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'Extra Crunchy' Promo | Side Hustle | Nickelodeon

Munchy (Isaiah Crews) becomes the new school mascot, Luna the Tuna, and will be making his big debut at the halftime show of a major school basketball game and will end with an epic dunk! Tuna into the brand new Side Hustle episode "Extra Crunchy" (#122), premiering Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, followed by a all new spooky Drama Club at 8:30, only on Nickelodeon! Check out the promo below!:

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Nickelodeon to Premiere 'Drama Club' Season 1 Finale on Saturday, May 22, 2021

It's all been leading up to this! Catch the one-hour season finale of Drama Club, premiering Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT, following a all new Side Hustle at 8, only on Nickelodeon! Check out the promo below!

In "Stress Rehearsal," the club has trouble getting through the final dress rehearsal before Bench (Chase Vacnin) drops some big news - the school's football team has reached the playoffs - Go Gobblers!

Then in "The Show Might Go On," the drama club’s performance of Minnesota: The Musical is finally ready to hit the stage, but just about everything that can go wrong, does! (#109/10; #999)

Originally published: Sunday, May 16, 2021.

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'The Backyardigans’ Trends on Social Media Thanks to Gen Z

We're your backyard friends, 'The Backyardigans.'

The internet can be a fun and surprising place nowadays, thanks to Generation Z folk. People born between 1997 and 2012/15 have a knack for making the most obscure things go viral. Often thanks to their use of TikTok and the endless creativity they have. The latest “where did this come from” trend is the reappearance of Nickelodeon's popular CG-animated preschool series The Backyardigans.

The Backyardigans is a musical-adventure series featuring a group of five friends - Pablo, a blue penguin; Uniqua, a pink character that sort of looks like a bug; Tyrone, an orange moose; Tasha, a yellow hippo, and Austin, a purple kangaroo - who rely on their vivid imaginations to transform their backyard into a fantastical 3-D landscape, where together they embark on amazing epic journeys and solve problems. Each episode always comes with a lesson that the kids watching can take away.

They infuse the message with lots of catchy songs. Years later, kids and parents still find themselves singing (“hiya pie-ya, I make pie like a samurai,” is a popular earworm). Each episode starts with the theme song where each character introduces themselves, and ends with a catchy song about snack time.

Airing for 80 episodes across four seasons between October 11, 2004 and July 12, 2013, it’s one of the shows that the Gen Z people grew up watching and will forever love, it seems. And maybe it’s because of the pandemic, or it’s more a nostalgia factor for when problems were far simpler; the Backyardigans are listening to the theme song, causing it to go viral on TikTok and hit the US Spotify Viral 50 chart.

According to Chart Data, The Backyardigans’ “Castaways” song, which is a song in a episode from the show’s first season, has hit the number one spot on the Viral 50 chart. The crew finds themselves on a deserted island. Now castaways, they talk about being stuck on their own, which, to be honest, sounds a lot like quarantine. “On a lonely little island where it’s just us three” is something we can relate to a lot more now than when we were kids.

On TikTok, though, it’s the show’s theme song getting all the views. Gen Z is creating their own openings to the show, highlighting each character’s personality. Again, because The Backyardigans make grand adventures from their imagination while stuck in their backyard, it feels very fitting today.


Reply to @rainbowrailway WE'VE GOT THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD IN OUR YARD TO EXPLORE 🤣 #foryou #fyp #dance #dancer #throwback #gay #trending

♬ The Backyardigans Theme Song - The Backyardigans

And others are recreating the excitement they had when they were younger, and the show was on. Sitting anxiously at the TV while the theme song plays, wondering what adventures the group of friends would find themselves on.


if y’all didn’t vibe to the backyardigans you can’t vibe with me #fyp #childhoodmemories #backyardigans

♬ The Backyardigans Theme Song - The Backyardigans

So, while we’re not totally sure why The Backyardigans are a hit thing again, the songs are catchy, the show is all feel-good adventures, and well, we could all do for more of that these days.

The Backyardigans is available to stream on Paramount+ and Noggin!

Original source: Fatherly; Additional source: Hopster.

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Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America Reopens to Guests

Update (5/16) - As Minnesota ends its state mask mandate, which required the wearing of masks in public spaces, Mall of America has issued the following statement:

"We are strongly encouraging all Mall of America guests to wear a face covering. At this time, we continue to require MOA team members to wear masks. Nickelodeon Universe guests will also be required to wear masks. Select tenants, restaurants and attractions may require guests to wear masks or follow other COVID-19 safety guidelines.

"We will continue evaluating the impact of this new guidance to make thoughtful decisions for the safety of our team members, guests, and tenants."

Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minneapolis has announced that, following having to close in November 2020 due to the on-going COVID-19 (coronavirus) health emergency, the Nickelodeon amusement park has once again reopened to visitors!

"The sign says it all! We’re back open + ready to see you! 💚 Keep in mind, at this time, Two-Hour Unlimited ride passes can be purchased on a first come, first served basis at our North entrance with a 150 capacity limit," Nickelodeon Universe announced on Facebook.

New protocols are in place to help keep everyone safe at Nickelodeon Universe.  Right now:


Tickets are available for purchase on-site only at the Nickelodeon Shop, located on the North side of Nickelodeon Universe. All guests entering the Park need to have a ticket. Previously purchased or promotional tickets can be exchanged for one of the above, but Nickelodeon Universe strongly encourages guests to save these tickets for when they fully reopen with a larger capacity.

Current Ticket Options:

- Two Hour Unlimited Ride Wristband – $19.99+tax on non-peak days, $24.99+tax on peak days**

- Non-rider ticket – $4.99+tax

- Annual Passholders can get one, Two-Hours unlimited Rides Pass per day


To align with state requirements and assure safe distancing, Nickelodeon Universe has been limited to a guest capacity of 150. The only entrance into Nickelodeon Universe is on the North side underneath the Ferris Wheel through the Nickelodeon Shop. Entrance into the park is on a first come, first serve basis. Once capacity is reached, guests will be entered into a virtual queue line and texted to return when a spot is available.

