Thursday, July 06, 2017

Nickelodeon Star Buddy Handleson and His Boyfriend Make Their Instagram Debut

Love is in the air for Nickelodeon star Buddy Handleson, and he wants the world to know! Buddy is best known for his role as Wendell and Newt Van Der Rohe in the Nickelodeon comedy series Wendell & Vinnie and Bella and the Bulldogs, respectively, and while we don't get to see his hilarious characters, including the geeky football player who really has no desire to be on his schools football team, each week anymore, his personal life IRL is going strong. Buddy took to Instagram to formally introduce his many followers and you know, the world, to his boyfriend Logan Quintana!

"Experiencing SF and Pride with this guy was so amazing. we also helped my sister with a wedding, hence the aprons and flowers!!!! and now that I'm out to all of you, I finally get to show him off on the gram!!!" he wrote in the caption of an adorable photo of the pair kissing, which he shared back at the end of June.

Aww, what a way to make your official IG debut as a couple. The fact that this is exactly how Buddy chose to open up about his sexuality, on his own terms with someone he cares about by his side, is truly special.

His former co-stars are happy to see Buddy so happy too, with Lilimar dropping a lovely comment under the photo.

And the cuteness overload didn't stop there! The 17 year old's boyfriend also shared a precious selfie of the couple, and they look as happy as ever together.

"Had a wonderful vacation with my BF. He was my tour guide through the beautiful city of San Francisco. Can't wait to go back!" Logan shared in the caption.

Buddy posted more fantastic pics he snapped of his bae, which he shared on Instagram too. "look at this cutie!! look at him!!!! so cute!!!!!! also, look at that pizza, it's got potatoes on it. wild. #shotonfilm," he wrote in the caption.

What better subject to take pictures of, right? But for real, it's amazing to see Buddy so happy. Good for you, bro! :)

You can watch Buddy as Newt by watching full episodes of Bella and the Bulldogs on and on the Nick App!

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