Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nickelodeon France To Premiere "Rank The Prank" On Saturday 7th January 2017

Nickelodeon France has announced the exciting news in a trailer, below, that Nickelodeon France will start to premiere and show Rank the Prank, locally titled Piégeurs en Herbe, on Saturday 7th January 2017 at 17h55!:

Nouvelle émission : Piégeurs en Herbe | NICKELODEON FRANCE
Prépares-toi pour Piégeurs en Herbe, la nouvelle émission chez NICKELODEON ! A partir du samedi 7 janvier à 17h55.

What do you get when you mix kids' incredible imaginations with super skilled special effects experts? Only the most ultimate prank show ever!

In Rank the Prank, real kids are in control. Two teams of prank-loving kids join forces with professional special effects gurus, or 'effectors', to plan, prep and pull off some truly tricked-out tricks on the unknowing public! But the fun doesn't end there, next it's up to a panel of kid judges to decide which prank takes the cake. The winning team is given the opportunity to stage an epic prank on their family or friends! Rank the Prank takes hijinks to the highest level, so get ready for sidesplitting stunts, priceless reactions and a whole lot of PRANKS!

Commissioned for CBBC, Rank the Prank (13x22) is co-produced by CBBC Productions and Apartment 11.

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