For more information and the latest news and updates for Nickelodeon Universe at MoA, visit

Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream in New Jersey is also currently open to visitors.

What's your favorite ride at Nickelodeon Universe? Let me know in the comments!

Originally published: Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

Original source: Y.105 FM.

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Miranda Cosgrove Reveals New Details About 'iCarly' Revival, Including the Return of Fan-Favorite Characters

Miranda Cosgrove received the best birthday gift on Friday (May 14) — the news that the iCarly revival series will premiere June 17 on Paramount+!

The actor' iCarly castmates Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, Laci Mosley, and Jaidyn Triplett were on set to celebrate Cosgrove turning 28 with a cake, which then revealed the announcement.

Along with this news, Cosgrove chatted with EW about what viewers can expect from the upcoming series, and gave us details about some awesome set reveal photos. And make sure to check out the video of Cosgrove and Trainor giving a tour of the set, which should look very familiar to fans of the original series. In the video, Trainor teases that, as the show is aimed towards an older audience, it'll feature swearing, although it's unclear whether the actor was joking or not.

The 13-episode season will pick up nearly 10 years after the Nickelodeon series, which ran from 2007 to 2012. The core cast are all reprising their roles, with Cosgrove once again embodying Carly, while Trainor and Kress are returning as Carly's brother Spencer and her friend Freddie Benson, respectively.

And because it's been a while since we've seen the cast, "Carly has gone through a lot over the last 10 years — all the characters have," Cosgrove told EW.

"With the Freddie character, he's gone through a couple divorces," the actress reveals. "Spencer has become very wealthy, so there's a lot of different dynamics and different things going on."

As for Carly, she went to college and is pretty successful, Cosgrove continues, but she's "kinda in between" where Freddie and Spencer are at.

Spencer, who's "the most successful of all" the characters, still resides in the original loft he and Carly lived in, though he's remodeled it a bit. Cosgrove says she and Trainor worked with the set designer to keep some of the flair from the old series in the new set.

For instance, you can see below the bottle bot, a sculpture Spencer made that was a fixture on iCarly. Though they couldn't track down the original, the team asked the artist who made it to build one as identical as possible to be in Spencer's living room. Similarly, the designers had the same couch from the original reupholstered and updated.

"They tried to do a lot of cute, little things for the fans from the original that stayed the same," Cosgrove says.

You can also see that the loft's upstairs, which Carly used as a studio to film "iCarly," has been updated but looks pretty similar to the original.

The new show will catch up with Carly, who's now in her 20s and hasn't kept up with her "iCarly" web show that she hosted with her friends Freddie and Sam (Jennette McCurdy) as teens.

"She hasn't done 'iCarly' in a long time, and she decides to start it up again in the pilot," Cosgrove says. "So we're exploring what her new show is. And even though it's 'iCarly,' it's not the same as it was before. So we've been exploring a lot of different things with that, just like what a 26-year-old would really be doing if they had a YouTube channel nowadays."

Cosgrove, who's also an executive producer on the show, says she's excited to see how Carly will navigate YouTube and Instagram given how much the internet has grown since iCarly went off the air.

Not revealed yet is Carly's apartment, which is also at Bushwell Plaza, the same building in Seattle that Spencer's apartment is in. In the upcoming project, she lives with her roommate and best friend Harper (Mosley). And it wouldn't be iCarly without Freddie nearby, though this time around it may not be great news for the character.

"He's gone through a divorce and he's moved back in with his mother," Cosgrove says. "So Mary [Scheer], who played his mom on the show is back and we all are living in the same apartment building together."

Another new addition to the show is Triplett, who plays Millicent, Freddie's snarky and social media-savvy stepdaughter whom he adopted.

"It's funny because it's a lot of the old because we do have like the little studio we used to film in and we have Spencer's apartment, but then we have a lot of new sets and new characters, so it's like half and half," Cosgrove notes.

The revival will explain everyone's backstory in the pilot, and she says it was exciting to think about what all the characters would have been doing over the last decade. Cosgrove doesn't answer whether the show will address Sam's absence on the show, but she does promise the return of some fan-favorite recurring characters. Nevel Papperman (Reed Alexander), Carly's pretentious nemesis is slated to return, and they recently did an episode featuring Nora Dershlit (Danielle Morrow), the stalker "iCarly" fan who appeared in the original.

Currently halfway through filming, Cosgrove says she doesn't know how the last four or five episodes will play out yet. She has her own curiosities she wants the show to address, like what happened with Spencer and Carly's mom. And she says Trainor is dying for Spencer's unseen friend Socko to finally appear.

What Cosgrove is clear on, however, is what kind of show she wants iCarly to be, especially since it took the team "a really long time to figure out."

"We really tried to make this show, along with the showrunner Ali [Schouten], as much for the fans of the original as possible, because it's not really a kid show anymore," Cosgrove says. "It's mainly made for the people who watched when they were little, they're now more in their 20s."

"We're getting to explore different things with [what] the characters go through that we would never have been able to do before, that's a lot more like stuff that's happened in our real lives and things that people in their 20s and 30s go through," she adds. "It's just been a fun reunion getting to see everybody, and I'm really excited for people to see it."

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Originally published: Friday, May 14, 2021.

Additional source: VarietyVailskibum94.

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Paramount Plus to Debut New 'iCarly' Series on June 17, 2021

Wake up the members of my nation! Paramount+ will premiere the streaming platform's iCarly revival series on Thursday, June 17! Miranda Cosgrove, who is reprising her fan-favorite role of Carly Shay for the new series, shared the news on her Instagram page after she discovered the release date hidden in her birthday cake celebrating her 28th birthday. The actor also shared a photo of the cast of the iCarly reboot!

