Friday, January 06, 2017

Behind the Scenes with the Invader Zim Cast | Nickelodeon Animation Podcast

The voices behind Invader Zim (Richard Horvitz), Gaz (Melissa Fahn) and Gir (Rikki Simons) got together to record an episode of the Nickelodeon Animation Podcast, premiering Friday, January 6th! Go behind the scenes on record day and get a preview of the next WORLD-DOMINATING episode!:

Nickelodeon talks cartoons all the time on the Nickelodeon Animation Podcast. Hosted by Hector Navarro, the podcast gives voice to creators and talent from inside and outside of Nickelodeon who brought to life some of the most innovative, hilarious, and heart-tugging animation in the history of television. Nick Animation also talks with artists about their life stories, career stories, and the inspirations behind the stories of their iconic cartoons.

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