Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Sneak-Peeks Of "Pinky Malinky", Nickelodeon's Brand-New Animated Comedy Series Set To Debut In 2017

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA starting to premiere and show Pinky Malinky, the networks brand-new social-media influenced animated comedy series, very soon, Pinky Malinky and his two best friends, Babs Buttman and JJ Jameson, have unveiled more fantastic sneak-peek previews from Nickelodeon's all-new Nicktoons series on their official Instagram profile pages, which you can watch in the super videos below!:

Pinky and JJabs Present "Whisper Rappin'"; Soundz From Da Sack; HotDawg Records:

Tea with Grandma:

I 💕 tea with grandma ☕️👯

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My Favorite Day:

A song about my favorite day of the week #Wednesday

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Cookin with JJ.:

Slowly Swallowing Civilization:

Slowly Swallowing Civilization starting with @JJ_James0n #sohungry #sosorryyouhadtogo #shark #nomnom

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Today Bab's Is... A Park Bench!:

Today I was a park bench. Oops 🙊 park benches don't use instagram - back to being a bench #imoneofyou

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My Favorite Thing (Welcome To Sackenhack; Go Snowballs!):

Watch's Pinky, Babs and JJ's first super sneak peeks from Pinky Malinky here on NickALive!, and make sure to follow the best friendios on Instagram for more first-looks from Nick's brand-new Nicktoon at @pinky_malinky, @babs_buttman and @JJ_James0n, plus follow the Pinky Malinky production team on Tumblr (@pinkymalinky-crew) and Instagram (@pinkymalinkycrew)!
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