Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Nick Jr. 2 UK Announces Plans To Start To Premiere Brand New Episodes Of "The Magic Roundabout" From Monday 7th January 2013

Nick Jr. UK and Ireland has announced the Nick Jr. News in a brand new promo/trailer that Nick Junior UK will start to premiere and show brand new episodes of the CGI-animated preschool show "The Magic Roundabout", which is based on the classic children's television series of the same name, on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland's second preschool channel, Nick Jr. 2, from Monday 7th January 2013 at 8.30am and 8.45am, as part of "January on Nick Jr. 2 2013".

Below is a description about Nick Jr. UK's CGI-animated preschool series "The Magic Roundabout" from the "The Magic Roundabout" show webpage on the official Nickelodeon Asia website,
The Magic Roundabout was brought to a small rural village many years ago by a strange old man, Mr Rusty. It has remained there ever since. With it came a playful, naughty magician called Zebedee who lives up in the clouds above. He spends his time creating impish tricks on the village inhabitants and watching them untangle the problems he sets.

To add to the fun, each character is wildly different in the way they view the world, yet they co-exist in happy harmony. There's Florence, a kind little girl; Dougal the grumpy dog; Ermintrude the sweet cow; Dylan the sleepy rabbit; and Brian, a rather stuffy snail.

Each episode begins with Zebedee perched on a cloud, initiating the story that's about to unfold in the village below. At the end, when all has returned to normality, Zebedee announces that it's "Time to party!". Just then, Dylan pops in and wishes it was "Time for bed!".