Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Wraps The Filming Of "Camp Orange 2012"

Nickelodeon UK and Ireland presenter Anna Williamson has announced in a Tweet (post) on her official Twitter profile page (@annawilliamsTV) that Nickelodeon UK Productions has wrapped and closed the filming in Australia for the second series of Nickelodeon UK's "Camp Orange UK", "Camp Orange 2012", Nickelodeon's adventure reality show for best friends:
@annawilliamsTV: Midnight and Camp Orange season 2 has wrapped! Best series yet. Starting soon @NickelodeonTV - 3.59pm BST (GMT+1) Friday 29th June 2012
@TinaMcCannMD (Tina McCann, the Managing Director of Nickelodeon UK and Ireland): congrats @annawilliamsTV & all the Camp Orange crew - can't wait to see it! - 4.49pm BST Friday 29th June 2012.
Thanks @Dermaspa_UK & @EyebrowQueen [Dermaspa by Nilam Patel] for my fab HD brows...It certainly helped @make_up_jo [freelance Nickelodeon UK hairdresser and make-up artist Jo Adams] groom and glam me on location this week x - 3.00am BST Saturday 30th June 2012

Apologies for the late @digitalspy ['Digital Spy'] showbiz column ["Anna Williamson's Showbiz Peek at the Week"] this week folks, been away filming new show. It will be up ASAP this weekend :-) - 5.07am BST Saturday 30th June 2012.

Apologies folks for column delay...filming commitments last week are to blame. A whopper this week on @digitalspy to make it up is coming - 10.48pm Monday 2nd July 2012
Nickelodeon UK and Ireland's MD, Tina McCann, Tweeted (posted) a exclusive behind-the-scenes picture from the filming process of a scene for the second series of Nickelodeon UK's "Camp Orange UK", "Camp Orange 2012", on her official Twitter feed, which you can view here on NickALive!. You can also read a selection of Tweets (posts) by Nickelodeon UK and Ireland presenters Anna Williamson & Jamie Rickers about what "Camp Orange 2012" will be like and what Nickelodeon UK viewers can expect to see on their TV screens when Nickelodeon UK shows the second season of "Camp Orange UK", "Camp Orange 2012" during Summer 2012 as part of Summer On Nickelodeon, here on NickALive!.

Also, posted (Tweeted) by Nickelodeon UK staff member and Associate Producer Adam J. Parker (also known as Adam John Parker; who is also a resident of Nickelodeon Towers in London) on his official Twitter stream (@adamjohnparker):
Well I wore 3 coats of resentment as I travelled back by train! Still so tired. Enjoy your days off... - 10.38pm Sunday 1st July 2012.
Also, posted (Tweeted) by Elkie phillips, Pro Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist who works worldwide, on her official profile page (@Elkie_MUA):
gym&nails today after a week in the wilderness shooting with @NickelodeonUKPR @make_up_jo @adamjohnparker @TheGregoryJones @annawilliamsTV - 10.32am Monday 2nd July 2012.