Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Announces Plans To Premiere Brand New Episodes Of "Life With Boys" As Part Of Nickelodeon UK's Autumn/Winter 2012 Programming Line-Up!

Nickelodeon UK has announced the Nickelodeon UK News that Nickelodeon UK is planning to premiere and show brand new episodes of the Canadian teen sitcom "Life with Boys", including the brand new "Life with Boys" episodes "Birthdays with Boys" and "Nightmares with Boys", on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK in November 2012 and December 2012, as part of Nickelodeon UK's Autumn/Winter 2012 highlights!

"Life with Boys" is a Canadian teen sitcom that started broadcasting on Nickelodeon UK in October 2011. It follows Tess Foster (Torri Webster) as she copes with living in a home with just boys: her father, Jack Foster, and three brothers, heartthrob Gabriel Foster, also known as Gabe (Nathan McLeod), studious twin Sam Foster (Michael Murphy), and eight year-old Spencer Foster (Jake Goodman). With the help of her best friend Allie Brooks (Madison Pettis), she pulls through. Each half-hour episode follows 14-year-old Tess Foster as she navigates her way through the turmoil of teen life while living at home with her single, overprotective dad and three brothers. Although Tess adores the four important men in her life, they do have four totally different perspectives. Despite the shortcomings of being the only girl in a male household, the boys can sometimes offer solid advice. Whether it's building up the courage to talk to a boy, dealing with an obnoxious one, or coping with the repercussions of being the only girl on the boys' wrestling team, "Life With Boys" sheds a comedic light on many of life's difficult moments.

"Life with Boys" was created by Michael Poryes (co-creator and executive producer of the Disney Channel shows "Hannah Montana" and "That's So Raven") and Douglas Lieblein (co-executive producer "Hannah Montana").

In the brand new episode of "Life with Boys" called "Nightmares with Boys", Tess tries getting along with Kaylee (guest star Francesca Martin) after her dad, Jack, starts dating Kaylee's Mum (Mom). However, when civility proves impossible, Tess cooks up a scheme to break up her dad with Kaylee's Mother!

In the brand new episode of "Life with Boys" titled "Birthdays with Boys", Tess' Dad wants to throw her a "Foster Funplex Birthday Extravaganza" for the fifth year in a row but Tess, who is trying not to make her 15th birthday feel like a child's birthday, would rather do something more group-up - more specifically, go to a movie premiere with her friend, Allie. Finding it hard to tell her father the truth, she accidentally makes her Dad believe she would rather go skydiving.