Credit: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon

Originally announced in December, the 13-episode season picks up nearly 10 years after the original show ended, and finds Carly Shay, the original influencer, and her friends navigating work, love and their family in their twenties. Production on the new iCarly series commenced earlier this year in Los Angeles.

“Being on the iCarly set has always felt like a second home to me and it’s so awesome to be back with my pals Jerry and Nathan,” said Miranda Cosgrove. “We served up spaghetti tacos over 10 years ago, and I can’t wait to show you what we’re cooking up next with Nickelodeon for Paramount+!”

Credit: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon

The new iCarly series will feature two new cast members: Laci Mosley (Florida Girls) as Harper, Carly’s roommate and best friend; and Jaidyn Triplett (The Affair, See) as Millicent, Freddie’s snarky and social media-savvy stepdaughter. Mosley and Triplett will appear alongside returning original series stars, Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and Nathan Kress (Freddie).

Paramount+ also shared a video from today's big reveal on social media!:

Nickelodeon’s original iCarly series, which ran from 2007-2012, followed a group of best friends as they created a webcast for and about kids their age while grappling with everyday problems and adventures. During its initial run, iCarly became a pop-culture staple and regularly broke viewership records among audiences of all ages. The original iCarly series was created by Dan Schneider.

The new iCarly series is produced by Nickelodeon Studios and Awesomeness (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Trinkets, PEN15). The pilot is written by Ali Schouten (Diary of a Future President, Champions, Merry Happy Whatever), who also serves as executive producer, and Jay Kogen (Nickelodeon’s School of Rock, The Simpsons, Frasier). Miranda Cosgrove also serves as executive producer, with Jerry Trainor and Alissa Vradenburg serving as producers. The pilot is directed and executive produced by Phill Lewis (One Day at a Time, The Neighborhood), who famously portrayed Mr. Moseby on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Production of the new iCarly series for Nickelodeon Studios and Awesomeness is overseen by Shauna Phelan, Senior Vice President, Live-Action Scripted Content, and Zack Olin, Senior Vice President, Live Action.

Watch a mountain of family entertainment, including many of your Nickelodeon favorites, on Paramount+! Try it FREE today at!

About Paramount+
Paramount+, a direct-to-consumer digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service from ViacomCBS, combines live sports, breaking news, and a mountain of entertainment. The premium streaming service features an expansive library of original series, hit shows and popular movies across every genre from world-renowned brands and production studios, including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and the Smithsonian Channel. The service is also the streaming home to unmatched sports programming, including every CBS Sports event, from golf to football to basketball and more, plus exclusive streaming rights for major sports properties, including some of the world’s biggest and most popular soccer leagues. Paramount+ also enables subscribers to stream local CBS stations live across the U.S. in addition to the ability to stream ViacomCBS Streaming’s other live channels: CBSN for 24/7 news, CBS Sports HQ for sports news and analysis, and ET Live for entertainment coverage. For more information about Paramount+, please visit and follow @ParamountPlus on social platforms.

About Awesomeness
Awesomeness, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, is a media company focused on serving the global Gen Z audience through its digital publishing, film and television studio divisions. Awesomeness has become the destination for youth culture, cultivating a loyal audience with hit programming on the world’s biggest streaming services including Netflix (smash-hit film series “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” Emmy® winner “Trinkets”) and Hulu (Emmy® winner “Zac & Mia”, Emmy® nominee “Pen15”),  along with the company’s immensely popular short-form programs on YouTube (“Brent Rivera’s Dream Vacation,” “Twin My Heart,” “My Dream Quinceañera,” “VS”), that garner hundreds of millions of views. As a leading media brand, Awesomeness’ worldwide distribution footprint spans owned, social and premium SVOD platforms. Founded in 2012, Awesomeness is headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional offices in New York.

About Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon, now in its 42nd year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The brand includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, location-based experiences, publishing and feature films. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of ViacomCBS Inc. (Nasdaq: VIACA, VIAC).

# # #

"I watched iCarly growing up and never imagined I’d get a chance to be in the show! We’ve started production and everyone is SO wonderful and kind!! I love doing this work so much already," Laci wrote on her Instagram. "So wake up members of my nation eowwww!"

Teasing the new series in January, Cosgrove shared her hopes for the project. "iCarly was a huge part of my childhood and I have so many memories from my time making the show. I feel like I grew up alongside the viewers," Cosgrove told J-14

"My biggest hope for the revival is that it brings the people who watched the original series a lot of joy," she continued. "The new show is mainly being made with all the original fans in mind. Although we hope families will enjoy it together, this version of the show will be more mature and follow our lives now."

Though a star on the original series, McCurdy, 28, revealed in a February episode of her Empty Inside podcast that she has left her acting days behind her.

"I quit a few years ago because I initially didn't want to do it," she said. "My mom put me in it when I was 6 and by sort of age, I guess, 10 or 11, I was the main financial support for my family. My family didn't have a lot of money, and this was the way out, which I actually think was helpful in driving me to some degree of success."

She continued, "I'm so ashamed of the parts I've done in the past. I resent my career in a lot of ways. I feel so unfulfilled by the roles that I played and felt like it was the most cheesy, embarrassing. I did the shows that I was on from like, 13 to 21, and by 15, I was already embarrassed."

At the Kids' Choice Awards in March, ET spoke with Cosgrove, Kress and Trainor, where they updated fans on what their characters have been up to since the original run ended.

"The three of us got back together and it was kind of like riding a bike. It was like, 'We're back!'" Trainor said, with Cosgrove adding, "It feels kind of crazy. We did the first table read about a week or so ago and it was kind of insane. Like, just getting everybody back together again and it was really fun."

