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Friday, July 21, 2017

Nickelodeon At Comic-Con International: San Diego 2017 News Round-Up | Day 2 | #NickSDCC

Welcome to the second part of NickALive!'s special Nickelodeon at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 News Round-Up! In celebration of Nickelodeon attending Comic-Con International: San Diego 2017, below is a selection of news and highlights from the second day of Nick at SDCC '17, plus a few extras! Enjoy!

Panels for Friday 21st July 2017:

All times PT.

Hey Arnold!: From Hillwood to the Jungle!
11:45am in Room 6A

Get off your stoop and join Nickelodeon to celebrate the return of Arnold, Gerald, Helga, and all of your favorite Hillwood neighbors! Hosted by Marc Snetiker (Entertainment Weekly), this panel will showcase both the series' classic voice actors Lane Toran (Arnold), Jamil Walker Smith (Gerald), Francesca Marie Smith (Helga), and Anndi McAfee (Phoebe) and the new generation of talent featured in the highly anticipated special: Mason Vale Cotton (Arnold) and Benjamin 'Lil P-Nut' Flores Jr. (Gerald). With a live musical performance by composer Jim Lang and an introduction to never-before-seen footage of the special by show creator Craig Barlett. "Move it, football head!"

- Jim Lang, the Composer of Hey Arnold!, performed the opening theme tune live, with the old and new casts singing along!

- Craig Barlett went into @Nickelodeon and said, "isn't it time we make the Jungle Movie?" And bam!

- Some backgrounds from The Jungle Movie are being shown! The Boarding house looks great at night.

- "There have been moments over the years when someone would hear Helga come out in my voice." - @FrancescaMSmith

- Gerald VA says he gets a lot of people asking him to say, "hey watch the hair!"

- "The beautiful thing about this show... It's classic... and a testament to the spirit of what we're doing" #HeyArnold #NickSDCC

- #HeyArnoldMovie will feature a new voice actor for Arnold and Gerald. They seem awesome! @Nickelodeon #sdcc #SDCC2017

- When Mason was approached to be the new Arnold, he didn't know much about the show, but did know how much it meant to fans. #SDCC #HeyArnold

- Lane & Jamil characters are secret but we will meet them in the actual jungle....

- Q: What's different about Helga in The Jungle Movie? Francessca: New Shoes

- #heyarnoldmovie will also feature original Arnold and Gerald VAs and switch later on in the movie

- Mason Vale Cotton (Arnold) and Benjamin Flores Jr (Gerald) are the new #heyarnoldmovie voice actors

- #heyarnoldmovie staff is half older staff members, and half newer (artists, writers, etc)

- #heyarnoldmovie is two hours long, script recreated from scratch

- Stoop Kid and Pigeon Man return in #heyarnoldmovie!

- Can we get some resolution please?" - @FrancescaMSmith on Arnold and Helga's relationship (seriously though can we?)

- Stoop Kid & Pigeon Man will return for the movie! Craig loves Stoop Kid & Pigeon Man has been living in Paris. #SDCC #HeyArnold

- According to #HeyArnold creator Craig Bartlett "friendships get tested" ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ‘€ #TheJungleMovie #SDCC #NickSDCC

- Craig says we'll find out Arnold's last name in the film! Finally!

- Did you know @GameShakers Benjamin Flores Jr is voicing Gerald in the new #HeyArnold movie? He binge watched the show to prep for the role!๐Ÿˆ

- Craig says he really dislikes the negative Conspiracy theories about Pigeon Mans death & Arnold's Parents. #SDCC #HeyArnold

- #HeyArnold #TheJungleMovie news: @lanetoran and Jamil Walker Smith (OG Arnold and Gerald) will first pop up in the jungle ๐Ÿ‘€ #HeyArnold #SDCC

- Craig says that there's a bald spot under Arnold's hat, so they make sure he never takes it off.

- #heyarnoldmovie will last let us know HOW ARNOLD FEELS ABOUT HELGA!!!

- Awwww, Benji (new Gerald) made sure that the friendship between him and Mason (new Arnold) was real irl

- The Jungle Movie context: Arnold tries to win a trip to San Lorenzo, but it all goes horribly wrong. He goes to take a long trip walking Abner. He gets home, grandpa tells him to go upstairs, he sees all this friends welcoming him. Clip shows Stoop Kid now at Washington Monument stoop he can now harass people anywhere in the world. Friends have made a video for home, with Sid introducing it as "The Legend of Arnold". Clip shows the rest of the kids thanking Arnold for everything he has done for them

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1:00pm in Room 6A

Executive producer Ciro Nieli dives into the thrilling story arcs and shares sneak peeks from Nickelodeon's upcoming season 5 of TMNT. Ciro will be joined by legendary creators and collaborators Kevin Eastman and Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo) as well as the talented voice cast from the series. Sean Astin (Raphael), Rob Paulsen (Donatello), Greg Cipes (Michelangelo), Mae Whitman (April O'Neil), and Eric Bauza (TigerClaw) will be on hand to share their stories with moderator Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy).

ASIFA-Hollywood: The State of the Animation Industry
5:00pm in Room 28DE

What do the pros think of the animation scene today? Are hand-drawn and VFX gone for good? What will be the impact of VR? How do you get a job? This panel will explore how animators fit into current business models of animation studios and the ever-changing landscape of motion pictures, television, and new media. Moderator Tom Sito (Beauty and the Beast) engages in a lively discussion with John Van Vliet (The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark), Samantha Vilfort (Disney Television Animation), Danny Young (FuseFX), and Brooke Keesling (recuiter, Nickelodeon, Disney).

Nickelodeon Cosplay Meetup:

Ready for Nickelodeon Cosplay? There's gonna be a meetup! Awwww yeeeeaaaah!
Friday 21st July 2017 at 4pm at the West Mezzanine Terrace!

Additional Nick@SDCC 2017 Highlights:

It begins... . . . #heyarnold #sdcc2017@officialheyarnold #nicksdcc #nickelodeon

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Almost time. . . . #heyarnold #thejunglemovie #sdcc2017 #nicksdcc @officialheyarnold

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It begins... . . . #heyarnold #sdcc2017@officialheyarnold #nicksdcc #nickelodeon

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Phoebe and Gerald...reunited . . . #heyarnold #nickelodeon #thejunglemovie @nicksplat @officialheyarnold

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