Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Pinky Malinky | Funniest Moments Mashup from Nick's Newest Show! | Nickelodeon

Check out Nickelodeon's brand-new star Pinky Malinky and his friends in this mashup of their funniest viral videos! He's such a ha-ha-hot dog! ... Geddit? He's a hot dog and the videos are funny... so he's a 'ha-ha-hot dog." I'm sure you get it. Just watch the video mashup!:

Additionally, to further celebrate Nickelodeon USA debuting Pinky Malinky very soon, Pinky and his two best friends, Babs Buttman and JJ Jameson, have unveiled more fantastic sneak-peek previews from Nickelodeon's all-new Nicktoons series on their official Instagram profile pages, which you can watch in the super videos below!:

Camping in the Backyard:

Ladder to the Clouds:

I'm trying to reach the clouds with this ladder #IGOTTHIS #THINGSILLDOFORAFILMIMMAKING 🎥

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How to Speak Hotdog:

Visit nick.com/pinky to find out more Pinky Malinky, coming soon to Nickelodeon, and follow Pinky and his pals on social media:

Pinky Malinky - Instagram | Twitter | Vimeo
Babs Buttman - Instagram | Twitter
JJ Jameson - Instagram | Twitter

Plus, follow the Pinky Malinky production team on Tumblr and Instagram!

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