Sunday, May 21, 2017

BUNSEN IS A BEAST Theme | Saturday Morning Acapella | Triforcefilms

In their latest addition to Triforcefilms' "Saturday Morning A Capella" playlist, Mr. Dooves performs a capella version of Nickelodeon's Bunsen is a Beast opening theme song, which you can watch in the monsteriffic music video below!:

Original Composer - Butch Hartman, Guy Moon.

Bunsen is a Beast tells the story of Bunsen and Mikey, two new friends who embark on endless fun and adventures in their town of Muckledunk. As the first beast ever to attend a middle school for human kids, Bunsen feels the pressure to succeed and prove to the world that monsters can live among humans…and they won't eat everyone for lunch. With help from Mikey, Bunsen will learn how to accomplish human world tasks, like, doing homework, eating ice cream, and riding the bus. In turn, Mikey will learn to navigate the Beast World and meet all the weird and wonderful beasts that reside there. The series is created by Butch Hartman, creator of Nickelodeon hits The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom and T.U.F.F. Puppy.

Here's Nickelodeon's original Bunsen is a Beast intro in its glory! Sing-along with the lyrics below!:

B-U-N, S-E-N, Bunsen is a beast!

Not a bear and not a yeti
Many hands to eat spaghetti

Hole in head that shoots confetti!

Bunsen is a beast!

Mikey is his human buddy

Mikey: I can stretch him just like putty

Bunsen: Friendship that is super nutty!

Bunsen is a beast!

This mean girl is named Amanda
She spreads angry propaganda
Wants him gone and she'll demand a...
Squadron of police!

Amanda: To make him leave 'cause I don't want
His kind to be increased!

Mikey: But I don't care, it's super cool that...

Bunsen, Bunsen, Bunsen
Bunsen is a beast!

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Bunsen is a Beast theme song lyrics via Bunsen Is A Beast Wikia
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