When fans last saw Carly and Freddie, the two shared a goodbye kiss in the series finale. But what's their relationship status in the revival?

"TBD! I don't know," Kress teased. "I have no idea, and even if I did know, I wouldn't tell you. We gotta keep things spicy for the folks at home. Right, Miranda?"

"Yeah, let's keep things spicy," Cosgrove replied, with Trainor adding, "Too juicy to say! I feel like there are a lot of secrets."

"I'll say the scripts are really funny, but I don't think anyone is expecting what we're doing," he continued. "I don't think a revival has been done quite this way."

Originally published: Friday, May 14, 2021.

H/T: Special thanks to What's On Paramount+ and @TVShowsFan for the news!; Additional sources: Fandom, Screen Rant, Seventeen, People, Variety.

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Nickelodeon Content Was a Key Driver For Paramount Plus Subscriber Growth During Q1 2021

ViacomCBS revealed during their Q1 2021 earnings report and conference call that Nickelodeon programming was one of the key drivers of sign ups for the company's recently launched streaming service, Paramount+!

Some of the most watched Nickelodeon content watched on the platform during the first quarter of the year included the SpongeBob SquarePants universe (classic episodes and exclusives Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run), the original iCarly series and PAW Patrol.

Globally, Nickelodeon programming was a significant driver of sign-ups and engagement on Paramount+, helping global streaming subscribers to rise to 36M in Q1, adding 6M subscribers.

Upcoming Paramount Plus highlights include Nickelodeon's Star Trek: Prodigy, a CG-animated Rugrats reboot (May 27), a iCarly revival (June 2021), and PAW Patrol: The Movie.

ViacomCBS CEO Robert M. Bakish talked more about how Nickelodeon has been a key driver of Paramount+'s success during the company's Q1 2021 earnings call:

"On Paramount+, the biggest drivers of sign-ups were live sports and specials, including the Super Bowl, NCAA Tournament, UEFA Champions League, Oprah with Meghan and Harry and The Grammy Awards, as well as kids’ content, including programming from the SpongeBob universe and iCarly, and original programming, including The Stand and Star Trek: Discovery. Original programming, content from cable brands and Paramount movies drove almost half of Paramount+ subscriber engagement.


Nickelodeon in particular is turning into a powerful driver of subs and engagement probably more quickly than we would have thought. It's a clear sub driver since the relaunch and it now accounts for a strong double-digit share of streams. And that's really because of the combination of compelling exclusive originals, of course, the SpongeBob movie, Sponge on the Run and the new Kamp Koral series combined with a big known library. That's a recipe that clearly works. I think it's also worth noting that the SpongeBob franchise in totality, quickly moved to the top of the rankers at Paramount+. And probably what's most important here is this is an example of us replicating our strength in a legacy linear position here in kids in streaming. And we've also seen early positives from unscripted and reality as well as movies. So early days for Paramount+, but we very much like what we see in terms of consumer reaction to the product and as you know, based on that we're leaning in even more.


I want to just dig in a little bit deeper into the comments about what people are actually doing on Paramount+. It seems like Nickelodeon just looking at like sort of the top shows every day, seeing things like SpongeBob and Paw Patrol, it seems like they are driving a very substantial part of viewership and wondering, like, when you look at sort of the promotion you talked about sports and some of the stuff that you have and certainly it had some originals, but it looks like the kids' stuff is really driving viewership. I guess a big picture question is like, you said double-digits, like is it half the kids, like how substantial is kids' programming and how do you get more viewership of some of the adults skewing fair, I'd be curious how you're thinking about the marketing message because it seems like kids has been a very powerful force for you? And then I just want to follow up on two things; one, you said you haven't commented are Paramount+ subs higher today than 36 million, could you give us any clarity on that? And then I think you mentioned one movie -- one original movie a week in 2022, does that include the 45 day after movies that are coming out in theaters or is that a dedicated original movie every single week, I just wasn't clear of what you meant by that?


So on Paramount+ and kids, clearly kids is working for us. And no, it is not half of the consumption. Again, material double-digit percentages, but nowhere near half. What's driving that relative to the other call it genres and demographics is really the fact that we were able to at launch provide not only critical mass of library product, which we can do in other categories, but volume of exciting, exclusive, originals link to known franchises. And that in particular was the combination of the SpongeBob movie, which obviously was a theatrical movie, we chose to redeploy on Paramount+, and the new SpongeBob series Kamp Koral. We had that ready to go because we had a movie for theaters and because we had a series that we were going to launch on Nickelodeon, call it linear.

As you look forward, those kind of things start to happen in the other genres. I mean, I'm very excited about what's going on with reality. As you know, we launched with Real World New York, it was only a couple episodes, so it wasn't really volume. And MTV, The Challenge, there was a little more volume, but it's the first series. As the year plays out, we basically have one new exclusive original in the reality space and unscripted space every month. So that's more fuel for that tank and that should start converting that genre lane for Paramount+, and we will market that particularly leveraging our linear networks and social where we know those fan bases are.

The other one I'd really highlight is movies. I mean, we have Paramount -- we have movies on Paramount+ today, but frankly not that many of them. That game changes dramatically in June, where we first dropped an additional 1000 and there are real movies, they're not deep library. Then we late in June have Infinite, which can create a lot of noise. I've seen the films on film, people love Mark Wahlberg. And then that leads to more -- a lot more, I call it library, again not deep library, including pay one library in July, and then quiet place on a short window from theatrical leading into later in the summer Paw Patrol. So we got a lot going on. And people love movies, in premium television. They love movies in streaming, they are based on engagement, love movies on Paramount+, we just don't have the volume we're about to have.

