Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Announces The Winners Of The First Stage Of "Head 2 Head 2012"!

Update (Saturday 30th June 2012): Nickelodeon UK has announced the winner of "Head 2 Head 2012"! Find out who won, "Victorious" or "Big Time Rush", here on NickALive!

UPDATE (Monday 25th June 2012: Below is a streaming video clip and transcript of Nickelodeon UK and Ireland's "Head 2 Head Winner Weekend" promo/trailer:

Big Time Rush or Victorious?

Find out which show you voted champion of Head 2 Head, and catch a weekend of Back To Back episodes celebrating the winner!

[Big Time Rush: Woohoo!]

[Tori Vega (Victoria Justice): Screams]

Head 2 Head Winner Weekend, this Saturday 1pm-4pm, only on Nickelodeon!
Nickelodeon UK have counted and tallied everyone's votes from the first round of Nick UK's "Head 2 Head 2012" Nickelodeon Content Programming Stunt. Four of Nickelodeon UK's most popular shows - "iCarly", "Big Time Rush", "Life with Boys" and "Victorious" - went head to head with other in an attempt to get through to the "Head 2 Head 2012" final to ultimately be crowned the winner "Nick Head to Head 2012" and be announced as Nickelodeon UK's current most favourite show. "iCarly" battled it out with "Big Time Rush", and "Life with Boys", fought fiercely against rivals "Victorious", but only two shows could ever make it to the final round of "Head 2 Head 2012"... According to Nickelodeon UK, the two Nickelodeon shows which have reached the semi finals of "Head 2 Head 2012" are...

"Victorious" and "Big Time Rush"!

This weekend, two of Nickelodeon's most popular original live action shows, "Victorious" and "Big Time Rush", will be going head to head againest each other to a bid to get YOUR vote! The winner of "Head 2 Head 2012", the Nickelodeon show with the most votes, will then be announced next weekend (Saturday 30th June 2012 and Sunday 1st July 2012)! There's only one way to make sure YOUR favourite Nickelodeon show wins Nickelodeon UK's "Head 2 Head 2012" competition - by voting for "Big Time Rush" or/and "Victorious" on the official Nickelodeon UK websites official "Head 2 Head 2012" website at! Which Nickelodeon show will be crowned the winner "Nick Head to Head 2012" and will be able to say "I Am Victorious"? VOTE NOW!

Also, Tweeted (posted) by Nickelodeon UK and Ireland on their official Twitter profile page (@NickelodeonUK):
Head to head episodes will be fab this weekend! What's your fave show?
I [heart symbol] @victorious and #bigtimerush ! How will you choose a winner? Tricky choices!
@victorious or #bigtimerush - who are you voting for in head to head?
Will the boys get the green light for their CD? #bigtimerush
Who's lovin back to back @victorious & #bigtimerush? I am! :)