Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nick Jr. USA To Premiere "Fresh Beat Band of Spies" On Monday 15th June 2015

It's time to Gadget up! Nick Jr. USA has announced the exciting Nickelodeon Preschool news on their official website,, that Nickelodeon USA's preschool channel, Nick Jr. USA, will start to premiere and show "Fresh Beat Band of Spies", a brand-new animated series based on the hit live-action show, "The Fresh Beat Band", on Monday 15th June 2015!

They're the coolest rock stars around. But when the curtain goes down... it's time to spy it up! The "Fresh Beat Band of Spies" is a brand-new animated series about four best friends - Kiki, Marina, Twist and Shout - with typical day jobs who are also... super secret undercover spies! Together, they embark on all kinds of crazy capers and wild super spy missions, using their unique individual talents to outwit a goofy cast of "super villains."

The dynamic team also has the coolest array of techie spy gadgets, vehicles, and disguises. And they have Bo Monkey, an adorable and hilarious sidekick kids will love! Each episode's adventure is full of super funny physical comedy, cartoon humor and gags, and catchy songs.

The curriculum of the series is primarily focused on problem-solving and teamwork. When your kids spy it up with the Fresh Beat Band of Spies, they learn about friendship and teamwork while developing their problem-solving skills. "The Fresh Beat Band of Spies" models the steps to successful problem-solving by working together to figure out mysteries, catch the bad guys, and save the day!

"Fresh Beat Band of Spies" (20 episodes) is created by Nadine van der Velde and Scott Kraft, the same duo behind "The Fresh Beat Band".

To celebrate the launch of "Fresh Beat Band of Spies", Nickelodeon has unveiled a fantastic sneak-peek preview of the networks brand-new animated preschool series, which you can watch here on!

Meet the Fresh Beat Band of Spies!

Kiki is the Fresh Beats' eternal ray of sunshine who's always game for an adventure.
Day job: Owns a hair salon where she creates super stylin' hairdos and disguises for the Fresh Beats
Super Spy gadget: Super-Styler Blow Dryer with settings that range from Gentle Breeze to Humongous Hurricane.
Super Spy vehicle: Guitar that morphs into a scooter

Confident, charming, and athletic, Shout's natural exuberance is contagious. He's a born leader.
Day job: Lifeguard at the local swimming pool
Super Spy gadget: Super shoes that allow him to climb walls, hang from the ceiling, and bounce and jump across a room
Super Spy vehicle: Keyboard that morphs into an awesome hover board

Marina is sweet, passionate, and brilliant.
Day job: A chemist at a cupcake bakery where she uses her fresh formulas to help the Fresh Beats save the day . . . and create the world's most perfect cupcake!
Super Spy gadget: Marina's Magnificent Mixer transforms into a tiny helicopter that flies her high into the sky
Super Spy vehicle: Drums that transform into the "Turbowheeler."

Loveable goofball and resident DJ, Twist's irrepressible imagination, rubbery body, and need for excitement power the Fresh Beats' adventures.
Day job: Twist and his best bud, Bo Monkey, run the Pet Daycare Center--a chaotic and crazy collection of cats, dogs, and other animals.
Super Spy gadget: Banana Gadget for every situation from a Banana-Scope for spying from far away to a self-returning Banana-Rang.
Super Spy vehicle: Turntables that transform into a Double Pogo To-Go-Go with a special spot for Bo Monkey.
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