Let me use that to actually go to your third question for a second, which is around a movie a week, does it include short window, pay one or not? Yes, it includes short window pay one, call that a dozen pictures a year. The original movie per week will be an exciting movie per week. It will be a range of different kinds of movies. Some of them will be blockbusters that are heavily marketed from theatrical, the quiet place to type films. Some of them -- the vast majority of them will be made for Paramount+, those will be sourced from Paramount through our Paramount Players studio or sub studio, as well as through other studio operations we have including Nickelodeon. As you know, we have the Awesomeness side of Nickelodeon, which has done a great series of YA movies, including for streamers. So really excited about deploying that and getting that to have something on the platform every week that's fresh for someone to watch.

That will be followed by the streaming premiere of A Quiet Place Part 2 after its 45-day theatrical run and we will follow that with the Paw Patrol movie, a treat for families eagerly awaiting a feature length version of the most popular preschooler character in the world.


From IGN:

Nickelodeon, Once a Possible Casualty of the Streaming Wars, Is Paramount Plus' Future

Nickelodeon is key to Paramount+'s success

Between 2010 and 2020, Nickelodeon lost more than 60% of its audience.

Snapped up by Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and other streaming-first or user generated content platforms, Nickelodeon began to feel like a product of a bygone era. It didn’t necessarily matter that Nickelodeon was still the most popular kids network on cable TV; the issue was cable TV was bleeding customers as cord cutters turned to streaming alternatives.

Kids content was arguably more susceptible to the changing tides. Children are more digital friendly, and cheaper mainstays like YouTube Kids, Netflix, and Disney+ provided an always-on, ad-free, constant alternative to a television schedule. Nickelodeon executives were aware of their declining ratings. There were some options throughout the mid-aughts — NickHits launched on Roku and Amazon Prime Video Channels, while Viacom (now ViacomCBS) licensed some of Nickelodeon's most popular shows to Netflix.

Some helped, but none really stuck the landing. Until Paramount+ launched, and Nickelodeon found its new moment.

Bookended with classic Paramount films and live sports, Nickelodeon became part of a bigger general entertainment streaming package that caught people’s attention. If kids were spending more time watching entertainment online, Nickelodeon would meet them where they were. It’s working, according to ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish.

Yes, Spongebob Squarepants is still popular.

“Nickelodeon, in particular, is turning into a powerful driver of subs and engagement, probably more quickly than we would have thought,” Baskish said. “It's a clear sub driver since the relaunch, and it now accounts for a strong double-digit share of streams...I think it's also worth noting that the SpongeBob franchise in totality quickly moved to the top of the rankers at Paramount+.”

In layman terms, Nickelodeon is a primary reason people are signing up for Paramount+. This may seem obvious, but the battle for kids content is only just heating up for three reasons:

1. Kids watch a lot of television

2. Having kids content on a streaming service makes the service a necessity not an option

3. Streaming becomes multi-generational

Ever Heard of Paw Patrol?

Saying kids consume large amounts of television is an understatement. In 2020, the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry found that “children ages 8-12 in the United States spend 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens,” on average. They’re increasingly spending more time watching things online, mostly split between Netflix and YouTube.

While YouTube is the most popular platform among kids, it poses a threat that parents hate: It’s completely unregulated and there are risks that children will come across content they shouldn’t. Netflix is better. Disney+, arguably the best. Anything that goes on Disney+ is certified Disney. Not only are parents paying for a brand they know their kids will enjoy, but it’s safe.

Netflix is getting into the kids game, but there are still two companies whose brands are synonymous with children's television: Disney and Nickelodeon. When developing a general entertainment service (as opposed to a niche offering like Criterion), not playing to kids’ interest is a nail in the coffin more often than not. Even Apple is trying to find its way into the kids market, partnering with Skydance Animation — a studio run by former Pixar chief John Lasseter. (Lasseter left Pixar after allegations of sexual harassment were brought forward.)

But whereas Netflix and Apple have to try and come up with kids programming that draws tykes in and keeps their attention, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network, which has found its home on HBO Max, don’t have to try as hard to convince consumers they have the goods. As Brian Robbins, president of Nickelodeon, told Variety last year, “franchises are so important in a world where there is so much content being made.” See: a Star Trek cartoon airing on Nickelodeon. Big franchise plus big network ideally equals audience recognition.

Again, it can seem obvious, but brand recognition — and more importantly, character recognition — is vitally important in the streaming space. In 2019, 60% of Netflix’s usage came from kids and family driven entertainment. Netflix has partnered with DreamWorks Animation, Sony, and even ViacomCBS to ensure kids can find their old and new favorite shows on the streaming service. Paramount+ and Disney+ don’t have to try to convince kids (and their credit card wielding parents) that they’re home to favorite movies and TV shows. They just have to keep producing.

For every new High School Musical series or Mighty Ducks show, Nickelodeon is going to have a Paw Patrol movie or new Spongebob Squarepants film. ViacomCBS is launching an entire studio dedicated to producing more content based in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe.

Kids already know the characters, and having more of what they know might convince them to spend more time on Paramount+ than Disney+. Companies look at a few key streaming metrics: what leads to people signing up (growth), what are people watching (engagement/usage), and what’s preventing them from canceling (retention). Kids content, if done properly, helps accomplish all three.

“Clearly, ‘kids’ is working for us,” Bakish said on a recent earnings call, adding that ViacomCBS is leaning into producing more Nickelodeon originals for Paramount+. “We’re really excited about getting to have something on the platform every week that's fresh for someone to watch.”

We Can’t Cancel

The key to pulling ahead in the colloquial streaming wars is finding a way to be a necessity instead of an option.

There are a few ways to do this: HBO Max is the best place for HBO fans to watch their favorite shows or anticipated new shows, Hulu is the only streaming service to watch new FX series on, and Disney+ is the only streaming service that’s 100% kid friendly. Let’s examine the last one.

