Wednesday, June 14, 2017

NickSplat To Host "Pete & Pete" Reunion Event This Weekend

Attention Pete Nation: NickSplat, Nickelodeon's destination for the most loved Nick content from the 1990s and beyond, will be hosting a special The Adventures of Pete & Pete weekend reunion event, "The Strongest Reunion in the World!!!" this weekend, which is sure to leave you smiling strange!

The two night event will feature brand-new special on-air material featuring the cast and six episodes of Nickelodeon's popular early '90s live-action series (three episodes each night plus same night encore).

The episodes of Pete & Pete that NickSplat will be airing during their "The Strongest Reunion in the World!!!" weekend are:

Saturday 17th June 2017:

10:00pm/11:30pm - "What We Did On Our Summer Vacation": After the Petes and Ellen unintentionally drive Mr. Tastee (the local ice-cream man) out of town by trying to find out about his personal life, they start a hunt to find him and bring him back as the summer comes to a close. Guest stars: Michael Stipe of R.E.M. appears as the ice cream man "Captain Scrummy" in the beach scene; Kate Pierson of The B-52's appears as Mrs. Van Devere.

10:30pm/12:00am - "Apocalypse Pete": The Petes' father, Don Wrigley, and Ellen's father, Mr. Hickle (Steve Buscemi), start a prank war, which helps Little Pete and his father get closer while tearing Big Pete and Ellen apart. Based on the Pete & Pete short entitled "The Big Race."

11:00pm/12:30am - "Don't Tread on Pete": While Big Pete engages in a struggle against time to study for a test on the American Revolutionary War (with the fear that failing would cause him to wind up like the school's janitor, rumored to have failed the same test years before), Little Pete leads his gym class to try to beat his teacher's intramural dodgeball team.

Sunday 18th June 2017:

10:00pm/11:30pm - "When Petes Collide": The Petes compete for Dad's affections as he prepares to pass down "Rolling Thunder", a bowling ball that apparently has mystical powers.

10:30pm/12:00am - "The Nightcrawlers": Little Pete and his friends aim to overthrow the International Adult Conspiracy's reign over bedtimes by staying up for eleven nights and thus breaking the world record.

11:00pm/12:30am - "Tool and Die": Big Pete is put in shop class, much to his displeasure. His teacher, Mr. Slurm, assigns him to work on a mysterious "special project" with the bully "Endless" Mike Hellstrom.

Note that NickSplat often runs "off the clock", so start times are approx.

"The Strongest Reunion in the World!!!" weekend marks the first time The Adventures of Pete & Pete will air on NickSplat (including The Splat and The '90s Are All That). Pete & Pete was last broadcast on Nickelodeon USA for a one-time showing on Nickelodeon on 10th June 2004, as part of Nickelodeon's 25th anniversary celebrations during U-Pick Live. The episode that was aired was "King of the Road", the first episode from the shows first season. Pete & Pete was last seen in the USA on The N (TeenNick's name prior to 2009) on 2nd October 2003. Three of the shows pre-series shorts aired during The Splat's launch night on 5th October 2015.

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Original source: Nick and More; Additional source: Wikipedia.
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