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2017 are suggesting that, in addition to Oni Press's Invader ZIM comic series and Nickelodeon's upcoming Invader ZIM TV movie, Nickelodeon are planning a brand-new Invader ZIM television series!:

Please note, however, that this news is currently unconfirmed by Nickelodeon and the shows creator, Jhonen Vasquez, so please don't get your hopes up too much until the news is confirmed. Now, which of the Almighty Tallest do we need to bow down to to make this happen?

The original Invader Zim series launched in 2001 to critical acclaim, and quickly became a cult hit. The series chronicled an alien named Zim who arrived on Earth from his home planet of Irk with imperialistic intentions of conquering the planet (in order to gain favor with his Irken home race). Wildly ineffective but hilariously earnest, Zim and his robot companion GIR attempted to blend in and study the human race while simultaneously trying to enslave it. Despite Zim and GIR's subpar disguises, the only humans who realize they are extraterrestrials are school-aged paranormal investigator Dib. Invader Zim ran for 27 episodes over two seasons, and received a Primetime Emmy Award and an Annie Award for individual achievement in animation (which went to storyboard artists Kyle Menke and Steve Ressel, respectively).

Nickelodeon's upcoming Invader Zim TV movie will follow the perpetually desperate and delusional Zim as he creates a new and potentially Earth-destroying plan to finally get the attention he deserves from his Irken leaders, the Almighty Tallest!

The films voice cast will welcome back Richard Horvitz as Zim; Rikke Simons as his malfunctioning (but adorable) robot servant GIR; Andy Berman as Dib, Zim’s arch-enemy determined to expose his plans; and Melissa Fahn as Gaz, Dib’s menacing younger sister. Additional casting will be revealed in the coming months.
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