Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pinky Malinky | Funny Videos #5 | Nickelodeon

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA starting to premiere and show Pinky Malinky, the networks brand-new social-media influenced animated comedy series, very soon, Pinky Malinky and his two best friends, Babs Buttman and JJ Jameson, have unveiled their latest batch of hilarious viral videos on their official Instagram profile pages, which you can watch in the super videos below!:

Wildlife Wednesday:

Having a wildlife Wednesday with @babs_buttman 🐒! 🎥work by the one & only @jj_james0n !

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Spot the Difference:

Where's the Lasers?:

Lost our laser eyes for a minute, feels so good to have them back!! 👀☄️#lasereyes #wemissedyou

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"Robot Rappin'", P-Dog and J-to-theJ, Touch Me I'm Sack, HotDawg Records:


This week's sweet video freestyle comin' at you from me, @pinky_malinky & @babs_buttman #YEAH #beatboxpros

A video posted by JJ Jameson (@jj_james0n) on

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