If you live in a household with kids, Disney+ is a no brainer. The streaming service is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, it’s guaranteed to carry something they want to watch, and there’s no risk of stumbling upon shows or films they shouldn’t be watching. If parents are into Marvel and Star Wars, well, that’s just an added bonus.

Before Disney+ launched, Disney’s former head of streaming, Kevin Mayer, reiterated that Disney+ was more than just a platform for kids. That’s true, but Disney’s biggest strength is that it’s so synonymous with safety, gold standard entertainment (classic animated films), and characters that kids already know and love. The core to being a successful entertainment company in 2021 is love and being able to monetize that love. No company is better at that than Disney.

On the kids front, one company that comes close is Nickelodeon. In 2018, Spongebob Squarepants was still the most recognizable kids brand in the United States, according to Parrot Analytics. Paw Patrol is rated the most popular kids show in the United States. New upcoming series that play on classic titles, like Rugrats and iCarly, are tapping into decades-plus of recognizable programming that parents and kids might enjoy together.

This, too, is key — 75% of parents polled in a Common Sense Media report in 2018 said they spend multiple hours a week watching television with their kids. New parents may have grown up with Spongebob and iCarly themselves. Paramount+ has enough Nickelodeon catalog to encourage adults to revisit childhood favorites like All That, CatDog, Drake and Josh, Rocket Power, Fairly OddParents, and Hey Arnold while their kids watch their own favorite series.

Nickelodeon, alongside Disney and Cartoon Network, become a part of every new generation. If executed right and brought together on one platform, bookended with a plethora of other content, Disney+, HBO Max, and Paramount+ become obvious ongoing subscriptions instead of possibilities.

This Is Just the Start

The fight for kids’ attention in the streaming space feels like it’s only just beginning. WarnerMedia is rebranding its Cartoon Network division to make it the company’s family brand, and ordering way more series. Apple is beginning to tap into the kids market, and Netflix is trying to release six animated films a year — more than Disney Animation Studios and Pixar combined. Plus, Netflix has a litany of kids shows, and partnerships with crucial studios like Moonbug (makers of Cocomelon, one of the most popular global kids channels on YouTube). Disney will continue to Disney.

ViacomCBS is in a position to become a go-to streamer for kids content. Executives overseeing Paramount+ need to determine how to make it a necessity, not just an option. The answer might not be in a new Halo live-action show or another NCIS; the answer might be found in Bikini Bottom.


Originally published: Thursday, May 06, 2021.

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May 2021 on Nickelodeon USA | Premiere Highlights

Below are Nickelodeon USA's currently announced May 2021 premiere highlights for Nick, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Nick at Nite and TeenNick:

Latest Update: 5/16 (Check back regularly for the latest updates!)

Saturday, May 15, 2021

'Side Hustle' Season One Wraps

Production on the freshman season of Nickelodeon's popular live-action comedy series Side Hustle has wrapped! The news was announced by John Beck, an executive producer and showrunner on the series, on Twitter. In his tweet, Beck also shared some behind-the-scenes photos!

"#ThatsAWrap on season one of #SideHustle! Thank you to @nickelodeon & everyone who worked so hard to make this season — 26 episodes, all produced during a pandemic — happen!" said Beck in his tweet.

Mitchell Berg (Henry Danger, Danger Force), who plays Fisher on the series, replied saying "Thank you John and everyone. This has been an incredible year! Way to go bruh!".

Starring social media sensations and real-life best friends, Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels, Side Hustle follows best friends, smart and sarcastic Lex (LeBlanc) and confident and tough Presley (Bartels), as they devise a plan to make money when fireworks accidentally destroy a boat belonging to the dad of their quirky friend and neighbor, Munchy (Isaiah Crews). The series is created and executive produced by Dave Malkoff (Henry Danger, Sam & Cat, Victorious).

Forced to come up with creative ways to earn money to pay for the damages, Lex, Presley and Munchy enlist the help of Presley’s tech-savvy younger brother, Fisher (Mitchell Berg), who creates an app to connect with people looking for help with small jobs, and Munchy’s bossy older brother Jaget (Jacques Chevelle), who makes sure they keep up with the payments.

Side Hustle was shot in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles, California. Initially picked-up for 10 episodes, season one was then doubled to 20 episodes in January with six more episodes ordered in March.

Side Hustle made its world premiere on Saturday, November 7, 2020 on Nickelodeon USA. Originally ordered in February 2020 with production starting in the following March, production was hit by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Production picked up again during Fall, with the cast and crew working hard to keep episode delays minimal.

John Beck & Ron Hart (Knight SquadFuller House, Liv and Maddie) serve as executive producers and showrunners. Production of Side Hustle for Nickelodeon is overseen by Shauna Phelan, Senior Vice President, Live-Action Scripted Content. Omar Camacho serves as Nickelodeon’s Executive in Charge of Production for the series.

John Beck and Ron Hart are now currently working on Nickelodeon's upcoming comedy That Girl Lay Lay, starring teen sensation and hip-hop artist Alaya “That Girl Lay Lay” High. The show is slated to premiere during summer on Nickelodeon.

Side Hustle season two has yet to be announced by Nickelodeon.

Original source: Anime Superhero Forum /@kanc.

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Nickelodeon to Debut 'Nick's Shorts Showcase' on Friday, May 28

Nickelodeon will premiere Nick's Shorts Showcase, a brand new series featuring short-form content, on Friday, May 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, following an all new episode of The Barbarian and the Troll! Each episode will be around five-minutes long, with most episodes featuring two stories. Following its debut, new episodes will continue to air Fridays at 8pm ET/PT on Nick.

The first short is based on Nickelodeon's hit animated series It's Pony, however, its currently unknown whether future new episodes of Nick's Shorts Showcase will all be based on existing Nickelodeon properties, or will also feature fresh content, such as shorts from Nickelodeon's award-winning animated shorts programs.

