Monday, August 12, 2013

Nick Jr. UK To Debut Brand New Preschool Series "Pajanimals" In September 2013

Nickelodeon UK has announced the exciting Nick Jr. UK news that Nick Jr. UK and Ireland, Nickelodeon UK's preschool channel, will start to premiere and show the brand new preschool series "Pajanimals" in September 2013 in Nick Jr.'s Bedtime programming block, as part of Nick Junior UK's Autumn/Winter 2013 highlights (premiere date and transmission times (TX) to be confirmed by Nick Jr. UK)!

A co-production between The Jim Henson Company, PBS Kids Sprout in the USA and the Belfast, Northern Ireland-based production company Sixteen South Television ("Driftwood Bay"), "Jim Henson's Pajanimals" is another great addition to Nick Jr.'s bedtime slot. The brand-new series features four of the most cuddly characters ever – Sweetpea Sue the pony, the excitable duck Squacky, the creative cow CowBella, and the optimistic puppy Apollo.

The series was designed to help develop bedtime routines for young children. Through their imaginary journeys, the Pajanimals model the skills preschoolers need to move through their days and nights successfully using music and song.

In the premiere episode "Light in the Sky", to help with Squacky's fear of the dark, the Pajanimals travel to The Night Sky where The Moon tells Squacky and the others that there is nothing to fear at night because he is always watching over them in the night sky.

Then in "Under the Bed", when Squacky thinks he sees a monster under his bed, the Pajanimals travel to Storybook Land and talk to Edwin, who explains that a lot of the things we're scared of are just in our imagination. When Squacky finally looks under his bed, he sees there was no monster, just Pete, his stuffed dinosaur.

Each puppet/Muppet "Pajanimals" character has been made by Jim Henson's Creature Shop at The Jim Henson Company.