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Cardcaptors | Intro with Lyrics | #NickSplat | #TBT | Nickelodeon UK

# Cardcaptors of the clow, expect the unexpected now! Watch the theme song and opening titles to the popular anime series Cardcaptors in the fantastic video below!:

Cardcaptors theme tune lyrics:

Wind, rain, shadow, wood,
Sword, thunder, power, sleep
Cardcaptors of the clow,
Expect the unexpected now
The secrets of the clow
Were all a mystery
But when this mighty book was opened
The powers were set free
A mystic adventure
A quest for all time
Each card possesses a power all its own
We've got to find them to bring the power home
Wind, rain, shadow, wood,
Sword, thunder, power, sleep
Cardcaptors of the clow,
Expect the unexpected now
A mystic adventure
A quest for all time

About Cardcaptors:

Meet Sakura Kinomoto - she's an ordinary girl, in an extraordinary world! A world of magic, mystery and mayhem as she struggles to recapture the legendary Clow Cards, which each have a power all their own!

Sakura is an elementary school student who discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book they had been sealed in for years. She is then tasked with retrieving those cards in order to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world.

Sakura can use the cards she's already captured to help her in her quest to capture more - and she's got a little extra help too, in the form of Keroberos - Kero for short - the guardian of the cards. He's always on hand to give advice - whether it's wanted or not!

It's not as simple as it looks, though, because Sakura has competition. The new kid in town, Li, is also collecting the Clow Cards, and he thinks he's a lot better at it than Sakura is. Even so, when Li and Sakura get together, the Clow Cards have nowhere to hide!

CardCaptors premiered on Nickelodeon UK in 2001. The series is based on a Japanese animated series ('anime') called Cardcaptor Sakura ((カードキャプターさくら, Kādokyaputā Sakura), which was created by an all-female team of writers and artists known as 'Clamp'. Clamp have created lots of Japan's best-known animated series, comics, and graphic novels.

Card Captor Sakura the TV series was itself based on best-selling comics and graphic novels (known as 'manga') of the same name. It was a big hit both in Japan, where it was serialized in Nakayoshi, and around the world, with children and adults alike. A sequel by Clamp titled Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Edition focusing on Sakura in junior high school began serialization in Nakayoshi with the July 2016 issue. An anime television series adaptation of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Edition has been announced for January 2018.

In the US, Madman Entertainment released Cardcaptor Sakura in its uncut form in two DVD collection boxes in September 2012 and November 2012. NIS America re-released the entire series on DVD and Blu-ray in August 2014, featuring Japanese audio and an unedited English dub.

Cardcaptor Sakura is directed by Morio Asaka and animated and produced by Madhouse.

The original Card Captor Sakura anime TV series ran for 70 episodes over three seasons between 1998-2001. The North America dub by Nelvana ran for 39 episodes, which were heavily edited and reordered, with some episodes left out completely.

Potentially controversial material was removed, and the series was refocused to be more action oriented to try to appeal to male viewers, as they were seen as the largest audience of animation at the time. Cardcaptors first aired in the United States on Kids' WB between June 17, 2000 and December 14, 2001. In the Kids' WB broadcast, the first episode aired was "Sakura's Rival", the eighth episode of the series, having removed episodes focusing on Sakura and to have the show start with Syaoran Li's arrival. The series ran for 39 episodes, changing the original episode order but finishing with the show's actual final episode. In Nelvana's airing of the series in the United Kingdom in 2001 on Nickelodeon and CITV, the skipped episodes were restored, but other edits remained.

Cardcaptors dub, including the episodes skipped in the North American broadcast, also aired in Australia on Network Ten and Cartoon Network (with an English cover of the first opening theme instead of the American one), in Ireland on RTÉ Network 2, and in Canada on Teletoon (which also aired the episodes with a French dub). Animax created an English dub of the series as well, which it broadcast on its English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia. The series was broadcast under its original name in Latin America and Spain.

Some of the character names in CardCaptors are slightly different from the original Japanese series - for example, Sakura's best friend Madison was originally called 'Tomoyo', and Julian Star was originally 'Yukito.'

The North American dub of Cardcaptors featured the voices of:

Carly McKillip as Sakura Avalon / Sakura Kinomoto
Rhys Huber as Li Showron / Li Syaoran
Matt Hill as Keroberos
Maggie Blue O'Hara as Madison Taylor / Tomoyo Daidouji
Tony Sampson as Tori Avalon / Toya Kinomoto
Sam Vincent as Julian Star / Yukito Tsukishiro
Brian Drummond as Aiden Avalon / Fujitaka Kinomoto / Mr. Terada
Linda Rae as Layla MacKenzie / Kaho Mitsuki
Kelly Sheridan as Nikki / Naoko Yanagisa a
Jocelyn Loewen as Chelsea / Chiharu Mihara

Bonus videos:

Check out two of the intros for the original Cardcaptors anime series, Card Captor Sakura!:

Card Captor Sakura season one theme, "Catch You Catch Me", performed by Gumi:

Textless version

Cardcaptor Sakura "Catch you, Catch me" lyrics and translation

Card Captor Sakura season two theme, "Tobira o Akete" (扉をあけて?), performed by Anza:

Card Captor Sakura season two theme, "Tobira o Akete" (扉をあけて?), performed by Anza (with lyrics):

Card Captor Sakura season three theme, "Platinum", performed by Maaya Sakamoto:

Card Captor Sakura season three theme, "Platinum", performed by Maaya Sakamoto, karaoke video:

Cardcaptors [English] opening (Fan-made extended version)

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