Nickelodeon has been experimenting with airing shorts in recent moths, including SpongeBob: Puppet Edition and, to promote Paramount+'s upcoming Rugrats reboot, Rugrats Shorts.

Below are the currently announced new episodes of Nick's Shorts Showcase:

Friday, May 28 - Coffee Run/Paper Chase: This week's Nick's Shorts Showcase is featuring... It's Pony! Annie and Pony pay a visit to a coffee bar. What could go wrong? / When Annie forgets her homework, Pony will stop at nothing to get it to her. (#101)

Friday, June 4 - Hold My Spot/Screen Time: (#102)

Originally published: Saturday, May 15, 2021.

Original sources: Anime Superhero Forum /@Elijah Abrams, @whoisretro.

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ViacomCBS Partners with Mercado Libre to Offer Customers in Mexico Discounts on Paramount Plus Subscriptions

Mercado Libre has teamed up with ViacomCBS Networks Américas to offer customers of Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago in Mexico discounts of up to 40% on their Paramount+ subscriptions!

Paramount Plus offers viewers a seven day free trial. After the seven day period, Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago users will be offered discounts of between 10% to 40% off their monthly bill, depending on their status in Mercado Puntos, Mercado Libre's loyalty program.

The news follows ViacomCBS recently partnering with Mercado Libre to open a Blue's Clues & You! webstore.

Official press release, via WebAdictos:

Mercado Libre da inicio a su alianza con Paramount plus en México

Paramount Plus, dan inicio a la alianza con la cual los usuarios de Mercado Libre podrán disfrutar de descuentos de hasta 40% en la suscripción.

Mercado Libre, la plataforma de ecommerce más grande del país, y Paramount Plus, dan inicio a la alianza con la cual los usuarios de Mercado Libre y Mercado Pago podrán disfrutar de descuentos de hasta 40% en la suscripción a este servicio de streaming. El catálogo de Paramount Plus presenta el mejor contenido en películas y series como Your Honor, protagonizada por Bryan Cranston, o el aclamado spin-off de Bob Esponja, Kamp Coral. Además, los niños y toda la familia podrán disfrutar de sus programas favoritos de Nickelodeon, como: Top Wing, Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, la segunda temporada de Los Casagrande, PAW Patrol, Las Tortugas Ninja, Blaze and The Monster Machines y todas las temporadas de Bob Esponja.
Para que los usuarios de las plataformas de Mercado Libre y de Mercado Pago comiencen a disfrutar de su programación favorita, Paramount Plus ofrece acceso a 7 días gratis de su contenido exclusivo, con una suscripción mensual. Luego de ese período, los descuentos en el plan irán del 10% al 40%, según el nivel de cada usuario en Mercado Puntos, el programa de lealtad de Mercado Libre.
Entre los métodos disponibles para la suscripción Paramount Plus, se encuentran el pago por tarjeta de crédito o débito, comprobante bancario y efectivo, para los clientes con cuentas en Mercado Pago.
Contenido para todos
Paramount Plus es el hogar de los mejores estrenos de Showtime como Good Lord Bird, protagonizada por Ethan Hawke y Joshua Caleb Johnson; The Comey Rule, de Jeff Daniels y Brendan Gleeson, así como Escape at Dannemora, protagonizada por Benicio del Toro, Patricia Arquette y Paul Dano: esta última presenta al reconocido actor Ben Stiller en su faceta de director.
Luego de las recientes incorporaciones de Acapulco Shore, temporada 8 y The Handmaid’s Tale, temporada cuatro, se sumaron nuevas series originales y exclusivas al catálogo de Paramount Plus en Latinoamérica: Departure y One Dollar, además de las nuevas segundas temporadas de City On a Hill y For Life.
Asimismo, la plataforma ofrece diversas series originales como No Activity, protagonizada por Patrick Brammall y J.K. Simmons; Strange Angel, con Jack Reynor; Two Weeks to Live, una miniserie de seis episodios dirigida por Al Campbell y protagonizada por Maisie Williams; y la tercera temporada de la bien recibida serie Yellowstone, protagonizada por Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes y Kelly Reily.
Esta montaña de entretenimiento también presenta películas exitosas como The Outpost, protagonizada por Orlando Bloom, Scott Eastwood y Caleb Landry Jones; The Fanatic, protagonizada por John Travolta, Devon Sawa y Ana Golja; además de las sagas de Mission: Impossible (de la 1 a la 5), The Godfather y clásicos como Forrest Gump, Vanilla Sky y muchos más.
Con más de 5 mil horas de contenido, Paramount Plus cuenta con una de las colecciones más extensas de contenido series clásicas como NCIS, Twin Peaks, The Good Wife, Everybody Hates Chris, Dexter, Ray Donovan y The Affair.
Para conocer más sobre los beneficios, simplemente accede a Mercado Libre aquí.


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Nickelodeon France Announces 'Grand Prix for Comics' 2021

Following a successful launch in 2019, Nickelodeon France has announced that it has launched the second edition of Grand Prix de la BD (Grand Prix for Comics), the channel's initiative which aims to give children a taste for reading while highlighting the diversity of children's comics available in France!

For the 2021 edition Grand Prix de la BD, Nickelodeon has selected 15 comic strips in line with the channel's core values and dealing with diverse themes such as humour, friendship and family have been shortlisted to be judged by the expert eyes of children.

Nickelodeon's Grand Prix de la BD 2021 jury is made up of 10 children.

