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You can also contact NickALive! through the comments section in a post or via email: nickalivewebmaster[at] * Please replace '[at]' with a '@'.

Please note that:

- Due to time constraints, NickALive! is not able to answer any questions about Nickelodeon via email. If you have a question about Nick, please Tweet or message me on Twitter or Facebook;

- NickALive! is a unofficial Nickelodeon fan blog, and cannot pass any messages, requests, show ideas or script ideas to Nickelodeon or Viacom on your behalf;

- NickALive! will try to reply asap, whenever possible;

- The best way to contact NickALive! is through Twitter.

Submitting News

NickALive! is always looking for Nickelodeon news to post! News scoops can be submitted via Twitter (prefered method) or Facebook!

If you have a press release regarding Nickelodeon you would like NickALive! to publish, please send it to nickalivewebmaster[at]

Please note that:

- Due to time constraints, NickALive! won't be able to post all news submissions;

- All news submitted should be backed-up with news sources. To keep news as accurate as possible, NickALive! cannot post any news submissions without sources;

- The best way to send a news tip is through Twitter.

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