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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Cast Of "Victorious" All Want to Get Back Together To Film A New Finale

The cast of Nickelodeon's hit musical comedy series Victorious has remained super close over the years, despite that time there was rumored to be drama between Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande. Both girls have denied there's any bad blood between them and they've both just confirmed they're down to get the whole crew back together for a proper Victorious finale! LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

So let's break it all down: Ariana took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the legend that is Dan Schneider. He's the mastermind who created tons of your all-time favorite Nickelodeon shows, including Victorious, and Ariana just wanted to commend how the theme songs to her series are all fire hits.

Seriously, all classics.

And that's when she brought up the genius idea that Victorious actually needs an actual finale episode, a solid way to say goodbye to the students of Hollywood Arts if you will.

What resulted was a Twitterstorm from literally every single main cast member, except Rex, since he's a puppet — and a "diva," as Victoria Justice (Tori Vega) described him. Unsurprisingly, everyone was totally, unapologetically down to reprise their Hollywood Arts characters, and made their feelings known online.

OK, let's take a minute to let that sink in. All of the cast wants to do this, and of course, Dan himself had to chime in. He admits he's a fan of the idea too, but there is one person, or shall I say puppet, who is in the way. At least according to Dan.

Yes, we are talking about dear old Rex, the ventriloquist’s dummy carried around by Matt Bennett’s character, Robbie Shapiro, who was last seen performing a cameo on Game Shakers:

Okay, NickALive! would be SO down for this. Please, Dan Schneider, please make it real!

Now all we need is Nickelodeon’s okay to make this a reality. Can we please make it happen? Because fans SO want to see the Victorious gang back together. I'm sure they could put together another AMAZING musical number, too. Let’s make this happen! Because if it did, NickALive! is pretty sure Ariana and the group would feel pretty...wait for it...VICTORIOUS!

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