Titles in this year's competition include: Cendre & Hazel (Ed. BD Kids) by Thom Pico and Karensac, Tâvutatèt (Ed. Vents d'Ouest) by Carole Trébor and Gabriele Bagnoli, Power Gamer Adventure (Ed. nobi nobi !) by Kazuyoshi Seto, Le Grimoire d'Elfie (Ed. Drakoo) by Audrey Alwett, Christophe Arleston and Mini Ludvin, Lancelot (Ed. Rue de Sèvres) by Séverine Gauthier and Thomas Labourot, Lightfall (Ed. Gallimard) by Tim Probert, and Côme et le Fantôme (Ed. Slalom) by Véronique Cauchy and Camouche.

Nickelodeon will also be giving kids at home the chance to give their opinion by inviting them to vote for their favourite comic book series from a selection of eight titles, which will be revealed soon. Voting starts Monday 24th May 2021, with fans being able to cast their votes online at

The winning titles will be revealed starting Monday 7th June 2021 on Nickelodeon and the channel's Instagram page.

Below is Nickelodeon France's official press release announcing the exciting news, via Megazap:

NICKELODEON lance la seconde édition de son grand prix de la BD

Après un lancement réussi en 2019, la chaîne NICKELODEON lance aujourd'hui la seconde édition de son GRAND PRIX DE LA BD dont l’objectif est de donner le goût de la lecture aux enfants tout en mettant en avant la diversité de la BD jeunesse en France.

15 bandes dessinées en cohérence avec les valeurs de la chaîne et abordant des thématiques diversifiées telles que l'humour, l'amitié ou encore la famille ont ainsi été présélectionnées pour être soumises à l’œil expert des enfants !

10 enfants ont accepté de se prêter au jeu et de composer le jury qui récompensera une nouveauté BD parmi une sélection de 7 titres.

En compétition, on retrouve Cendre & Hazel (Ed. BD Kids) de Thom Pico et Karensac, Tâvutatèt (Ed. Vents d'Ouest) de Carole Trébor et Gabriele Bagnoli, Power Gamer Adventure (Ed. nobi nobi !) de Kazuyoshi Seto, Le Grimoire d'Elfie (Ed. Drakoo) d'Audrey Alwett, Christophe Arleston et Mini Ludvin, Lancelot (Ed. Rue de Sèvres) de Séverine Gauthier et Thomas Labourot, Lightfall (Ed. Gallimard) de Tim Probert et Côme et le Fantôme (Ed. Slalom) de Véronique Cauchy et Camouche.

Pour ce second prix, c'est aux téléspectateurs de la chaîne de donner leur avis ! Pour cela, NICKELODEON donne rendez-vous aux enfants dès le 24 mai sur le site pour élire leur série BD préférée parmi une sélection de 8 titres qui sera bientôt dévoilée.

Les vainqueurs de ces deux grands prix seront révélés à partir du 7 juin sur NICKELODEON ainsi que sur le compte Instagram de la chaîne.


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Kate Mulgrew Reveals How Captain Janeway Will Be Introduced in 'Star Trek: Prodigy'

It’s very fair to say that Star Trek has exploded once again in popularity due to the arrival of shows like Star Trek: Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks. So much so that a plethora of new series and shorts have been coming out to once again flesh out the universe where “no man has gone before”. But, for the first time in decades, they’re going to be headed to the animated realm via Star Trek: Prodigy. This very special kid-focused Star Trek series will be unlike anything seen before - not just because of its 3D animation, but its story and characters.

But the hook that many Star Trek fans didn’t expect was the return of Captain Janeway, voiced by her original actor in Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek: Voyager. To be clear, she won’t be THE Janeway in the show, rather she’ll be something else. And in a chat with the Dennis Miller+ podcast, she revealed how her character “returns”:

“Five kids are incarcerated on an obscure planet in an uncharted part of the galaxy,” Mulgrew says. “They escape from their imprisonment and race across the planet to find a defunct starship buried in the sand of the planet’s surface. They go in, and of course, the prison guards are coming after them, and they can’t get it up, and the shields won’t run — and suddenly, somebody hits a button, and [hologram turns on noises]: ‘Hello kids, I see you’re a little bit stuck here. Can I help you out?’ It’s Captain Janeway, in a holographic form.”

Mulgrew is incredibly excited for this return to the Star Trek universe, and thinks that Star Trek: Prodigy will truly go and resonate with kids in a way the original series did for many when it debuted. The series will arrive on the Paramount+ streaming platform later this year, followed by a run on Nickelodeon.

Original source: Anime Superhero News; H/T: ASF /@The Overlord.

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'Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map' Promos | The Barbarian and the Troll | Nickelodeon

The gang is hosting a dinner party - and we're all invited! Catch a brand new The Barbarian and the Troll, premiering Friday, May 21, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT), straight after an all new The Loud House at 7, only on Nickelodeon! Check out the promos below!:

In the brand new The Barbarian and the Troll episode "Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map," in need of a unique custom map for their next quest, Brendar and the group attempt to wine and dine the only mapmaker in Gothmoria capable of creating the map they need. (#108)

Stream your favorite Nickelodeon shows on Paramount+! Try it FREE today at!

Originally published: Saturday, May 08, 2021.

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Nickelodeon to Premiere New 'The Loud House' Episode 'Director's Rut / Friday Night Fights' on Friday, May 21, 2021

It's game on in brand new The Loud House, premiering Friday, May 21, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT), followed by an all new The Barbarian and the Troll at 7:30, only on Nickelodeon! Check out the awesome promos below!:

In the brand new Loud House episode "Director's Rut," Luan turns to her ventriloquist dummy Mr. Coconuts for help after she struggles to direct the school's play. Then later in "Friday Night Fights," Lisa joins Lynn's football team as an analytics coach to prove that math will always beat out heart. (#515)

Watch The Loud House & The Casagrandes on Nickelodeon and Paramount+!

Subscribe to the official The Loud House & The Casagrandes YouTube channel!:

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Originally published: Saturday, May 15, 2021.

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