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"The Legend Of Korra" To Continue As Graphic Novel Series; "Avatar" And "Korra" Adult Coloring Books Announced | NYCC 2016

Both animated series from the Avatar universe - Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra - are now, unfortunately, over. However, Nickelodeon's beloved mythology of magic karate and cabbage merchants still lives on as an ongoing Dark Horse graphic novel series. At NYCC, fans got to check in on Avatar's and Korra's comic book continuations!

The Last Airbender series from writer Gene Yang and artist duo Gurihiru has been slowly bridging the time gap between the two series since 2012. The latest graphic novel trilogy, North, and South, details new internal strife at the Southern Water Tribe. Details from these books have already been announced, including their release dates throughout early 2017, but at the panel, fans learned how the series calls back to an early visual from the very beginning of the show: the frozen Fire Nation warship.

More exciting was the sneak peek at the new three-part Legend of Korra graphic novel series coming in June 2017, in which Korra will find herself up against a mysterious new villain. The panelists, including the voice of Korra herself, Janet Varney, were sure to mention how much social media buzz the news caused. This series, written by Korra co-creator Mike DiMartino and illustrated by Irene Koh, is an official sequel to the cartoon.

Fans were also treated to sneak-peeks of the early pages from the new The Legend of Korra graphic novel series, depicting Korra and Asami's vacation in the Spirit World (complete with Dragonbirds and weird mushrooms), an event hinted at in the series finale. Also hinted at in that finale is Korra and Asami's romance. But while the animated Nickelodeon series may not have been able to show the two women kiss, according to an answer at the panels' Q+A, the comic book just might have that freedom.

Finally, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra will also be receiving adult coloring books. The Last Airbender coloring book will be released later this month, and the audience got a sample page. The The Legend of Korra coloring book is scheduled to arrive in July 2017. Also on the way is a poster book of Korra art. The audience even got to give input on what scenes should be included!

Photo: Jordan Minor.

The Avatar NYCC panel was light on news but heavy on fan enthusiasm. There was even some trivia. There’s still a lot to learn about the future of Korra in comic book form, but I’m more excited than ever to return to this world.

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