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# No turning back, No backing down, Nowhere to run, No solid ground... #

Rewind back to the '90s with the original theme tune and opening titles for Nickelodeon's popular '90s sci-fi drama series Animorphs!:

"It's All in Your Hands" lyrics:

No turning back
No backing down
Nowhere to run
No solid ground

No place to hide
No one to trust
No one to help you when you're lost
There's only us

It's all in your hands

Hold on
Hold back the darkness

Gotta take a stand

It's all in your hands

Composed by: Craig Hazen, Julie Dansky, and David Wolfert

About Animorphs:

Welcome to a world where nothing and no-one are what they seem!

The story revolves around five humans, Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, and Tobias, and one alien, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill (nicknamed Ax), who obtain the ability to transform into any animal they touch from Ax's brother, Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, who has crash-landed on earth.

Naming themselves "Animorphs" (a portmanteau of "animal morphers"), they use their ability to battle a secret alien infiltration of Earth by Yeerks, a parasitic race of aliens resembling large Slugs, that take humans as a host by entering and merging with their brain through the ear canal. The Animorphs fight as a guerilla force against the Yeerks, led by Visser Three.

The Animorphs carefully protect their identities; the Yeerks assume that they're a strike force sent by the Andalites, the alien race that created the transformation technology, and to protect their families from Yeerk reprisals, the Animorphs keep up the facade. Over the run of the series, the pretense becomes harder to maintain; the Yeerks grow more cautious and dedicate more time and resources to capturing the 'Andalite bandits'.

But even though the Animorphs win many battles against the Yeerks, they quickly realise that the fight is far from over.

Though the Animorphs can assume the form of any animal they touch, there are several limitations to the ability: they can only stay in animal form for two hours, or they will be unable to return to human form. Also, the process requires some level of concentration to prevent the animal's natural instincts from overwhelming the human intellect.

Animorphs (also known under the promotional title AniTV) is a television adaptation of the hit Scholastic book series of the same name by K. A. Applegate. The show was produced by Protocol Entertainment and Scholastic Productions, and was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The series ran for 26 episodes over two seasons between 1998-2000, with the first season being produced for YTV and Nickelodeon, and the second season being produced for Global. Animorphs aired on Nickelodeon channels worldwide.

Official Nickelodeon description:

"We might look like ordinary kids, but we're not--we're Animorphs, and this is our story. You see, we were all hangin' out at the arcade when all of a sudden Jake's dog, Homer, took off. By the time we caught up with him, the sky had gotten dark and this spaceship landed right in front of us. A dying alien, an Andalite, stumbled out and told us about these evil slug-like aliens called Yeerks who are trying to take over the universe by slithering into humans' brains and turning them into controllers. Before the Andalite died, it gave us a power--the ability to morph into any animal just by touching it and acquiring its DNA. But the Yeerks are on to us--their ship landed after the Andalite's, and they know some kids were there, they just don't know who we are. Now the Invasion has begun and the fate of the entire human race depends on us five kids."

Animorphs stars Shawn Ashmore as Jake; Brooke Nevin as Rachel; Boris Cabrera as Marco; Nadia Nascimento as Cassie; Christopher Ralph as Tobias; Paulo Costanzo as Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill; Eugene Lipinski as Visser Three/Victor Trent; and Diego Matamoros as Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul.

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