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Thursday, April 27, 2017

L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud | The Splat | #TBT | Nickelodeon UK

Get ready to laugh out loud with Nickelodeon UK's hit noughties sketch show, L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud!

Ft. LOL sketch: Clingy

Ft. "Pandas" LOL sketch

About L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud

Take six of the coolest top young comedians, an audience, a studio, bang it up together.. into a half an hour sketch show and you've got... L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud, Nickelodeon UK's hit kid-controlled comedy sketch show! L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud is the ultimate teen sketch show.

Each week, six really cool comedians who are the funniest and sharpest teen comedy cast on the circuit, introduced the show. L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud is a no holds barred comedy show, so kids were advised to throw their parents out of the sitting room, make sure their baby sister was tucked up in bed, and be prepared to be shocked - as this was one comedy sketch show that you don't want to miss!

Every week, a whole host of characters including Jean Paul Goatee, a fashion know it all; The Rubbish Bully, who'd give you a mobile phone rather than nick it; Mr. Conkers, the head teacher who is absolutely bonkers; two of the smelliest characters you're ever going to meet; The Truthful Farting Granny, who'd fart your future; Graham Godley's Gorgeous Gran; Half Hearted Hannah; Billy Smellypits; Evil Baby, the scariest baby sister in the world; the most embarrassing Mum in the world; Fiona Road Rage; The Victorian Gentleman; and Billy Blewitt, the only one who can save us from the evil robots with his Big Brainy Bum! Each episode featured hilarious sketches, such as Vampire T.V., "Mr. Conkers…he’s Bonkers", Rubbish Bully, Cannibals Burger Bar, and “The Truthful Farting Granny”, and sketches that reflected what's being talked about when the show aired.
L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud promised to have viewers laughing until their sides spilt each week! It's G.R.8!

For L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud, Nickelodeon UK held a nationwide talent contest to look for the stars of the show. The final 15 came down to London's Comedy Store and were whittled down to Nicole Lewis, Nina De Comiso, Dax O'Callaghan, Alan Orr, Joe Swash and Joanna Burford by a crack team of comedy experts.

Produced by Nickelodeon UK and SMG Productions, the series premiered on 11th October 2002 as the British equivalent of All That and The Amanda Show, and ran for 10 episodes.

Among the sketch writing team were Dean Wilkinson and Dan & Nuria Wicksman.

Following L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud:

Joe Swash went on to play Mickey Miller in the British soap opera EastEnders, then becoming King of the Jungle on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (UK);

Nicole Lewis played a reporter in an episode of The Naked Brothers Band;

Joanna Burford appeared in Little Britain;

Dax O'Callaghan went on to became the youngest ever choreographer to teach full-time classes at the Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden, London;

Alan Orr went on to become an actor and composer for the PACE Theatre Company, and recently appeared in the Scottish comedy series Two Doors Down.

L.O.L: Laugh Out Loud Episode guide:

Episode 1
We meet our regular characters for the first time, Fiona Road Rage, The Victorian Gentleman and the dancing Billy Smellypits. Throw in a visit to Cannibals Burger Bar and a special prediction from our own fortune teller “ The Truthful Farting Granny” and you have Episode 1 of L.O.L.

Episode 2
As well as favourite characters like Rubbish Bully and Half Hearted Hannah, Episode 2 lets us into the secret thoughts of two of our biggest pop superstars and what those girly pandas are really up to.

Episode 3
The LOL cast manage to get themselves hypnotised , we have a commercial for a very special air freshener for those “embarrassing moments”, and Joe threatens Alan with the ultimate weapon “ dog pooh on a stick”.

Episode 4
In Episode 4 we meet the most embarrassing Mum in the world and we find out what teenagers are really talking about. And find out what happens when Dax buys Nicole a sweet bunny rabbit for her birthday.

Episode 5
Meet the maddest headmaster ever “Mr. Conkers…he’s Bonkers” and find out what happens when Nina manages to swallow the smallest mobile phone in the world…and there’s a bit more of that “dog pooh on a stick”.

Episode 6
In Episode 6 the team try to discover the of a very weird smell and we meet the mum who just cant get it right when it comes to finding a new dad for her boys. And there’s a welcome reappearance of our own Truthful Farting Granny.

Episode 7
Meet three new characters in Episode 7. Jean Paul , the fashion designer from hell, the scariest baby sister in the world in “Evil Baby” and dodgiest judge in legal history as played by Joe.

Episode 8
Dax plays the coolest street magician in the world (well almost). We’re treated to a lecture on how your smelling organ really works and we meet the latest chat show hostess on morning television.

Episode 9
Episode 9 gives us a look into the latest satellite channel, which only transmits at night,”Vampire T.V.”. And what would you do if your mum not only had a beard but it could also read your mind?

Episode 10
Meet the stupidest criminal ever on the run, the teacher who admits the truth behind algebra, and the most tactless doctor you’re ever likely to meet in Episode 10.

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