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Friday, March 03, 2017

Your Favorite Nickelodeon Stars Dish What It's Like Being Directed By "iCarly" Alum Nathan Kress

If you're a longtime Nickelodeon fan, you obviously know Nathan Kress for his roles starring on iCarly and even his appearances on past series like Sam & Cat, Victorious, and True Jackson, VP.

Credit: Getty, Nickelodeon.

But did you know that Nathan has been working behind-the-scenes of your favorite current Nick shows (just like Freddie) like Henry Danger and Game Shakers for a few years now? That's right: to date, he's directed five Henry Danger episodes and two more for Game Shakers, and even filmed a guest-starring spot for a upcoming episode, in which he'll answer a big question: Which girl did iCarly character Freddie really like more, Carly or Sam!

Nathan Kress directing "Henry Danger" episode "Captain Man Goes On Vacation".

In fact, he directed tomorrow night's episode of Game Shakers! To celebrate, Twist asked some of your favorite Nickelodeon actors what it's really like having Nathan on set as their director. They all gave him glowing reviews, of course.

"Nathan Kress directs all the time," Game Shakers actress Madisyn Shipman told TWIST, explaining that he really relates to the kids on the show. "He's my favorite out of all the directors, because he relates to us and he was on a Dan Schneider show, so he knows what the pace is and knows what to tell us to make us do it."

But just because Nathan knows what it's like being a young actor in a creative environment doesn't mean it's all fun and games on set!

"When it’s time to get down to work, we have to," Henry Danger actor Sean Ryan Fox tells us. "We shoot two days out of the five day work week and trying to fit a 30 minute show into that is really tough, especially when you’re taking multiple takes and if something screws up and sometimes we have stunts that are massive. Nathan, he’s cool. He’s a cool guy. I think he understands, like we can have fun and be a family and have a fun environment to work in, but at the same time, okay we can have laughs here and there, but let’s get down to work. So, there’re times when Nathan can be strict, but everyone has to be strict at some point. Especially with Nathan, this being one of his first jobs, you want to make a good impression."

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Jace Norman echoes Sean's sentiments. "He's very professional," he tells us. "He's the most professional [director] we've ever had. You'd expect him to be goofy and stuff, but he's so focused."

"No bloopers on Nathan days, I'm like scared of him, honestly," Jace jokes. "He yells at me if I don't know my lines. He's smaller than me, but you know he's like well-built. He's got like 1% body fat."

So, its safe to assume that Mr. Kress is a star-favorite all around!

Do you think it's awesome that Nathan is such a big part of the Nickelodeon family? Leave NickALive! your reactions in the comments section below.

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Additional source: IMDb.
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